Moments ago, CHS Seattle posted word that “the tavern formerly known as

Moments ago, CHS Seattle posted word that “the tavern formerly known as

Moments ago, CHS Seattle posted word that “the tavern formerly known as The Comet has new owner…Lost Lake.”

The official release statement reads: “Jason Lajuenesse and David Meinert signed a lease to take over the Comet Tavern yesterday morning. With additional details to be announced, the owners expect to have the Capitol Hill establishment open by early 2014. The pair, who earlier this year opened Lost Lake Cafe on 10th St., will be digging deep into the rich history of the Comet Tavern, and honoring its place and purpose as a neighborhood tavern. ‘We plan to continue to have some live music, but not every night of the week. We will revive much of the Comet’s lost charms, from pool tables, to pinball games, to a karaoke night, while introducing a small food menu for the first time in the Comet’s history,’ said Jason Lajeunesse.”

As we reported last month , the tavern abruptly closed due to longstanding financial troubles, leaving its staff and music booker of nine years, Mamma Casserole, unexpectedly out of work. Since then we have been keeping up with Ian Hill, the local musician who went public about his plans to purchase the business. (We continued to seek comment from Meinert, rumored to be the speculative buyer, and Stacy Krantz, the Comet owner’s daughter and legal rep, and received no comment.)

“We’re really bummed,” Hill said in an email. “We know that whoever bought it out bid us by a long shot. [We were told] we were the only ones to say anything about keeping it the Comet and restoring the passion, sense of community and love for that place. All we wanted to do was the right thing for the people, the community and the music. We lost a part of history. Stacy Krantz was really on our side because we were the only ones who expressed any passion. We were the only ones to bring up Ethel for God sakes! She was pulling hard for us but at the end of the day it was the owner’s decision and he went with the money. We’re pretty hurt over here at the Hill household. I bet it hurts less when you don’t put your heart into what you do.”

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