About a decade ago, I saw New York’s crypto-rap god Aesop Rock

About a decade ago, I saw New York’s crypto-rap god Aesop Rock freestyle on stage at a show in the UW’s HUB auditorium. He started it off with the line (or a line that was very close to) “My style is lethal/girlies wanna come suck the Space Needle.” It couldn’t have been the first time I’d heard somebody tie the astro-hypodermic monument into a rhyme (I mean, it’s probably the most oft-dropped 206-centric rap reference behind the dreaded battle/Seattle combo) but it’s the first I committed to memory, partially because it was spat by an outsider with cred. I think it’d be fair to say that most rap-saying Emerald City residents purposely avoid lyrical tropes that obvious (or at least they should), but local goofball Type decided to approach the issue head-on, and in doing so, has created the definitive Needle track.Type’s “Space Needle (Feat. Seattle)” comes hot on the heels of his last satirical masterpiece, “My Backpack”, on which he made a fool of anybody still taking themselves too seriously in 2013. Hopefully his new offering has the same cooling effect for anybody still thinking about Mad Libbing some obvious Seattle references into their next verse in order to squeeze some sentimental reaction out of their fans. Along the way, the track — which, oh by the way, consists of 49 two-bar verses by as many local emcees (including a few random non-rappers to add to the ridiculousness) that all contain a mention of the Needle — hits a few hotspots, like IFTHEN’s: “Overcast streets, bust Space Needle peak/gray Regal read ’em and weep, we king countin’ our keep,” and Billy Fridge’s: “I’m the Rick Ross of the Pike Place fish toss; straight diesel/bang a barista with a Space Needle deeldo,”(?!) and Onry Ozzborn’s: “At night I hover with thunder above the Space Needle/angry like Andrew of Chronicle, fuck normal people.” Type is in the zone. Enjoy?:Space Needle (feat. Seattle) by The MC Type