Sean Nelson has been writing long, ponderous tour diairies about the music

Sean Nelson has been writing long, ponderous tour diairies about the music industry and his band at

If you can’t wait until tonight’s Vera Project Harvey Danger show or tomorrow night’s Last Show Ever at the Crocodile to get your Sean Nelson fix, Entertainment Weekly has got you covered. The mag has been running weekly guest blogs by Nelson for the past three weeks, as part of the band’s final tour diary and part of EWs’ “Attack of the 90s” series. Nelson–a longtime writer and editor for the Stranger–has already chronicled two shows: one in Boston and one in Brooklyn. He was supposed to post a new tour diary last Monday, but it just posted today. Given his tendency to write both general show recaps and running commentary about the cultural impact of his own band, I’d be interested to read his thoughts after Harvey Danger’s final Seattle show this weekend. For now, here’s a sampling of his farewell blog posts:On why he plays music (hint: it’s not for the fans):”Removed from the music industry (and its long, slow suicide), what remains is the music, and the connection between us and the people who finish our songs by listening and responding to them …I hate when rock bands talk about doing it for the fans. Because they don’t. Rock bands do it for themselves. Duh.”On name-dropping his friendship with professional know-it-all John Hodgman:”Yet, as nice as a nap sounds, I am late for a barbecue dinner with the writing staff of The Daily Show. This wouldn’t be much of a tour diary without some name dropping, but we don’t really have too many options.”On his band having the best possible shows:”In the best, purest sense of the word, the show felt like a conversation between us and the audience. Better: it felt like there was no division between band and audience. There was no them. It was all us. It was probably the kind of show that can only happen once. It was definitely the kind of show you can only have when people have an intimate relationship with your music.”