Duff McKagan’s column runs every Thursday on Reverb. He makes regular appearances

Duff McKagan’s column runs every Thursday on Reverb. He makes regular appearances on the blog throughout the week as well.I had such a good time last week with some of your questions that I thought I’d give it another shot. Besides, there appears to be an endless amount of curiosity as to what my opinion might be on a wide variety of topics. Girls? Rock? Bass? Marriage? I’ll answer a few more questions through the week.Let’s get started:Q: Zeppelin or Sabbath, and why?–Pete, New York CityDuff: If you are asking me now, I wouldn’t be able to choose an outright winner or loser. For me, as a bass player, and a recent serious student of my craft, I would have to lean toward Zeppelin and John Paul Jones (I’ve been geeking out to bass lately, something I had NEVER done before).In Seattle, and when I was a youngster, there was a serious divide within the Sabbath/Zeppelin debate. If you were from outside the city, it was Sabbath, and for us relative urbanites, it was ALL about Zeppelin.We seemed too smarty-pants for them. They seemed too butt-rock for us. Yes, but we were all young and dumb and full of cocksureness. The truth is these bands are just so damn different that there IS no way to really compare or contrast them. Actually, you can’t compare ANY other band to these two fucking behemoths.Q: What happened with Jane’s Addiction?–TDuff: I do believe that I have answered this one somewhere out there in an interview. But to be sure, I will touch on it again.Last year at about this time, I was asked by Perry if I wouldn’t want to come in and lend a hand in the writing of a new Jane’s record. I was and AM indeed honored.We started that process, and the rumors started to swirl, ebb, and flow to the MAX! I was just trying to keep my head down the whole time and do that band as much service as I could. They are great and gentle men, all of them. A nicer group of dudes would be hard to find.Alas, the time came for me to depart and get back to my thing, which is Loaded all the time, writing my book, developing a new business, and the ever-present hunt for a VR singer. The press blew the whole thing out of proportion to begin with, and in the end I was left to try and explain my way out of a situation that was just so simple. Creative guys . . . getting creative.Q: Did you ever feel like a woman like Susan was out of your league?–Jake, Ukiah, CADuff: Yep! And I still do.