Heems (left) of New York-based rap group Das RacistIt looks like this:

Heems (left) of New York-based rap group Das RacistIt looks like this: 03. Mash Hall: Don’t Talk to the Cops! Nothing too flashy, but eye-catching if you’re a fan of the local group(s) material. People who rabidly follow the ebbs and flows of the on-line taste-making giant (Pitchfork) also may be intrigued by a name that they haven’t seen before, and rush to hear what they’ve been missing, upon the suggestion of a favored artist–in this case, Das Racist MC Himanshu “Heems” Suri. In either case: people see; people hear; people talk; and who better to be looking into your file than Pitchfork?The “Top Album” Suri is probably referring to is Regular Show, the infectious debut from local group Don’t Talk To The Cops!, as it was the only release from either group that came out this year. As both DTTTC! and Mash Hall share all three members in various capacities (El Mizell works the decks for DTTTC! and Emecks hypes/dances for Mash Hall), the confusion is probably not an uncommon one, and probably not one that bothers the members much, as both projects share many of the same values. The ambiguity of the mention might actually work in their favor, as both groups can be discovered in one fell swoop. Either way, both groups make great music, and in this rap blogger’s opinion, deserve all the recognition they get.