A fine, foggy Tunesday morning to ye! Speaking of mist, the one

The Talking Heads do it better.

The Talking Heads do it better.

A fine, foggy Tunesday morning to ye! Speaking of mist, the one and only Father John Misty, aka J(osh) Tillman, aka crazy cuckoo ayahuasca dude, has some news. First, guy

got married

. Then he and his new wife, filmmaker Mrs. Misty, er, Emma Elizabeth Tillman, collaborated on her debut short film The History of Caves (he composed its soundtrack, she directed), and its trailer (above) premiered on Esquire. Consequence of Sound compared the collaboration to those of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann and Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars. Rolling Stone even spilled some ink on the track “Car Chase Theme,” noting that “Tillman slips in an alluring organ to change the tenor entirely.”

Can everyone just calm down for a minute? That’s a lot of hype for a short movie that will “be available on iTunes, Amazon, and XBOX later this year.” To me, the trailer seems like an alternate scene from the video for “Hollywood Forever Cemetery” (also filmed in Laurel Canyon), but I’ll let you judge for yourself. Yes, FJM’s jangly, haunted melodies are surely good for something—especially for doing funny dances on Letterman—but that doesn’t mean they translate as well on film. Anywho, the soundtrack, by the way, will be available this Friday as a limited edition Black Friday release on Sub Pop.

While we’re talking videos, Star Anna just released one for her song “For Anyone,” from her new album Go To Hell. Though the vid itself underwhelms with effects that were likely already used by Live back in the mid-’90s, the good thing is that if you haven’t yet checked out the righteous new album (see Michael Berry’s review


), it’s a excellent introduction to the singer’s other-worldly, earth shattering pipes Duff McKagan calls the “real deal.” Check out the video (and song)



But wait, there’s more…videos! Golden Gardens just premiered

this video

for their tune “The Ghost of a Total Stranger,” from their EP Bellflower. The track has a dreamy, post-punk Jesus and Mary Chain vibe, but the video is all scarves and feathers and Urban Outfitters. Check them out this weekend when the duo plays the Columbia City Theater this Saturday.

Kairos—the electro-pop union of Lena Simon (Pollens, Tomten, Throw Me The Statue) and Katie Kate, among others—just put out a new one, above, for their “That Which Does Not” from their forthcoming 2014 EP. It’s my fave of the bunch, if only because the refrain totally reminds me of Everything But the Girl, and because of what you’re about to see.

As the fog finally lifts, taking you out are the Lumineers, doing one of the worst covers I’ve ever heard. They’re taking on the Talking Heads’ “This Must Be The Place,” a song so joyful, so complete, so full of life it left no room for interpretation. But here they are, performng a trepid, tepid re-arrangement that just screams awkward. On VH1, no less. Sorry to leave you on such a low note, but hey, there’s always another Tunesday (and you can always watch the original whenever you want).

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