Savant Activation Code Program Review (Is It Legit or Scam?)

Did you know that in the province of British Columbia at least 165,000 serious brain injuries are reported per year? Isn’t it frightening to know that at least 11,000 Canadians die as a result [1]? Imagine what the statistics look like for the rest of the world! What if we were able to introduce to you a possible program that insists there is a hidden switch in the right-hand side of the brain that can potentially reverse the effects of brain injuries? Sure, individuals are likely to question the reality of this supposed solution, but the creator, James Dundy believes that it can transform lives. In fact, he shared stories of recognized individuals such as Jason Padget, Derek Amota, and Daniel Tammet who have since mastered the switch. Taking everything into account, the purpose of this review is to introduce the Savant Activation Code Program.

What is the Savant Activation Code?

The Savant Activation Code Program is a divine soundtrack that has been designed to help people tap into their intuition, creative and free-thinking side of the brain. This is especially deemed useful for people who have/had some form of brain injury. Earlier, we mentioned that James Dundy is the one to have compiled this program. Well, his decision to do so stemmed from his very own diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

As someone who frequently experienced brain fogginess, occasional headaches, and temporary hearing, he eventually stumbled upon a trick that limited the aforementioned occurrences. James’ journey started with something as simple as playing the piano to appreciating soothing sounds that helped to relax the brain. Matter-of-factly, he believes he discovered “a mental magnetic power to attract anything [he] want[s].”

He went on to argue that most of this program could not have been developed without the wisdom of Dr. Allen Sydner of the Centre for the Mind, whose research showed that just 10 minutes of listening to frequency can make all the difference. Ultimately, the Savant Activation Code Program aims to reveal to everyone the power that affirmations, meditations, and visualizations can have on those who have experienced some form of brain injury. Simply put, the power rests within one’s mind and that’s what requires utmost training. Luckily, methods that promote learning have been provided throughout this program.

How has the Savant Activation Code been structured?

The Savant Activation Code Program has been divided into three parts. Below is a quick breakdown of each part:

Module 1: The Savant Activator


The Savant Activator is audio of Tibetan Singing Bowls that helps to clear up blockages in the brain. What makes these tunes beneficial is their ability to promote deep relaxation, muscle regeneration, and bodily healing. Moreover, one might experience vibrant energy, may help people find their positions toward success, and could potentially motivate everyone to tap into their highest level of financial abundance.

Module 2: The Savant Orbit Transformation


The Savant Orbit Transformation is believed to “open the doorway” to one’s mind. By the end of this set of tunes, individuals can anticipate essential brain-boosting power that will sync the mind to the universe, while promoting joyful thoughts.

Module 3: The Savant Handbook


The Savant Handbook covers topics including destiny, purpose, and how to perceive the future. This step-by-step guide provides everything there is to know on how to become successful and all it takes is 7 minutes of listening per day to unleash one’s respective potentials.

Savant Activation Code Bonuses

In addition to the three-part modules, individuals will also be presented with several bonuses that work together with the Savant Activation Code to promote a celestial experience. Particularly, the following resources will be made available:

Bonus 1: Dreams & Meanings


As humans, we are all prone to having dreams (or nightmares), but how do they take form? What meaning do they carry? This bonus explains exactly that. Individuals will be encouraged to have a dream journal in place, and using the provided material, can decipher what dreams are trying to tell them. What makes this bonus potentially beneficial is that it has been compiled by experts who specialize in the subconscious mind.

Bonus 2: Miracles in Your Life


Miracles in Your Life covers the entirety of miracles. Split between 10 chapters, this bonus will discuss the basics of miracles, the meaning behind the supernatural, how miracles are perceived by different religions, how to ask for miracles, how miracles differ from coincidence, real-life stories of miracles, and the effects they can have to name the least.

Bonus 3: The Manifesto on Abundance


Success comes to those with the right mindset, so how can one go about transforming their train of thought? This is one of several topics that will be explained in The Manifesto on Abundance. As shared by James, Savant Activation Code, and one’s voice is reflective of one’s mind.

Accepting the world for what it is, is trusted to provoke a positive outbreak of the mind, namely in the form of rewiring thoughts, pasts, and expectations, all of which come together to favor individuals’ outcomes. All of this might sound complicated now, but once the guides are read and listened through, individuals may have a stronger understanding of their place on Earth.

How much does the Savant Activation Code Program cost?


The entire Savant Activation Code Program, including the three bonuses, is currently offered at a one-time price of $37. Once purchased, individuals will have immediate access to all the audio and eBook documentation. That said, if this system neither unlocks the power of one’s mind nor induces any of the supposed experiences shared in the modules and/or bonuses, customer service can be contacted for a refund. The reason for this rests in the mere fact that the Savant Activation Code has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. For more information, an email can be sent out to support@thesavantcode.com.

Savant Activation Code Final Verdict

All-in-all, the Savant Activation Code Program is founded on the Tibetan Singing Bowl, which is a type of bell that produces vibrations accompanied by deep tones. As a result, this duo is believed to stimulate the mind and body, while positively impacting brain waves that give rise to increased relaxation. Seeing this ancient technique unravel through this program is uplifting as it has been used for health purposes for as long as time can tell, namely by meditators, yoga practitioners, and spiritual and energy healers.

While the scientific nature of this approach has yet to be analyzed, this traditional practice still has a place in this world and might be helpful on an individualistic basis. Fortunately, the Savant Activation Code Program is relatively inexpensive and has been protected by a money-back guarantee, which makes this system practically risk-free. To learn more about the Savant Activation Code Program and how James Dundy went about creating this system, visit here.

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