Local Producer Justin Hartinger Logs Into ‘Darknet’

Within the next five weeks, Hartinger is unleashing not one, but two new EPs of original tracks unto the world.

Justin Hartinger. Courtesy of the artist

Justin Hartinger started out DJing house parties and making hip-hop beats down in Federal Way. A few short years later, the 23-year-old’s now the type of producer who can drop a track on his Soundcloud which, 24 hours later, will have amassed over 1,000 plays. A few months ago he did a remix of Justin Martin’s beloved “Don’t Go,” and now Martin himself is playing that track out. Hartinger’s ascent has been swift and steady.

Within the next five weeks, Hartinger will unleash not one but two new EPs of original tracks into the world. The first, Darknet, which drops May 4, is in collaboration with noted local producer LEViTATE. The two artists met at a beat battle at Capitol Hill’s Havana bar—LEViTATE had just moved here from the East Coast—and connected over their shared love of music and production. As Hartinger puts it, they “spoke the same language.” The bulk of Darknet was created through digital exchanges, with Hartinger starting a track and LEViTATE embellishing and finishing it off. The result is a dark sound with heavy trap and bass influences, a seamless melding of their two minds.

The second EP, Somber Party, is a solo effort with a completely different flavor, out June 6. The music is romantic and sensual and chock-full of feels—the main influence on the record being heartbreak. In tried-and-true fashion, Hartinger has channeled some of his feelings from his experiences into its creation, but explains that he also most enjoys making music that gives the listener a pleasurable, fleeting feeling of sadness. To that effect, Somber Party is quite successful. soundcloud.com/justinhartinger