WashWand+ Reviews: Is WashWand Dentist-Grade Plaque Remover Legit or Scam?

Did you know that plaque can cause permanent gum disease and permanent tooth decay if left unattended? This can put your general welfare at risk and cause your healthcare bills to increase as you’re forced to spend thousands on dental visits. Additionally, there is strong evidence that dental health is closely linked to your general health and wellness. By taking care of your teeth, you’re taking care of your whole body.

Fortunately, you can prevent serious dental issues from happening to you by using WashWand, an at-home sonic plaque remover. According to the official website, this plaque remover enables you to eliminate plaque from your teeth without being too harsh on your gums.

Read on to learn what this plaque remover does, its benefits, and why you should consider buying it for your household.

What Is WashWand?

WashWand is a sonic plaque remover that assists in fighting harmful bacteria while controlling future buildup. The best part about this tool is that you don’t have to schedule a dental appointment; you can use it from the comfort of your home.

With WashWand, you can easily clean all the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth at your preferred pace and without any pressure. While WashWand has many benefits to offer, there are three main reasons why every family should invest in this handy tool:

Freshen Your Breath Without Breaking Bank

Bad breath arises due to the bacteria in the plaque. Failing to remove this plaque will cause the situation to worsen, and no matter how often you brush your teeth, you’ll remain susceptible to bad breath until you remove it.

To make matters worse, allowing it to build up exposes you to an increased risk of life-threatening illnesses like heart disease. Luckily for you, you have a chance to prevent this from happening by using WashWand at home to reduce and control plaque buildup.

Clean Your Gums at Your Preferred Pace

It’s not uncommon for your teeth to start aching at the mere thought of making a dental appointment. WashWand will help eliminate this feeling by enabling you to clean your teeth and gums at your own pace without rushing the exercise.

WashWand has been designed to be gentle on your gums, reassuring you don’t have to worry about bloody gums, clumsy hands, and severe pressure. It makes the plaque removal process a breeze, encouraging you to clean your teeth a few times a month.

Become Your Dentist and Save Hundreds with WashWand

WashWand features a rechargeable battery, three sonic speed settings, and low noise operations, making it a plaque removal tool everyone should buy for personal use. In addition to its ease of use, it does provide various unique benefits that include:

  • Gentle plaque removal
  • Dramatic results after using it for only one time
  • Removes tartar buildup
  • Ergonomic handling allows you easier control during plaque removal
  • Controls bacterial growth
  • Easy to use and operate
  • It freshens your breath as it removes plaque and cleans your gums
  • Less pain than making a dental appointment
  • Save hundreds of dollars on bi-annual dental appointments

Top Reasons to Invest in WashWand

As a consumer, you’ll always want to know the benefits offered by any product before investing in it. In the case of WashWand, there are multiple reasons you should invest in it for your plaque removal. They include:

Adjustable Modes: WashWand has three adjustable settings (low, medium, and high). Its different speeds make it ideal for families with different tolerances and cleaning goals.

Ergonomic Handling: Its design has a soft finish that’s exceptionally comfortable to your touch. Use it to clean your teeth and gums with the best pressure settings that suit your cleaning goals.

Gentle on Gums but tough on tartar buildup. WashWand has a design that ensures you won’t have to wince with pain whenever you need to clean your gums. Its sonic vibrations will give you a gentle cleaning while still ensuring your teeth are squeaky clean.

Precision Cleaning: WashWand can easily reach all the areas of your mouth you need to clean. Use the pointed tip to clean the hard-to-reach areas while angling the scraper on its side to allow you to clean the more extensive surfaces.

Rechargeable: To guarantee efficiency, keep the device fully charged, allowing you to quickly clean your teeth and gums whenever the need arises.

Effortless Cleaning: WashWand allows you to clean your teeth at the touch of a button. Unlike your bi-annual dental appointments, all you need to do to preserve your dental hygiene is gently scrape off months of tartar buildup.

Why Choose WashWand?

WashWand enables you to save money by making it possible to remove plaque at home instead of at a dentist’s office. It’s the tool you need to prevent tartar buildup, remove bacteria from your mouth, and maintain fresh breath all day. And all this without visiting a dentist.

Allowing plaque to sit on your teeth for a long time will cause your teeth to start yellowing. Your teeth will begin to take on the same color as the drinks, sugars, foods, and tobacco smoke that pass through them daily. WashWand will ensure that your teeth keep looking pearly white for longer.

Lastly, WashWand is gentle on your gums. It enables you to choose the setting you want to use during the plaque removal exercise. Please use its ergonomic design to control its tip and clean hard-to-reach areas.


Pricing and Availability

WashWand is available on the official website at the following rates:

  • Buy one WashWand+ Dental Plaque Remover for $49.99
  • Buy two WashWand+ Dental Plaque Removers for $99.99
  • Buy three WashWand+ Dental Plaque Removers for $111.99
  • Buy four WashWand+ Dental Plaque Removers for $149.99

Every order comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, contact customer service at http://support.shopwashwand.com/ to discuss the return policy.

Visit the official website to order your WashWand today!