2 Bit Saloon

4818 17th Ave. / 21+

5 p.m. / Imperial Legions of Rome

Originally formed five years ago solely for the purpose of covering an Iron Butterfly song, this lysergic quartet draws inspiration equally from early-’70s acid rock and Reagan-era thrash metal.

6 p.m. / Hobosexual  See preview.

7 p.m. / Throne of Bone

One of the many adventures of focusing on new local talent at REVERB is that you have a chance to catch young acts on their way up, often just as they start to fully hit their stride. This is indisputably the case with morose metal mavericks Throne of Bone, who manage to play with the genre’s goofier elements (otherworldly lyrics, guttural vocals, crucifix accessories) while simultaneously unfurling some impressively ornate musicality under it all.

8 p.m. / My Goodness

If you can only catch one band on the 2 Bit stage, make it this truly electrifying blues-punk duo. Frontman Joel Schneider won jazz-vocal competitions in high school, which shows in the impressive control he has over his vocals: howling furtively while ping-ponging across the stage, wrenching anguished chords from his guitar. Punishing drummer Ethan Jacobsen keeps it all grounded, but just barely.

9 p.m. / Vultures 2012

Like your metal served in elephantine-caliber portions? Vultures 2012 are here to take your order. Equally anthemic and aggressive, this four-piece takes heavy off the scale and underground to the subterranean digs the Melvins built. They are fresh out of the studio with rising local producer Chris Common, and obviously invigorated by the success of those sessions. You can blame your Sunday-morning bangover on these guys.

10 p.m. / Dog Shredder

Mathematical metal might sound like a turnoff to some, but if you appreciate whiplash-inducing time changes and intricately woven, progressive writing, Dog Shredder may just cause your heart to implode with glee. Ginger-haired frontman Josh Holland is a dead ringer for Queens of the Stone Age leader Josh Homme, but the blur of his fingers and the complexities of the resulting compositions suggest Yes and Rush as equally plausible influences.

11 p.m. / He Whose Ox Is Gored See preview.

Midnight / Smooth Sailing

Much like Dog Shredder’s cerebral approach to, er, shredding (and in sharp contrast to their moniker’s implications), Smooth Sailing doesn’t take the easy route anywhere. While drummer Brandon Elizaga’s jazz background is a key element, all six members are deliberate and thoughtful in their sonic choices, slowly building to furious climaxes with a stunning grace found in like-minded artists such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, but with a brutal, bludgeoning edge that will appeal to fans of Botch and Akimbo.