Lars Finberg in the lobby of the Orient Express.”Train Wreck” is the

Lars Finberg in the lobby of the Orient Express.”Train Wreck” is the new DJ and live music night hatched from the love nest occupied by the Intelligence leader Lars Finberg and his fiancee, Susanna Welbourne, who also plays in the Intelligence and choreographs unconventional burlesque troupe the Atomic Bombshells.Train Wreck launches this Thursday, February 4, inside the kitchy-cool confines of the Orient Express Train Car in SoDo. Previously known in a slightly crustier form as Andy’s Dinner, the Orient Express is the ideal space for Finberg and Welbourne’s queer-friendly, punk-minded vision to spring to life. Delightfully debauched, drag-star-on-the-rise Kissee Simmons will MC, while the DJ decks will be held down by DJ Porq, aka Pony co-owner Marcus Wilson and the genius behind Pho Bang. The house band will be Puberty, a new project fronted by Finberg and Welbourne, with backing help from members of Little Cuts, the Cops, and the Shins. Finberg and I met for lunch and beers today at the Orient Express to discuss his new creative venture. I was pleasantly blown away by both the aesthetics and my food (my cashew chicken was prepared by a chef who worked at Wild Ginger for nearly a decade, so that probably helped). More on this in Wednesday’s edition of Rocket Queen; more pictures of the amazing space after the jump.