By the way, Beth Ditto’s hair is now very short and neon

By the way, Beth Ditto’s hair is now very short and neon redWhile I fully regret missing most of MEN’s set, let alone personally witnessing Beth Ditto working coat check — both events that may have nudged this show a bit higher on the list — this performance was still one of my favorites of ’09. It is my belief that a person who cannot enjoy him/herself at a Gossip show is a sad, sour, pitiable person. Even though I loved the old, crusty Gossip just as much as I love the new, polished, synth-y one, I do think that Music for Men is a fantastic album that represents the realization of all the potential of those first, scratchy demo recordings I remember being so enthralled by. Thing is, Beth Ditto’s voice is just too big for recordings, no matter how slick or well-produced they may be. There is no mechanical device in existence that can capture the sheer power of it, which is why it’s worth actually going to hear Gossip live and in person as many times as you possibly can. I danced my ass off, I got to hear Beth Ditto kick the shit out of “What’s Love (Got to Do With It?)” and “Rebel Girl,” and if I could, I’d go see Gossip once a week for the rest of my life.