Sonavel Reviews – Risky Customer Complaints?

Sonavel is a supplement that claims to support brain and hearing health using natural ingredients.

By taking two capsules of Sonavel every day, you may be able to detoxify your brain and give your body the ingredients it needs to support good hearing, among other benefits.


Does Sonavel really work? Can a supplement improve your hearing? Keep reading to discover the truth about Sonavel.

What is Sonavel?

Sonavel is a nutritional supplement sold exclusively online through Sonavel.com. The supplement contains ingredients to support brain and hearing health in various ways.

Sonavel is advertised primarily to older adults with hearing loss. If you have struggled with hearing loss in recent years, or if it’s becoming harder to hear conversations in a noisy room, then you may be looking for a solution. Sonavel presents itself as a solution.

The makers of Sonavel claim their formula will “supercharge your hearing” by helping to support hearing, memory, and focus in various ways. The supplement also claims to support your body’s natural ability to stay healthy, detoxify your brain, support the communication between brain cells to minimize brain fatigue, and support other benefits.

Better yet, Sonavel also claims to be 100% natural, 100% safe, and 100% effective, with thousands of success cases. The company claims their formula has worked for adults in their 40s, 50s, 70s, and beyond. They describe the formula as “very gentle yet very powerful at the same time,” helping to support hearing in multiple ways.

How Does Sonavel Work?

Sonavel uses a mix of different ingredients to support brain health and hearing. Some people take the supplement to support overall cognitive ability. Others take Sonavel to specifically target hearing. Sonavel is marketed as both a brain and hearing supplement.

Many older adults suffer from both hearing issues and cognitive issues. These are natural parts of getting older. As you get older, your brain may function less effectively, and your hearing could also worsen. Some people change their diet to support cognition with age. Others take cognitive supplements. Some take prescription drugs on the recommendation of their doctor.

With Sonavel, you can get the best of both worlds by supercharging your hearing and improving your brain health, among other benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of Sonavel, according to the official website:

Supercharge your Hearing: Sonavel claims to supercharge your hearing by supporting hearing, memory, and focus. Many older adults struggle with hearing loss, and Sonavel claims to help in various ways.

Improve Brain Health: The makers of Sonavel claim their formula will lead to “improved brain health” because it can “support the communication between your cells to minimize signs of brain fatigue.” Your brain cells constantly communicate to relay messages throughout your body. Sonavel claims to optimize this communication process, which could help with mental fog, cognitive function, and other issues.

Support Vitality & Energy: Sonavel claims to improve your energetic wellbeing, transforming your life with clear thinking and hearing.

Works on All Ages: Sonavel claims to work on men and women of all ages. The company claims its formula has been proven to work on men and women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 70s without issue.

100% Safe, Natural, and Effective: The makers of Sonavel claim there’s no risk to taking their supplement because it’s “100% natural, safe and effective.” Thousands of people have taken Sonavel to enjoy its benefits, and the company has not received a single complaint about side effects.

Ultimately, Sonavel is marketed online as the ultimate hearing support and brain support supplement. Just take two capsules of Sonavel daily to experience powerful cognitive effects.


Sonavel Ingredients

Sonavel contains a blend of ingredients that claim to support cognition, hearing, and other aspects of health and wellness in various ways.

Here are some of the ingredients in Sonavel and how they work, according to the official website:

Vitamins: Sonavel contains a blend of B vitamins at doses of 92% to 200% of your daily value. B vitamins are crucial for physical and cognitive energy. If you don’t get your recommended daily intake of B vitamins, you could experience mental fog, physical fatigue, and other symptoms. Some people experience significant changes in brain function after a single B vitamin supplement.

Magnesium: Sonavel contains around half of your daily recommended value of magnesium. Magnesium, like potassium, is crucial for multiple aspects of health and wellness. Although it’s not necessarily linked specifically to hearing loss or brain function, some studies show magnesium can help with nerve function, energy, and other aspects of health and wellness.

