Truvarin Reviews: Ingredients That Work or Risky Side Effects?

Men and women struggling with bald spots, thinning hair, and receding hairlines use a lot of money in the hope of regrowing hair. Hair loss affects millions of American adults. Some people use expensive hair products, wear hats, or depend on wigs to hide hair issues.

Some experts claim that hair problems are caused by stress, age, and lack of certain nutrients. You can reverse hair loss by providing your hair with the correct nutrients. Unfortunately, most hair products offer a temporary solution, while others are too expensive.

The hair loss solution is based on a rare nutrient that facilitates the growth of thick, gorgeous, and long hair. TruVarin is a hair product that claims it can revive hair growth and prevent hair loss. It works to eliminate the need to use harsh and expensive chemicals in the hope of fighting hair damage.

About TruVarin

TruVarin is advertised as a doctor-formulated hair loss solution composed of natural ingredients. It is based on a combination of herbs that the creators believe can prevent hair loss and boost health. The creators, Dr. Gregory Smith and Dr. John Santino have conducted two complete clinical studies on the product’s effectiveness.

TruVarin is a topical spray that works by using natural and science-based ingredients. The product is available only via the official website, and each order comes with a lifetime guarantee. Per the official website, users can expect to experience up to a 246% increase in their hair count after using TruVarin, as suggested.

TruVarin can purportedly offer users multiple health benefits, including weight loss. The key ingredient is varin-rich hemp oil that is skin-friendly and unlikely to give users any nasty side effects. According to the official website, TruVarin is manufactured in a facility that follows certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which means it adheres to strict health and safety standards. In addition, each ingredient is rigorously tested, and there are negligible chances of getting nasty side effects from using the formula.

How Does TruVarin Work?

TruVarin contains simple but powerful ingredients such as saw palmetto, varin, MCT oil, and green tea extract. The developers claim that the hair regrowth formulation uses natural ingredients to balance hormones, manage stress, and remove any factor causing hair loss.

Hormones are the primary cause of hair loss. In aging men, the body produces certain enzymes that convert the dominant male hormone – Testosterone, into DHT. Dihydrotestosterone triggers hair loss by shrinking the hair follicles. In addition, DHT shortens the hair growth cycle resulting in short, thin, and brittle hair. TruVarin supports hair regrowth by blocking the DHT receptors and enzymes.

TruVarin may reduce cortisol levels by up to 256 percent. TruVarin can help manage the stress hormones that cause balding. It works by improving the endocannabinoid system allowing the body to regulate its temperature.

TruVarin’s creators claim that it facilitates hair regrowth by optimizing thermoregulation. Scientific proof shows that most people experience more severe hair loss during the hot summer. Other scholars have demonstrated that there is minimal hair loss in cold months. TruVarin uses natural ingredients such as menthol to minimize the temperature in the follicles.

TruVarin Ingredients

TruVarin is rich in unique and science-based ingredients. The developers, Dr. Gregory and John Santino have purportedly conducted two major clinical trials to test the effectiveness of the ingredients. TruVarin’s ingredients are safe and in the most effective dosages to offer users significant hair growth, among other benefits. The key components include:


Varin is not a common ingredient. However, TruVarin creators state that scientific and historical evidence indicate that it has the nutrients necessary to stop hair shed and revive hair regrowth. Varin is present in some specific hemp plants. Investigation shows that the rare hemp extract can manage pain, support weight loss, and improve health.

Mongolia-grown hemp comprises high varin concentration, which explains why most native Mongolians have quality hair. Varin works by balancing various hormones and blocking the CB1 receptors. The terpenes in the rare ingredient quickly absorb into the skin, thus lowering DHT and cortisol levels.


TruVarin comprises menthol extracted from peppermint oil. The ingredient soothes the hair follicles and gives users a cooling sensation. Per the creators, peppermint oil tricks the hair follicles into stimulating hair growth. Similarly, menthol may improve the cells under the coat, strengthen the hair strands, and minimize hair loss.

Caffeine (Green Tea Leaf Extract)

The caffeine in TruVarin works by “waking up” the sleeping hair follicles. Studies show that caffeine can boost energy production and accelerate metabolic rates. The amount of caffeine in TruVarin is minimal and unlikely to cause users any stimulation because the product is topical and not oral. Caffeine can strengthen the hair strands and facilitate the growth of thick, strong, and long hair. In addition, it may improve the texture and luster of the hair.

Saw Palmetto

Most men’s supplements consist of saw palmetto because of its effects on the male hormone. It works by preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Saw palmetto can also boost hair growth and protect the cells from oxidative stress. The antioxidant may lower unhealthy inflammations and protect the scalp from various infections.

How to Use TruVarin

TruVarin is a user-friendly hair spray. Per the formulator, spritz four times daily on your balding spots to restore hair strength and volume. In addition, the creator recommends spraying the contents from the crown and working it to the hairline. Users should allow the product to dry for about 15 minutes.

TruVarin Results

Some users may experience significant hair growth after using TruVarin for over 30 days. It has peppermint and varin in high concentration that accelerates hair growth.

TruVarin uses a patented PurZorb technology that increases the absorbability rates of the contents by up to 79%. It has a pleasant peppermint smell and does not make the hair greasy.

Features and Benefits of TruVarin

  • TruVarin can reverse hair loss and accelerate hair growth
  • It may manage cortisol and DHT hormones, thus preventing hair loss
  • TruVarin is a topical product using natural ingredients and, therefore, unlikely to give users any nasty side effects
  • It may increase the volume, texture, and length of the hair
  • It may protect the scalp from various infections
  • TruVarin is available without a prescription

TruVarin Pricing and Availability

TruVarin is only available via the official website. It is easy to make an order, and it takes about 5-7 days to arrive. Unfortunately, the hair regrowth supplement is only available in the US, and the company does not ship to other countries.

  • Buy one bottle for $89
  • Buy two bottles, get one free for $59.33 each
  • Buy three bottles, get three free for $44.50 each

TruVarin Money-Back Guarantee

TruVarin creators claim that the product has undergone extensive clinical studies and testing. Results indicate that users can experience significant hair regrowth in under one month. However, TruVarin customers should continuously use it for 3-6 months for the best results.

Each TruVarin bottle comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. The manufacturer claims that customers who experience dissatisfaction with their order or the product should get in touch with consumer service and ask for a refund. Still, it is best to read the refund policy before making an order.


TruVarin is a spray comprising natural ingredients to combat hair loss and facilitate hair regrowth. It includes Mongolia-based varin to amplify hair growths, strengthen hair strands, and increase hair follicles. It also helps provide the scalp with nutrients that enhance natural hair growth and prevent hair loss. Visit the official website to order your supply of TruVarin today!