In a world where the number one selling record on iTunes can

Lambert signing the big Local 360. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Lambert signing the big Local 360. Photo courtesy of the artist.

In a world where the number one selling record on iTunes can be a self-released album, it makes just as much sense that someone like Mary Lambert, who helped Macklemore catapult The Heist to those heights, can bag a enviable record contact with a major label. So it goes with Lambert, who was recently featured in the New York Times

; the 24-year-old singer, currently on tour with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, recently signed with Capitol Records and is currently working on her first EP for the L.A.-based label. After performing with Mack and co. at Madison Square Garden last night, Lambert took a few moments to answer a few questions we had for her about the tour, her big signing, and keeping her Seattle edge.

How’s the tour with Macklemore going? Did he give you any advice about putting a record together? And do you intend to return the favor and feature him on your forthcoming EP? The Mack tour has been nothing short of amazing. Performing in a national arena tour is something I always imagined but I never actually believed it would. Does that make sense? You fantasize about something all your life, but never quite see it as tangible. I have to pinch myself. It’s real! It’s real! Ben has been so supportive about my signing with Capitol. He’s my brother! This past year has been a little tumultuous in terms of my career, but Ben has been with me every step of the way. I would love to feature him on my next record, for sure.

Why do you think a deal with a major label was the right choice when Mack found success self-releasing

The Heist

? I think the music world is a cut-throat industry. I’ve had the amazing privilege of observing the Macklemore crew completely blow up. I’ve spent this past year taking notes on how the independent machine works for them, and evaluating how it can work for me. Several labels presented themselves to me, but none were the right fit. As both a poet and a songwriter, it was important to me to have a label not only acknowledge that, but embrace it and want to foster it. When Capitol approached me, it was with utmost respect for my art, and a mutual understanding for what I wanted to accomplish as an artist. I don’t think that there is one exact formula for success in the industry, and that was something Ben and I often talked about during this journey.

Will Seattle be seeing less of you now that your label is based in L.A? Hell no! Seattle is home. I have a hard time being in L.A. I miss the evergreens. And Vivace. And Westlake during Christmastime.

When can fans expect the EP and will “She Keeps Me Warm” be on it? The EP will be released in mid-Winter, and “She Keeps Me Warm” will most definitely be on it!

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