Shine will be performing December 19 at The Crocodile A lot went

Shine will be performing December 19 at The Crocodile A lot went into writing your favorite song, but how much do you really know about it? This week Cory Cavazos, lead singer of fusion rock band Shine, delves into metaphorical roller coasters, experimental tunings and growing as a vocalist. Song: “Conspiring Against Me”Album:


Release Date: TBAWhen it was written: August 2011Where it was written: I wrote this song in my hometown of Boise, ID.Favorite line in the song: “Why is it that this kiss tastes so damn sweet” depicts, for me, my biggest question of desire. It is not heard until the end of the last chorus. The song, for a moment, breaks in all of its intensity to purpose this question. It is immediately followed by an incredibly intense and complex drum solo. Hearing the song, one might feel as if they are on a roller-coaster ride of emotion. The weight of the last line is like the final twist, flip and turn of the ride. That is my favorite part of any ride.Which part was the hardest to come up with: I was at a very dark place in my mind when I was writing this song. The biggest challenge was finding the courage to sing and write what was already there and communicate that in an effective way. I had been accumulating ideas for a long time. After a lot of attempts, one day I sat down with my guitar without a care in the world and was able to write it naturally. Communicating my ideas to the band was challenging as well as exciting because of all the musical perspectives the band had to offer. It was fun to hear and experience the song progress into what it is on the album. If you could go back and change anything, what would it be: The song describes and depicts so much of what I was going through at the time; it’s hard to say what I would change. Shine will never play any song the same twice, so there is always room for change in the heat of a live performance. As far as the album, it is too soon to tell. Odd fact about song: When I first started playing this song, I played it a half step down from where it is on the album. I was unable to sing comfortably in the range it is in now. I pushed myself to sing it higher out of the connivance of not having to tune my guitar half a step down. Thankfully, my voice has gotten stronger in the last year. I was also able to push out a bit of scream at the end, which is new to the arrangement of the song. What was your inspiration for writing the song: I wrote this song in the time of a break up. That definitely influenced the song. I was inspired to write something that spoke my perspective, to express all that I was feeling. When was your favorite time performing it live: Out of the couple of times we have played this song live, I felt the most energy from the band and from the audience at El Corazon in October. What is the meaning behind the song: I would hope that someone might find multiple meanings behind this song and hold onto the one they can relate to the most. To me the meaning is fairly simple; the world is both cruel and sweet. I hope for it to capture moments of people being let down by such high expectations of the world or moments in life where you cannot deny the pleasures within the world.Check out “Conspiring Against Me” on Shine’s SoundCloudFollow us on Facebook and Twitter!