Cairo is a scrappy little Capitol Hill space that dabbles in a

Cairo is a scrappy little Capitol Hill space that dabbles in a variety of artistic enterprises: music, apparel, screen-printing. Flexions are a scrappy little Seattle band (guitarist Devin Welch, bassist Robin Stein, and drummer Tyler Swan) that similarly dabble in a variety of styles–punk, dub, post-rock, and the like–to craft their dark, grooving songs. So it’s fitting that Cairo would announce the launch of a record label with Flexions’ forthcoming sophomore album Golden Fjord as their debut release, due out August 2 (album artwork above). And what better time to break into the lucrative





Capitol Hill, amirite?!Regardless of the shifting economic winds, what you have here is a fine team-up between a great venue/etc. and a great local band. Cheers to them. Bonus: To celebrate the impending release of Golden Fjord, the Cairo/Flexions cabal have released a music video for the album’s first single, “Seething Mass,” directed by locals Robert Wolfe (also of Wavves t-shirt design fame) and Chris Ando (of differently but equally dubby punk trio Talbot Tagora)–watch it here:Flexions – Seething Mass from Cairo Records on Vimeo.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.