ToxiBurn Reviews: Trustworthy Weight Loss Supplement or Fake Results?

ToxiBurn is described as a dietary supplement that aims to burn excess fat effectively. According to the supplement’s official website, Toxiburn uses all-natural ingredients to support fat metabolism and assist with liver detoxification. What do these benefits mean, and why are they important for fat and weight loss? Let’s take a closer look at how ToxiBurn may support healthy weight loss management.

How does ToxiBurn work?

The official ToxiBurn presentation reveals the formula may help eliminate the effects that midlife metabolic stress has on the body. Like many other top tier weight loss supplements available, this is a condition in which the body sees an excess of toxins buildup. In a healthy body the liver is tasked with two main functions: producing bile, which is a fluid that supports the digestion of fats in the small intestine, and filtering and eliminating toxins from the blood. These toxins are nothing more than environmental pollutants that we breathe and GMO foods.

Unfortunately, it is this very increase in toxins buildup that forces the liver to work harder than it needs to. Since much of its energy is spent clearing such invaders’ blood, the liver fails to meet the required quantities of bile in the body. Consequently, fat storage commences and spreads all around. With age comes an increase in toxins buildup, which is deemed the reason why most consumers over the age of 40 find it a tough battle to lose weight.

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What’s inside ToxiBurn?

The sales page refers to ToxiBurn as the “30-second fix that fires up your metabolism” overnight. This is deemed possible due to 23 potent ingredients that sit at the core of the ToxiBurn formula. While some of the best weight loss supplements on the market share many of the same ingredients, this formula is a bit different and contains some fresh and exciting new extracts. Below is a brief overview of some of the ingredients that have been disclosed thus far:

Jujube Seed

Also referred to as the red date or Chinese date, Jujube is a fruit belonging to the Ziziphus family. Used predominantly in Chinese traditional medicine, it is said to be used to nourish the heart while resolving issues such as restlessness, anxiety, and other mental health and mood-related concerns. According to ScienceDirect, jujube contains a laxative, antibacterial and antiviral properties, adding that they can potentially support the kidneys, liver, lungs, and stomach.


Silymarin is a type of flavonolignans that is often extracted from milk thistle. ScienceDirect summarized several studies that looked at the effect of silymarin on the body. The team hinted that this respective component carries antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and cardioprotective activities. These factors might explain why Tyler was told that silymarin carries purifying and immune-boosting properties.

Artichoke Extract

Artichoke is a plant whose stem, leaves, and roots are used to create extracts. A 2015 review that evaluated artichoke’s pharmacological nature has since noted that it does carry medicinal properties. More precisely, the researchers argued that it carries “antioxidant, choleretic, hepatoprotective, bile-enhancing and lipid-lowering effects.” Much of the significant results appear to benefit the liver, which may support the claims made by Toxiburn.

Chicory Root

Chicory root is found in a particular plant that also produces blue flowers home to the dandelion family. Traditionally speaking, it is considered vital for treating loss of appetite, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and liver and gallbladder disorders, among others. To put the claims to the test, a 1998 study concluded that when chicory was paired with inulin diets, rats’ HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol concentrations dropped. Also, these rats supposedly experienced increased bile acid excretions, which implies an improvement in lipid metabolism. Again, science backing is somewhat limited on the effects of chicory on the body.

Yarrow & Turmeric

Yarrow is a flowering plant found in the Asteraceae family. As far as benefits go, it is expected to heal wounds, alleviate digestive issues, enhance mood and cognitive function, and potentially eliminate inflammation in the body. The latter is reasoned due to obesity, infections, medication intake, toxins, and metabolic syndromes, among others. One thing that turmeric has in common with yarrow is its anti-inflammatory properties. Other than that, the Indian spice is home to antioxidants essential for a healthy immune system.


Choline is a crucial nutrient that supports cellular growth metabolism. In fact, some outdated studies have found that it plays a fundamental role in metabolizing fat, which in turn may prevent unwanted conditions such as “fatty liver or excess fat in the blood.” In fact, other sources affirm that a choline deficiency might lead to sweating, vomiting, and liver toxicity, to name a fraction.


Berberine is a chemical found in an array of plants and fruits. It has been traditionally used to treat diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and other fluctuating blood pressure levels. A 2017 study that investigated the effect of berberine ingestion on rats with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) found that it did, in fact, exhibit improvements. Namely, this chemical is believed to have prevented gluconeogenesis (i.e., glucose production) while regulating lipid metabolism.

How much does ToxiBurn cost?

Every ToxiBurn bottle is equivalent to one month’s worth of supply. Since much of the results are normally attainable by 90 days of use, Tyler and Dr. Kim (the creators behind ToxiBurn) have decided to reduce the per-unit price on bulk purchases. Explicitly:

1 ToxiBurn bottle: $59 each + free U.S. S&H

3 ToxiBurn bottles: $49 each + free U.S. S&H

6 ToxiBurn bottles: $39 each + free U.S. S&H


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)?


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How should ToxiBurn be taken?

It has been recommended to take two capsules per night approximately 30 minutes before going to bed. For increased absorption, individuals are suggested to increase their water intake with this supplement.

How long will it take to see results with ToxiBurn?

ToxiBurn supposedly induces results right off the bat. The first of several positive signs is a spike in one’s energy level. This paves the path toward clearer thinking and increased productivity, among others. Within a week, individuals will start to burn fat, which will be initially reflected on their skin. More precisely, one’s skin is anticipated to clear up, become radiant, and attain freshness that was once lacking.

Is it safe for consumption?

ToxiBurn was tested by a sample of 106 men and women classified as being obese. The participants reported positive results after 90 days of use, all of whom have yet to complain about any particular side effect. In fact, 90% of participants reported that they were happier, capable of completing their daily tasks, and felt far more confident in their bodies.

As per the sales page, ToxiBurn is unlikely to elicit any side effects because it only contains all-natural ingredients and has been tested for purity. The results confirm that no dangerous chemicals were found in any of the batches. Having said that, pregnant and/or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and those who are taking other medications should first seek a physician’s opinion before investing.

Is ToxiBurn protected by a money-back guarantee?

Although ToxiBurn is advertised as a solution for all – whether it be for someone in their mid 20’s or well into their 50’s – results aren’t always guaranteed, as external factors need to be deliberated upon (i.e., health condition, history of toxins buildup, etc.). For these reasons, ToxiBurn has been backed by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Should individuals suffer to see or feel desirable weight loss results, customer service can be reached to initiate the refund processes. The best way to do so is either by:

  • Emailing: support@toxiburn.com

Final Verdict

ToxiBurn is a dietary supplement designed to free the body of environmental pollutants and foreign invaders so that the liver is not overwhelmed. By doing so, the bodily organ can continue its assigned task of increasing bile production essential for fat metabolization. The approach taken in creating the ToxiBurn formula involves using 23 all-natural ingredients that either directly supports the liver, bile production, flushing out toxins, and/or fortifying the immune system.

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Individuals should ponder that most of these ingredients have been historically used but do not carry sufficient scientific evidence. This is not to say that ToxiBurn is ineffectual, but that individuals will need to consult a physician to get a second opinion. To learn more about toxins’ effects on the liver and the body’s fat-burning capacities, check out ToxiBurn here.

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