Derek Fudesco, right, with the Cave Singers.Every March, the entire music industry

Derek Fudesco, right, with the Cave Singers.Every March, the entire music industry descends on Austin, Texas, for the South By Southwest Music Conference and Festival March 15 to 20, and Seattle’s scene is no exception. Dozens of bands are making the trip, and they’ll be playing more shows and downing more free Red Stripes than can be calculated.We normally reserve our “Reverb Questionnaire” for non-music folks like Michelle Norris and Michael Chabon, but in preparation for the massive trip south, we tweaked our standard questions and presented them to a few of the local emissaries making the journey.Here’s what we learned about the Cave Singers’ Derek Fudesco:SW: What music have you been listening to today? Did you like it?Fudesco: Record 2 of the new Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death, a new Mississippi Records comp, “Ishilan N Tenere,” and that Paul Simon song, “The Obvious Child.” All of them are jams. I played that Paul Simon song about five or six times today.What’s your preferred method for listening to music (iPod, car, home stereo, etc.)?I prefer records at home, but the iPod in the van is nice too. When was the last time you heard “Stairway to Heaven”? Did you turn it off?I think it’s been a really, really long time. I’m gonna guess that I didn’t.Do you play an instrument?Yeah, guitar and bass guitar. Do you still listen to anything you were listening to in high school?Yeah, a few albums. I went to that Germs reunion at Neumos a couple years ago with the weird actor/singer. I loved that.What was the first band/artist you saw in concert? Would you see them again?Capitol Punishment. I don’t think I would.What was the last band/artist you saw in concert? Worth your time?Mongrel Blood @ the Sunset. Totally. When you sing karaoke, what’s your go-to number?”Jamming” by Bob Marley .

How do you feel about ABBA?Sparkly?What is the last song you want to hear before you die? “Matadjem Yinmixan” by Tinariwen.What’s one indispensable accessory for this year’s SXSW?Speed.How are you getting down to Austin, and how sure are you that your mode of transportation will get you all the way there?I just bought a van. I’m not sure, but I keep my fingers crossed.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.