Beloved Northwest rockers Young Fresh Fellows have a new album coming out


Beloved Northwest rockers Young Fresh Fellows have a new album coming out on Yep Roc August 21. It’s titled Tiempo De Lujo and it’s the first since their 2009 release, I Think This Is. Where the fellas had time to record is another story, but frontman Scott McCaughey, who plays with Peter Buck in The Minus Five and The Baseball Project, shared this statement about it (in that offbeat, Mexican-food loving lingo fans know and love):

This record is one of the most collaborative we’ve ever made. We learned the songs on the spot, if we’d written them already. If we hadn’t written them we just played them without learning them. That saved time, and therefore money. Tiempo y dinero, amigos. The Golden Rule. We never even stopped to get beer. Or burritos. I think we had a cup of tea once. Or a seltzer water with a hint of lemon. Rick Buckler of the Jam came by to return a blazer, but otherwise we forged ahead pretty much uninterrupted.


Chloe and Asya, formerly of sister indie pop group Smoosh, have just announced their new project Chaos Chaos, and have an EP in the works with aims to get it funded through Kickstarter (and they’ve already surpassed their goal). Asya, of course, has been busy working with Dave Einmo in Daydream Vacation, but the creative bond forged early on with her sister compelled the new venture. Here’s what the pair have to say about it:

We feel that it’s time for a change. We won’t be touring or playing any more shows as Smoosh, but…we’re so excited to get our new music out to you guys. This is an adventure for us, we are trying to embody this idea of going all-out with everything, including our everyday lives. We’re changing ourselves–like the giant amoeba that is a ‘chaos chaos’. In the Physics sense, this new name applies to us because our lives have been disordered. There is an amoeba at the core of our music, where the form is always changing, moving in different directions. The process has been so much fun and quite an adventure.


And hot off the press, Good To Die Records has just announced its first free digital compilation featuring tracks from Dog Shredder, Sandrider, Deadkill, Gaytheist, Monogamy Party, Absolute Monarchs, and more. If you’re a fan of the hard sounds of GTD, here’s a link where you can pick up the freebie.