Club Pick

Meander In

Don’t let the hard-to-find location hold you back: Just start walking up or down the Pike Place Hillclimb, and amble back and forth and sideways if you have to, until you find the Zig Zag Cafe. Once inside the cozy, dimly lit space, relax and order a drink from the Zig Zag’s increasingly reputable bar, which has been known to slake the thirst of in-the-know downtowners with a zap of a martini. Music offerings include the occasional DJ and whatever happens to be playing over the PA, but the Zig Zag’s location makes it an ideal place to stop for a nightcap or to start off a night on the town. But be forewarned: This lounge can suck you in and make you miss your favorite band. 1501 Western Ave. (on the Pike Place Hillclimb below the Pike Place Market), 206-625-1146.