Bobby McHughDyme Def played Thu., March 4 at the Tractor Tavern.When you’re

Bobby McHughDyme Def played Thu., March 4 at the Tractor Tavern.When you’re suffering from Bloody Sponge Brain Syndrome (a debilitating disease defined by the American Medical Association as “afflicting those who drink to excess for three or more days straight yet continue waking up early and working”) and you’re inside a less-than-packed concert venue (like, say, the Tractor Tavern last night for the SXSW send-off show featuring local hip-hop acts Dyme Def, Grynch, THEESatisfaction and local rockers Thee Emergency and Pearly Gate Music) taking notes via the usual method (pen and pad) just won’t do. You’re not feeling all that friendly, so you don’t want to draw attention to yourself by actually penning your thoughts. This often invites strangers to talk to you. This you don’t want. Also, you’ve got a mild case of the DTs and your words will end looking like cobwebs if you do your job the old fashioned way. That leaves you with one option: text your observations to yourself.The result? Some legible but difficult to decipher shit. I tried to piece it into a coherent narrative, but I’m still a little wobbly at the knees. So, at the risk of reducing myself to the status of my cell phone’s amanuensis, I present you with my texts from last night (save for those on THEESatisfaction, whose performance I missed), complete with context and commentary. You’ve been warned.1) On Pearly Gate Music’s dress and voice: “open plaid shirt skinny jeans lil’ stache quavering pubescent voice. In ur sternum wail.” Though the guitars often collided in a cacophonous roar of distortion thanks but no thanks to the sound system, I enjoyed the performance. PGM has a sincere sound that stays on the right side of pretentious. Plus, dude has a song about “the clink.” Fuck. Yes.2) On Grynch’s reception by the crowd: “Grynch and hiphop not hated but not loved.” That was my initial impression, but ultimately they warmed up to him. To be fair, this wasn’t the most hip-hop friendly crowd. (Most of ’em were probably at Dark Time Sunshine’s show at Havana.) But Grynch kept it moving and by the time he got to “My Volvo,” the people were with him 100 percent. Behold, the power of personality.3) On Thee Emergency’s lead singer: “Loves makin feedbk noise with mouth tween songs.” At first it was kinda cool, but it soon got really old. A minor quibble, especially given the balls-out performance the gang put on. Raucous and rockin’. I also wrote this of the guitarist: “hair do like melvins and body like Dj darwin.” So there’s that.4) On Dyme Def’s stage presence: “smiles a lot.” That’s all I wrote. Too busy drunkenly rocking out. The best thing about those three dudes is that they know what they’re about: party and bullshit. Also: they have a lot of fucking fun on stage, hence all that cheesing. There’s no pretense of any kind–just good times. Just ask the Ballard rock fans in the crowd last night, all whom were jamming to Dyme’s hedonistic anthems. Party on.