A Holiday Wish List From Kevin Sur

The Artist Home co-founder wants a city that thinks and sings, and serves up a decent burrito.

The holidays are busy for everyone, but few are as harried as Kevin Sur. As co-owner and promoter at Artist Home, he is currently preparing to put on the Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival in Leavenworth, where the Thermals, Lucy Dacus, the Wimps, Sloucher, and many others will warm up the crowd on January 27 and 28. We convinced him to take a break and share a few of his wants this season.

Rent Control Over a decade ago, I found myself wanting to do something good for the music industry and for artists while living in the Bay Area. The only problem was that the cost of living had led to a disturbing reality: There were no artists left there to work with. Today I watch the same forces that drove me out of the Bay Area taking hold of Seattle, driving up housing costs and rent much as they did in the Bay Area.

An NHL Team As a native Hawaiian, hockey was never on my radar as a sport. That all changed when I saw my first Seattle Thunderbirds game. I immediately fell in love. Now I want a pro team.

Power Tools and Lumber For the first Christmas in my adult life, I’m simultaneously a father and someone who lives in a house with a garage. So it’s a requirement that I have power tools and lumber to cut for no particular reason.

Burritos God, I love burritos. Just saying the word makes me happy. But damn, Seattle, our burrito game is seriously lacking. And before you say anything, yes, I have been to that place you think is great, and no, it is not. Only two places I’ve found in the entire Puget Sound region do it for me, but really, a good burrito should never be more than 10 minutes away. We have work to do.

Media Literacy If this election has taught us anything, it’s that we are failing as a society when it comes to understanding what is and isn’t good journalism. I wish Seattle would become the U.S. capital of media literacy by requiring that the subject be taught at the junior-high and high-school level. I would also like to see our news outlets renew their commitment to responsible journalism. There are encouraging signs, including the establishment of The People’s Press Club of Seattle. [Ed. note: The PPC is a joint venture of Seattle Weekly, The South Seattle Emerald, and The Seattle Globalist. Thanks for the plug, Kevin!] Every major news outlet in the region should be committed to educating its audience on what good journalism is, while also being an example of it.