Got an email a few days ago from local band Sad Face

Got an email a few days ago from local band Sad Face hyping their show at the Columbia City Theater tonight. What caught my eye was the pre-show stunt they’re planning on route to the gig.The band goes on to say they’ll be busking live on the light rail on their way to the show. From the email: “We’ll be hopping on from the Pioneer Square Station somewhere around 7:00 and we’re bringing instruments with us. If you want to ride with us and join in the sing-along, reply to this email or leave us a post on our Facebook wall…”The gimmick is not entirely original – guerrilla concerts are the methode d’emploi for La Blogotheque’s take away shows, like Phoenix does here with “Lizstomania”, but here in our own backyard it’s an enterprising take on self-promotion. Ups to the band for doing something a little different and spicing up their own hype, as shameless – and potentially unwanted – it may be. Whether they encore on the return trip or get harassed by an old timer expecting a peaceful ride, share your thoughts with us below if you catch the performance.