Days of our nights

The fallout continues. All Tomorrow’s Parties, an indie kid’s wet dream scheduled for Oct. 19-21 in L.A., has been postponed until March 15-17. The Sonic Youth-curated show was to have included appearances from Stephen Malkmus, Cat Power, Eddie Vedder, Stereolab, Le Tigre, Television, and more. The inveterate organizers have, they say, been “severely compromised” by the loss of their studio (located at ground zero in N.Y.C.) and other mitigating factors of the Sept. 11 attacks. According to the band’s statement, “A gathering of musicians, artists, and poets could only have been a positive thing, [but] personal travel anxieties, a complete halt to ticket sales, and a general sense of unease due to the unpredictability of the Bush/Taliban conflict are the primary factors of our decision to postpone. Additionally, a sense of responsibility towards our children at this time for an environment of stability and reflection is indeed a priority.” . . . In more bummer news, the Arab Strap/Aerogramme tour has been postponed. Malcolm from Arab Strap has come down with a case of pancreatitis and his doctor has advised him against touring. There are tentative plans for them to reschedule for next year. . . . A lesson in music business economics: The Dandy Warhols, who are heading back to the studio to begin recording the follow-up to last year’s Thirteen Tales for Urban Bohemia, have continued their licensing frenzy from Bohemia, selling those urban tales to the likes of the new FOX college comedy Undeclared, as well as Sex and the City, Ed, Six Feet Under, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Roswell. Most recently, the band also handed over “Bohemian Like You” for a yearlong advertising campaign by European telecommunications giant Vodaphone. Shake yer moneymakers, kids. . . . The Crocodile did its part, and then some,

this past Sunday night, with a benefit show featuring the Minus Five, Acoustic Posies, Shawn Smith, No. 13 Baby, and DJs like Cherry Canoe and KO. Lots of other artists made their contributions, though not in person, with photography, paintings, and even, well, dirty laundry (from Patti Smith, who also included signed lyric sheets for “People Have the Power,” a book bag from Allen Ginsberg, and more). Offerings from other participating artists, including Emily Reiman, Steven Jesse Bernstein, and David Walega, helped bring the night’s cash total to over $6,000. . . . As part of this week’s Put Our Rock Stars to Work Week at DOON, we’d like to thank roving photographer Arlie John Carstens, otherwise known as the frontman for emo-punk darlings, Juno. He was stuck in N.Y.C. the week of Sept. 11 and took some amazing photos on the streets there in the aftermath. The picture at right is just one. . . . Damn. The Rendezvous, that beloved bastion of Belltown down ‘n’ dirty, bites the dust at the end of October. But no, not for another soul-less condo; word on the street is the OK Hotel people, left venueless after the earthquake, will take over. . . . If you’re like us, part of you is still stuck on that tragic Tuesday morning when you heard the news. You’re still wondering what’s next. You’ve hung the flag, participated in Bush-mandated economy-bolstering, and donated 50 bucks to the Red Cross—but your stomach still turns at every headline. You’re still scared shitless, and you keep repeating the line from the Smith’s “Ask Me,” “If it’s not love/then it’s the bomb/that will bring us together.” DOON doesn’t pretend to have any answers, but we were pleased as hell at Wednesday night’s Love As Laughter show when frontman Sam Jayne had the balls to continue addressing the questions. Before launching into “Aftermath” from 1999’s Destination

2000, Sam made some very heartfelt comments regarding the aftermath of Sept. 11. In Brooklyn at the time of the attack, Jayne clearly was deeply affected by the events of that day and expressed with astute honesty that what we really need to do is shift our thinking. We asked Sam to repeat those sentiments here, because we’re not done thinking and we don’t think you should be, either: “The mental shrapnel of the Twin Towers is still in the air. It’s still there and it’s here, too, off and on, if you look. And people should look. I feel like many people just want our safety to be restored so they can forget about it and the soccer moms can start filling Dixie cups of Gatorade again, and the glass bubble can be repaired and placed back over the United States. I just think LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, when is the blanket of love (God?) going to wash over the world and save us all and improve our lives and make us look out for our neighbors and have the SAME concern for the lives of people we don’t even know, who don’t speak the same language, and don’t have the same culture? Isn’t this a concept of the United States of America? What a concept! The devil showed one of its faces and struck at us hard. I hope that we can rise above showing the face of our devils or demons during this time and always. We must stop the enemy and return our safety, but the enemy is also in our mind. It is time to evolve. We must evolve out of our way of thinking and dealing with each other. We need peace and understanding. Again! So simple! But so complex. Evolution. Revolution.”

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