The Complete Cascadian Summer Music Festival Guide

All the music your sunburnt face can handle.

The Best Local Records We Heard This May

Despite the onslaught of sad news this month, the local scene kept pumping out gold nuggets.

Carlos Lopez Wins Grand Jury Prize for Sync 2016

The Seattle filmmaker’s 3-D turn distinguishes him in an excellent field.

RAMZi on the Spirits, Cartoon SFX, and Healing Bird Noises Behind Her Alien Jungle Music

Phoebé Guillemot’s unclassifiable sonic universe is like a safari through a mutant forest.

Karl Blau Takes a Nashville Turn With Producer Tucker Martine as His Guide

The indie mainstay finds new life in songs from another place and another time.

In Its Ninth Iteration, Debacle Fest Expands ‘Experimental’

Given the silo-centric culture here in Seattle, the notion of uniting the city’s disparate scenes might also be considered “experimental”—an interesting new tack the festival is taking this weekend.

SassyBlack’s Sci-Fi Seduction

“I remember going to Disneyland with my homegirl,” she says, giggling on a U District patio. “We went to the Star Wars part, and I was tripping. They had, like, a synopsis of all the journeys and I kind of cried a little bit at the end. It was so good.”

Electric Eye: Beach Party at Golden Gardens

Seattle’s dance music scene goes to Golden Gardens for a day party.

Local Producer Justin Hartinger Logs Into ‘Darknet’

Within the next five weeks, Hartinger is unleashing not one, but two new EPs of original tracks unto the world.

After the Death of Prince, KEXP Gives Fans a Place to Come Together

The Seattle nonprofit radio station has long celebrated the musicians who defined a particular kind of pop music. Now it is getting used to mourning them.

Electric Eye: Paradise Blooms with Sunshine Jones

In anticipation of the third summer of their weekly Wednesday evening dance party, Paradise Sunset Sessions hosted a little pre-launch soiree.

The Best Local Records We Heard This April

Activist hip-hop, occult rap, and weirdo punk made our month.

The Leaked Bumbershoot Lineup Was the Real Deal

A Redditor named “CoogiMonster” beat AEG to the punch, but did it really even matter?

Jarv Dee’s Dank Adventures

A firsthand account of the rapper’s hot-box bus stunt.

Spekulation Continues Local Hip-Hop’s Uncle Ike’s Resistance

“I don’t think Uncle Ike’s is the cause of the problem,” Watson notes, “but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a perfect metaphor.”

Hip-Hop Activist Draze on Uncle Ike’s, Community Justice, Political Rap, and Being a Dad

The clearest and most incisive recent critique of the capital forces changing the Central District came last week in the form of a seven-years-in-the-making hip-hop record, Seattle’s Own, from Central District native and current South-Ender Draze.

Local Bands and Artists Team Up for Forty-Two Inches of Record Store Day Fun

Fainting Room Collective’s Triple-Six 7-Inch Box Set features records from Haunted Horses, Bali Girls, Stickers, He Whose Ox Is Gored, The Family Curse, and Transmissionary.

Get Down on the Dance Floor (Literally) at This Unusual Local Club Night

People drift in and out, chat, or meditate, and you might see someone popping a melatonin or asking if the bar has tea.

‘Lost Time’ Is Tacocat’s Sharpest Record Yet

If NVM is Tacocat’s Nevermind—the album that brought them to the world’s attention—then Lost Time is their In Utero: heavier, darker, realer, and produced to pack a stronger punch.

Electric Eye: Joule Is a Nightlife Jewel

It was the perfect recipe for an unforgettable evening—one that had many boasting it was their best night yet in 2016.