Anna Ryon It’s been over two years since Kazutaka Nomura – alias

Anna Ryon It’s been over two years since Kazutaka Nomura – alias PWRFL Power – released his LP, PWRFL Power, and friends and fans will have noticed Nomura’s physical absence from Seattle during that interval as well. “I was having some visa issues,” Nomura explained to me recently. “But for the last two years I was just flying in and out, because you can only stay in one country for 3 months, and my wife could only stay in Japan for 3 months, so I was going back and forth. We made it work, but still, it was a lot of traveling.” But after spending all those months skipping back and forth across the Atlantic, Nomura says, “Finally I got my green card processed, and now I’m here for good.” And less traveling means more music-making – Nomura is writing a new batch of songs that step away from his previous comedic tunes about chopstick usage and his cat. “I’ve been becoming a little bit generic, writing about life,” he says, “things you think about as you get older” (he is 26). Additionally, Nomura is leaning towards some more soulful influences. “I have been spending extra time in analyzing older solo acoustic style of blues (like Skip James, Reverend Gary Davis, Lightning Hopkins, John Jackson),” he says. “You will hear big influence from those guys in [my] new songs.” Nomura is currently working on putting together a group of musicians — “This is going to be a band style, rather than a solo style,” he says — and hopes to have a finished project by springtime. “I’m hoping to make all of this happen really soon,” he says. “I just ordered a bunch of recording equipment… I’ll probably get down eight songs, ten songs. I’m hoping by late March, early April, I’ll have some sort of finished project” PWRFL Power plays the Rendezvous tonight with Kyle Bradford and Cumulus. The show starts at 10 p.m. and is $7.

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