A rumor that Balkan Beat Box, a band that puts on one

A rumor that Balkan Beat Box, a band that puts on one of the most fun, energetic live shows I’ve ever had the privilege of attending, was rumored to be playing the Showbox. That obviously did not pan out. Instead, Showbox at the Market will be ushering in the New Year with the help of Minus the Bear, a band I’ve loved ever since Highly Refined Pirates, but whose music is not — and you can’t convince me otherwise — conducive to the New Year’s Eve dance party I was so hoping for.Ditto for Cake, a great band whose songs usually don’t ever get more of a physical reaction than a sort of rhythmic bounce. And like…I guess you can dance to Apparat, but even though I like Apparat, his music is about as close to electronic gets to sad bastard music without actually becoming it. It’s certainly better than the alternative — house music makes me wanna hire Mike Tyson to bite my ears off — but at the end of the day, what I really want on New Year’s Eve is a band that can keep the bodies in the room undulating on the dance floor for hours at a time. Lo-fi with Emerald City Soul Club and DUG