If you read this week’s Seapony edition of Through @ 2, you

If you read this week’s Seapony edition of Through @ 2, you might have noticed that the press photo I used is already outdated (although it is very cute)–it doesn’t include Seapony’s newest member, drummer John Bryan, seen at left. Bryan, a 23-year-old UW senior, only joined the band about a month and a half ago after guitarist Danny Rowland decided he wanted to add live drums to Seapony.”There was something missing,” Rowland told me. “It felt kind of strange to play out with a drum machine. Even though it sounds perfect every time and it never screws up. But somehow I felt it was putting us more on the spot, somehow. Some energy was missing.”Rowland’s initial criteria for the perfect drummer? “Someone who’s kind of shy, really nice, doesn’t drink, is not macho . . . “Seapony knew Bryan as a Rainy Dawg DJ (they’d played a set for his radio show) and fellow musician, and although he wasn’t exactly a drummer, Bryan was willing to learn in order to play in Seapony. (He also fit most, if not quite all, of Rowland’s criteria.) Bryan’s drum parts are simple, but they’re enough to add a upbeat dynamic to the band’s live show. And now Seapony is a happy, fully rounded family. See?Seapony is playing an album-release show tomorrow, June 2, at the Vera Project. 14 Iced Bears and Ghost Animal will open; the show begins at 7:30 p.m., and there is a $10 cover.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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