Four-way street?

If Neil Young doesn't show for CSNY's latest reunion tour, the famously flaky band has other options.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Tacoma Dome, Tuesday, February 1

ANYONE WITH EVEN a tenuous grasp on rock history knows that CSN—David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash—is a group that’s squabbled publicly and disbanded frequently throughout its 30 years. But occasional fourth partner Neil Young is more infamously moody than the other three combined. In the middle of his 1976 tour with Stills, Young began traveling to the venue where they were to perform in Florida, realized he was going the wrong way—then decided to keep on driving in that direction. (“Funny how some things that start spontaneously end that way,” he telegrammed Stills. “Eat a peach, Neil.”) That was 24 years ago, but CSNY is as irascible as ever. And who knows—Young, who’s fond of creating sequels to earlier efforts decades after the originals (1972’s Harvest begat 1992’s Harvest Moon, for instance), might well pull the same stunt again. Of course, Seattle Weekly sincerely hopes this isn’t the case. But if it is, we’ve offered this helpful guide to possible last-minute replacements, with an eye toward minimizing ticket and advertising reprints.





lesterYoungLESTER YOUNG Jazz saxophone great Equally inspired and much more fluent soloist Dead Embalming fluid replaces hash oil in backstage rider Crosby rapping about “really missing Garcia, man” in gross misunderstanding of the nature of Lester’s “Deadness” CSN’s note-perfect, stupid-sounding background coos on special “rock” arrangement of “Lester Leaps In”
youngmcYOUNG M.C. PG-rated rapper Far better rhythmically, just as agile lyrically Most CSNY fans think “Bust a Move” refers to when the cops showed up before their stash was hidden Big-booty backup dancers “Ohio,” with extra verses about police brutality Derisive hoots greeting Young M.C.’s solo turns
laMonteYoungLA MONTE YOUNG Avant-classical composer known as the “father of minimalism” More daringly primitivist and atonal Nobody else understands what the hell is going on Four-hour concert consists of just one note CSN’s harmonies more blissful than ever thanks to LaMonte’s just intonation-created overtones Massive walkouts from people who weren’t counting on a CSNY concert to sound like Neil’s feedback-montage CD, Arc
ChowYunFatCHOW YUN-FAT Action film star Kicks Neil’s (and everyone else’s) ASS!!! Plenty of stage presence but can’t sing, play guitar, etc. Brooding overture before band appears onstage Taking Stills out when he starts getting a little too mouthy Show only lasts 20 minutes (see highlight)
CSNYDeYoungDENNIS DE YOUNG The brains behind Styx Sings in key Sucks big time Pyrotechnics Medley of “Come Sail Away” and “Wooden Ships” CSN sound silly chanting “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto”


Switzerland’s extremist, sample-wielding punks Heavy use of samples=larger sonic spectrum for group Screaming vocals disrupt mellow vibe “Woodstock” interspersed throughout with sound bites from original festival The look on CSN’s face when singer Franz Treichler opens his mouth and roars Treichler carving “CSNYG” into his chest
claude2CLAUDE YOUNG Detroit techno DJ/producer In touch with what the young people of today actually listen to 85% of the CSNY crowd doesn’t care what the young people of today actually listen to Never have the beats been anywhere near this prominent Massive 303 riffs underpinning “Our House” = “Our House Mix” Hard-driving beats find disfavor with free-form hippie dancers
youngbleedYOUNG BLEED No Limit soldier Jeep-rattlin’ beats Crosby raps better than this guy “Deja Vu” rewritten by Bleed to celebrate the strip-club chain Guest appearances by Master P, Mystikal, Snoop Dogg Bleed’s extra verses assure that “Love the One You’re With” is more sexist than ever

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