John McCrea working the crowd early in the show. McCrea’s apple tree,

John McCrea working the crowd early in the show. McCrea’s apple tree, center, killed the show. Photos by Joshua Lynch.CakeWhen: Sunday, May 11, 7:00 p.m.Where: The Paramount Theatre”Yes, Cake is still in existence!” screamed Cake front man John McCrea at last night’s show. But, sadly, these self-proclaimed ”90s geek-rockers” have forgotten how to put on a good show. After local band Throw Me the Statue opened with a short set (they explained they just found out they were going to play four days before the show), Cake left the show-goers to their drinking for more than 45 minutes. (Good thing they left the chairs in on the main floor so the throng of 30 and 40 year olds in attendance could give their bunions a rest.)But once they started playing, Cake showed some remarkable life, with guitarist Xan McCurdy and trumpeter Vince DiFiore really going the distance. Yet McCrea ruined much of the band’s grooving rhythms with continual interruptions and jokes about Mother’s Day, awarding a red delicious apple tree to the mother with the most kids after a brutal 10 minute lack of music. ”This mom obviously needs a carbon offset,” McCrea joked while his supporting cast waited impatiently to play and young and old got belligerent in the audience. Throw Me the Statue front man Scott Reitherman rocks just one of his instruments.The best part of the show came post-encore when everyone on the main floor stayed on their feet, bringing energy fitting the ”Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle.” Word of the wise to Cake: Keep the stand-up short, the show organized, and the seats clear of the main floor. Then geek-rock like mad.Some of the cheapest ”big-name” band merchandise I’ve seen in a while…

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