Hibiscus Flower (350mg): The largest ingredient in Sonavel is the hibiscus flower. Commonly found in diabetes supplements, sleep aids, and adaptogenic supplements, the hibiscus flower has been used for centuries to calm the body and mind. In Sonavel, the hibiscus flower could support your body’s ability to relax and calm itself in various ways.

Garlic Bulb (200mg): Sonavel contains a significant dose of garlic bulb extract. Many people take garlic daily for health and wellness effects. Some studies show that garlic has antiviral effects within the body. Others show that garlic supports cardiovascular health, helping with blood flow in various ways. If your brain and hearing issues are linked to blood flow, then Sonavel may be able to help because of its use of garlic bulb extract.

Hawthorn Berry (200mg): Sonavel contains hawthorn berry extract, a natural substance used for centuries. You can spot hawthorn berry in diabetes supplements, cognitive supplements, and other formulas sold online today. It works in various ways to support multiple aspects of health and wellness.

Rosemary (140mg): Sonavel contains 140mg of rosemary extract. Rosemary is an herb that, like other ingredients in Sonavel, has been used for centuries for health and wellness purposes. In Sonavel, the rosemary could help your body respond to physical and mental stressors while targeting other aspects of health and wellness.

Potassium: Sonavel contains a small dose (4% DV) of potassium. Potassium is crucial for overall health and wellness, and your body needs potassium to support various functions.

Overall, the makers of Sonavel provide limited information about how these ingredients work, what they do, or how each ingredient supports brain and hearing health. Some of the ingredients could work by optimizing blood flow, while other ingredients could support cognition by cleansing the body of toxins. It’s unclear how Sonavel exactly works, but the company insists their formula works as advertised.


Sonavel Ingredients Label

The makers of Sonavel disclose the full list of ingredients and dosages upfront. The supplement contains all of the following ingredients in each two capsule serving:

  • 1.2mg of riboflavin (92% DV)
  • 1.7mg of vitamin B6 (100% DV)
  • 800mcg of folate (as folic acid) (200% DV)
  • 200mg of magnesium (48% DV)
  • 200mg of potassium (4% DV)
  • 350mg of hibiscus flower
  • 200mg of garlic bulb
  • 200mg of hawthorn berry
  • 140mg of rosemary

Other ingredients including gelatin (to create the capsule) and brown rice flour (to hold the ingredients above together)

Sonavel Features & Benefits

According to the official website, you can enjoy all of the following features and benefits by taking Sonavel daily:

Support and Supercharge Hearing: Sonavel doesn’t just claim to support hearing. The supplement claims to supercharge your hearing. If you struggle to hear things and don’t want to buy a hearing aid, then Sonavel’s ability to supercharge your hearing may be able to help.

Support Improved Brain Health: Sonavel claims to lead to “improved brain health,” something we don’t typically see advertised with nootropic supplements. Most nootropic supplements claim to support brain health or cognitive energy, but the makers of Sonavel claim their formula can specifically lead to improved brain health.

Vitality & Energy: Many of the ingredients in Sonavel work outside of your brain and ears to support vitality and energy in various ways. The supplement could target vitality and energy, making it easier to support your “energetic well-being” while enjoying clearer thinking and hearing, among other effects.

100% Natural Ingredients: Sonavel contains 100% natural ingredients with no artificial additives. The makers of Sonavel even claim to have picked “the freshest” ingredients, which is a claim we don’t often see with nutritional supplements.

Benefits for your Whole Body: Sonavel won’t just benefit one part of your body. The supplement claims to lead to benefits for your whole body. By taking Sonavel daily, you can purportedly support brain health, hearing, and other effects.

Scientific Evidence for Sonavel

Science tells us that some natural ingredients can support brain health and hearing. If you don’t get enough vitamins and minerals, for example, then this vitamin and mineral deficiency can impact your hearing over a long period of time. However, few studies have shown that natural ingredients can actually improve your hearing or fix cognitive issues. If you already have cognitive issues or hearing loss, then a supplement is unlikely to fix those issues.

Sonavel has a small references page highlighting research on individual ingredients within the formula. However, the company has not conducted any specific clinical trials to prove its formula supports hearing, improves hearing, or reverses symptoms of hearing loss.

