With more than a million members and growing, users appreciate The Inner Circle dating apps’s curated approach.

With more than a million members and growing, users appreciate The Inner Circle dating apps’s curated approach.

The QUALITY answer to online dating

Welcome to The Inner Circle

In an online dating world characterized by a photo and a quick swipe left or right, what makes The Inner Circle different?

Quality over quantity, plain and simple.

“When I was single, I was constantly disappointed by the dating apps available at the time. Profiles were not filled out properly or were not real people at all,” reflects Inner Circle Founder and CEO David Vermeulen. “I saw an opportunity for a dating app that truly focused on user experience, and genuinely cared about its members and helping them find love.”

The solution – The Inner Circle – does this in three key ways:

The real deal: “Every profile on The Inner Circle is a real person – no scammers or fakes. We can confidently guarantee this because every profile is manually screened by a real person to make sure they’re not here to trick our members, and are a good fit for the community,” David explains.

An exceptional experience: “Our app has a whole lifestyle angle where you can see and add hotspots in your area, add trips to get recommendations and meet new people internationally, and attend our exclusive events we organize in-house for our members at exciting venues around the world.”

With a million+ members and growing all the time, it’s clear users are are also keen to embrace The Inner Circle experience, showing the curated approach really works.

Those members, typically young professionals who are looking for a real relationship, offer a broad selection of options, from the bankers you’d expect to artists, teachers and nurses. “We’re a diverse and exciting community who are fed up with the other options and are ready to be taken seriously, and have a good time in the process!”

And then there’s the killer events

“We also get amazing direct feedback on our events – exclusive and exciting and hosted in cities across the world!” David notes. “We recently had a summer polo event in London – the biggest singles dating event in Europe – an immersive experience in New York and launch events in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney, all in amazing venues, with great people.”

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Exclusive and exciting events are a key element of The Inner Circle.

Exclusive and exciting events are a key element of The Inner Circle.

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