Hey Seattle Weekly Reverb readers, I’ve been asked to step in for

Hey Seattle Weekly Reverb readers, I’ve been asked to step in for Chris Kornelis as Reverb Guest Editor for the next couple of weeks. I’ll be providing a nice selection of blog posts, some of which might contain a gram of truth, about music and whatever, plus some interviews and tangents of every sort. I think the Weekly is under the mistaken impression that since I’m a musician every random thing that occurs to me to talk about must loosely fall under the heading of “music”. This is pure folly.Tonight I’m playing at Neumos at a benefit for U.S. Senator Patty Murray. It is a fantastic line-up of local talent. They asked us to play “folk music”, giving the impression that no one in the Patty Murray camp has ever heard a lick of indie-rock music, so many of the performers are going to be honoring their request with some “folky” choices. Here’s the bill:7pm Doors.7.30 Opening Speeches7.45-7.55 Alex Robert (Black Whales)8-8.10 Eric Anderson8.15-8.30 Patty Murray Speech8.35-8.45 Josh Morrison8.50-9.05 Young Evils9.10-9.25 Say Hi (acoustic set)9.30-9.45 Tomo (Grand Hallway)9.50-10.05 Sera Cahoone10.10-10.25 John Roderick10.30-10.50 Presidents of the USANow, whether or not you’re a Democrat, I don’t think there’s any question that Patty Murray is the only POSSIBLE candidate for whom to cast your vote. Her opponent looks like he’s wearing a rubber mask and robbing banks in the movie Point Break. Hope to see you at the show tonight, and keep checking back into Reverb to see what’s cooking.John