And I’m not talking about that Monster Mash shit. I’m talking about

And I’m not talking about that Monster Mash shit. I’m talking about what kinds of music fit (original typo: fist. heh.) different kinds of monsters best. Zombies, as I stated yesterday, must be paired with punk rock. Metal works too, but punk just makes more sense. It’s rough. It’s ragged. It doesn’t have to be executed with technical precision like metal does. Serial killers get creepy ambient metal, like the stuff I heard cellist Robin Holcomb play at Dock Rock 2009. That shit sounded like it was composed specifically for a neo-Jason film. Ghosts are an easy one, too; any echo-y, ethereal folk music will do. Or Johnny Cash’s “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” though that might be getting a little specific as to the type of ghost we’re working with, here.Vampires, on the other hand, are more difficult. They’ve come into vogue recently, and seem to have displaced zombies somewhat as monster-of-the-moment. Because they are ancient beings, I’d consider associating classical music with them, but I think I’m going to go with New Wave and bands like The Cure. It helps that Robert Smith already looks like a vampire (not that I’m bagging on the guy. I listened to the Cure more than is probably healthy from about 1999 until 2002 or so, when I graduated high school and started liking my life again.)Why am I thinking about this? Because I like making mixes, and I want to make a zombie mix, a vampire mix, a ghost mix, and a werewolf mix. If anyone has any song suggestions, let me know. Werewolves are more difficult. But I’d go with rockabilly, I think, because of the yodeling. Metal could also work because werewolves rip people apart, and metal shreds.