In this segment, we interview the furriest — figuratively or literally —

In this segment, we interview the furriest — figuratively or literally — fans at Sasquatch! to see what’s going through their Yeti minds.

Yetis: Madie Deffe (Sun Valley, Idaho) and Mike Van Lyndegraf (Boise, Idaho)

SW: Is this your first time at Sasquatch?

She-yeti: I’ve been here three times.

He-yeti: And this is my fourth year.

SW: What’s your favorite memory from previous Sasquatch festivals?

He-yeti: Modest Mouse (2011)

She-Yeti: Modest Mouse! We went together. I cried. Last night I fell of a truck and broke my ankle – that was pretty memorable too.

SW: What was the last thing you heard before you went to sleep last night?

She-yeti: There are these people camping next to us that are like setting up this dome, and it sounded like they soldering something.

SW: Who are you most excited about seeing

on Friday?

She-yeti: It was a tie between Vampire Weekend and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

He-yeti: And ZZ Ward was fantastic. I’m so glad we made it in time.

SW: What’s the most important thing at your campsite right now?

He-yeti: Nothing’s important at the campground! We’re here. That’s what matters.

SW: What’s your favorite album of all time?

She-yeti: “The Moon and Antarctica” by Modest Mouse

He-yeti: I don’t even know. That’s hard.


What’s you favorite book of all time?

She-yeti: My most recent favorite book is probably “The Great Gatsby.”

He-yeti: I almost said “The Great Gatsby,” but I thought it would sound corny because the movie just came out. And “Cloud Atlas” too.

SW: What’s the last thing you read today (any medium)?

She-yeti: Um, probably a text message. Want me to read it to you? Here we go: “Yes, I’m glad that you saw [ZZ Ward], and that I led you to that conclusion. I’d tell you that she has a show in Boise

on Monday

but I believe you’ll still be busy at Sasquatch!”

He-yeti: We sure will be.

SW: What did it tell you?

She-yeti: That we’ll definitely need to go see her again.

He-yeti: Um, definitely.