According to The Hearing Center, certain vitamins are crucial for noise-induced hearing loss. Supplementing your diet with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and magnesium could help your body fight noise-induced hearing loss. These ingredients work by fighting inflammation and neutralizing free radicals, supporting healthy inflammation throughout your ears and making it easier for you to hear things. Sonavel does not contain vitamin A, vitamin C, or vitamin E, although it does contain a small dose (4% DV) of magnesium.

Other vitamins could also play a role in hearing. In this study, researchers found that 43% of tinnitus sufferers were deficient in vitamin B12. If you aren’t getting enough vitamin B12 in your diet, you could be more likely to suffer from tinnitus. Similarly, this follow-up study found that vitamin B12 supplementation led to a reduction in tinnitus symptoms. If you have a ringing in your ears or other tinnitus symptoms, then a vitamin B12 supplement could help. Although Sonavel does not contain vitamin B12, you can find other vitamin B12 supplements online.

In this 1999 study, researchers found that a combination of folate and vitamin B12 could help with age-related hearing loss in elderly patients. Like the study above, researchers found that many older patients with hearing loss had vitamin B12 deficiency. Although Sonavel does not contain vitamin B12, it does contain folate.

There’s some small evidence showing that hibiscus could help with tinnitus. As the British Tinnitus Association explains, some tinnitus sufferers take hibiscus tea or hibiscus supplements daily to stop the ringing in their ears. Although no research has backed up this effect, other research shows hibiscus has relaxing properties, helping your body physically and mentally relax. It’s possible this relaxation effect could help with tinnitus.

Some people put garlic in their ears to help with hearing loss, ear infections, and other issues. However, few studies are showing that taking garlic or garlic bulb orally can improve your hearing. Nevertheless, some studies have found that garlic oil ear drops can be a natural remedy for ear issues, ear infections, and tinnitus. You can buy garlic oil drops from many health food stores. Garlic oil works because it has antimicrobial activity, which could help clear up the external ear canal and chronic middle ear infections, according to one 2019 study.

Overall, there’s limited evidence proving that the ingredients in Sonavel improve hearing or brain health. However, some of the ingredients in Sonavel could provide mild support for tinnitus and age-related hearing loss.

Sonavel Pricing

Sonavel is priced at $49 to $69 per bottle, depending on the number of bottles you order.


You can exclusively buy Sonavel through Sonavel.com, where pricing breaks down like this:

You can pay online using any major credit card or PayPal.

Can I Get a Refund on Sonavel?

All Sonavel purchases are backed by a 60-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund (minus original and return shipping costs) on your Sonavel purchase within 60 days.

If Sonavel does not impact your hearing or brain health within 60 days, or if you’re unhappy with the effects of Sonavel for any reason, then you can request a complete refund within 60 days.

Who Made Sonavel?

Sonavel was created by a company that does business under the same name. That company manufactures Sonavel in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. They also claim to use fresh ingredients. Although the company is registered in St. Petersburg, Florida, it’s unclear if Sonavel is made at that address or elsewhere.

The company does not claim to test its supplements in labs, verify its information with medical professionals, or consult with audiologists or neurologists to create its formula.

You can contact the makers of Sonavel through the following methods:

  • Email: support@sonavel.com
  • Email Form: https://sonavel.com/pages/contact/
  • Mailing Address: 4604 49th Street N #67, St Petersburg, FL 33709


Sonavel is a hearing and brain health supplement sold online through Sonavel.com. By taking two capsules of Sonavel per day, you can purportedly “supercharge your hearing” and get “improved brain health,” among other benefits.

There’s some evidence that vitamins and minerals can reverse age-related hearing loss by reducing inflammation in your brain. Controlling inflammation is particularly important when dealing with tinnitus. However, there’s limited evidence that the ingredients in Sonavel can improve hearing or brainpower in a significant way.

To learn more about Sonavel or buy the formula online today, visit Sonavel.com, where all purchases are backed by a 60-day refund policy.