SliceChum Reviews – Chef-Grade Razor-Sharp Knife Sharpener?

SliceChum is a knife sharpener that provides users with the textures that sharpen all of your metal and alloy knives. The device is easy to use, and it can be secured to any flat and smooth surface.

What is SliceChum?

Knives are an important part of all kitchen prep during meals. From dicing up onions to slicing up cheese, the knife’s sharpness plays a significant role in how clean each cut is. When anyone wants to put their food on display, they want clean lines to show the precision and skill that they have. However, that is not the only reason that a knife needs to be sharp.

When a knife’s blade becomes dull, the user has to put more pressure on the blade to make the same cuts. Putting too much pressure on a resistant surface creates the opportunity for injury, putting the user at risk for slipping off of the food they’re chopping and right onto their finger. Sharpness helps prepare to get clean cuts and keep the user safe, but too many knives go dull quickly.


Rather than replacing an entire set of knives, SliceChum allows users to sharpen them at home. Made with premium tungsten and ceramic materials, users only need to take a few seconds to make their knives sharper than the day they purchased them. There’s no need to toss out old knives and invest far too much money in a new set every time a few go dull because this sharpener does it without any batteries, extra force, or high expenses.

With two separate sharpening slots, users are able to get the sharpness that their knife needs to be. Users can coarsely sharpen their knife with the tungsten surface to take away much of the rounded appearance that takes away from the blade. As the user slides their knife through the ceramic slot, it will create an even finer sharpness than the tungsten. The entire process takes only a few seconds, which is much less time than other sharpeners available right now. Plus, it is lightweight, so it is easy to place anywhere in the kitchen that it is convenient.

How To Use SliceChum

Though the SliceChum is incredibly safe for consumers, understanding its use is crucial to prevent possible injury. Luckily, the device is simple to set up and use.

First, the user needs to secure SliceChum in place. The base offers a suction cup on the bottom that can firmly stick the sharpener to a smooth and stable surface. When the user places the sharpener exactly where they want it, they twist it to secure it. Follow the arrow near the word “LOCK” to ensure that it is set up correctly.

To sharpen the knife, users will need to place the heel of the blade in the tungsten slot, drawing it through at least three (but no more than six) times. They will then draw the knife through the ceramic slot a couple of times to get a finer sharpening.

To clear away any buildup, use a wet cloth to wipe off the blade.


Purchasing SliceChum

Found on its official website, Slice Chum comes with several package options. Users won’t get any extra products, but they will bring down each sharpener’s total cost if they stock up in their order.

Choose from:

If the user finds that this sharpener is not the right solution for their needs, they can request a refund within the first 30 days after the purchase was made.


Frequently Asked Questions About SliceChum

Does SliceChum stay stable while the user sharpens their knives?

Users can attach it to a flat countertop or table with the suction mechanism to set up the device. The suction will keep the sharpener in place while in use.

What surfaces can be safely used to attach SliceChum?

The best surface to use is both flat and smooth. Kitchen countertops and tables are often the best options.

Is any knife able to be sharpened with SliceChum?

While metal knives can safely be sharpened with the use of SliceChum, the device is not equipped to sharpen knives with a composite or ceramic material.

How do users run their knives through the SliceChum?

The device features an arrow that directs the user’s motion when they sharpen the knife.

Can anyone use SliceChum?

Yes. While it is obviously not meant to be a child’s device, the design keeps the sharpening blades away from the user’s fingers.

For any other concerns about this product, reach out to the customer service team by sending an email to


SliceChum helps users to keep their knives safer with regular sharpening. Though it is specifically designed to work for metal blades, users only need a few swipes to get the sharpness that they need. Since it stays securely in place on its own, users don’t have to hold onto the device themselves, reducing the chances of being cut. Keeping knives sharp is much safer than allowing them to dull, and SliceChum ensures that sharpening is affordable.

Click here to learn more about SliceChub and buy directly from the official website.

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