Hey Duff :Here is a list of things wrong with my life:1.

Hey Duff :Here is a list of things wrong with my life:1. I was born in the wrong year because I don’t care about any of the shit that everyone my age apart from my best friend cares about.2. I use proper spelling which apparently is a sin when you’re 13.3. I’m too boy-ish I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean (I’m a girl by the way).4. I listen to the wrong music, which makes no sense because I listen to everything but because I prefer rock I’m a sinner.5. I spend lunch break talking about guitars with my friend.6. I prefer Jaws to Step Up 3 which makes me a sinner above sinners according to the “normal people.”7. I’m obsessed with…wait for it…………….. NINJAS of all things.8. My best friend is the geekiest boy in class but also the coolest. 9. Whenever I go to his house or he comes over we spend our time watching Star Wars and have now found a new love in Lord of the Rings which is apparently not cool.10. The coolest thing about me according to my friends is that I speak “American.”

So what do I do about that because I actually want to fit in. And it’s a bit hard when I know nothing about actually fitting in. –Cece (Cecilia)Shoot, honey, you sound like a fun person to be around!I get it, though–I have a 13-year-old girl at home. There ARE “mean girl” cliques, and they can be brutal if you are not a part of one.Screw it. I hope you DO know that none of this stuff you are going through will matter at all later on. I never really fit in at your age, sweety.It sounds like you have a boy that accepts you for who you are. Ninjas, Jaws, and Lord of the Rings are all fine and dandy.Lady GaGa was an outcast in her middle and high school. She seems to be doing all right now! This is all character-building stuff for you right now. Look at it that way, if you can.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.