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Quiz Funnel Masterclass Reviews (Ryan Levesque) Is It Legit?

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Quiz Funnel Masterclass is a new online training program from Ryan Levesque.

By completing the online training program, you can discover how to create an online business, develop a quiz sales funnel for that business, and maximize your online earnings. Ryan is a master of using quiz funnels to create online leads, and he wants to share that mastery with students through Quiz Funnel Masterclass.

How does Quiz Funnel Masterclass work? What will you learn during Quiz Funnel Masterclass? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Quiz Funnel Masterclass and how it works.

What is Quiz Funnel Masterclass?

Quiz Funnel Masterclass is an online training program and automation system. Ryan Levesque used quizzes to grow his online businesses. Now, he has created an online training program and automation system that teaches anyone how to enjoy similar success.


The program consists of six modules. Across the six modules, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Quiz Funnel Masterclass and how Ryan’s strategy works.

After completing the six modules, you get live question and answer calls with Ryan and his team, access to a private Facebook group, step-by-step checklists, and more.

All Quiz Funnel Masterclass students also get access to Ryan’s quiz funnel automation software, called Bucket 2.0 Enterprise Software. The software makes it easy to implement the lessons in Quiz Funnel Masterclass.

Quiz Funnel Masterclass was launched in June 2021. The program takes place across six weeks. You can complete the course at your own pace. The course is priced at a one-time fee of $1,999 or three monthly payments of $799.


What Will You Learn in Quiz Funnel Masterclass?

Quiz Funnel Masterclass is a six-part program that teaches you how to push online traffic through quiz-based sales funnels. Ryan has used this system to grow his online empire. Now, he wants to teach other people how to do it through his Quiz Funnel Masterclass program.

Over the six week training program, you’ll discover how to identify the best area of business for your unique strengths, which customers to target in that niche, and how to extract maximum value from that niche as you grow your business. Overall, it’s designed as an all-in-one business course that teaches you how to grow an online business.

Some students have basic experience in internet marketing. Others are complete beginners, and some are more advanced. Ryan explains the topics in a straightforward way, making it easy to follow along. Whether you have zero online businesses or are looking to add your 11th online business, you should be able to absorb the lessons shared by Ryan and his team through Quiz Funnel Masterclass.

Quiz Funnel Masterclass takes place over a six week period from June 5 to June 27, 2021.

What is the Choose Ask Build Challenge?

To help promote Quiz Funnel Masterclass online, Ryan has launched something called the Choose Ask Build challenge.


You can sign up for the challenge through ChooseAskBuild.com. At the end of the challenge, you can learn more about the Quiz Funnel Masterclass program.

Choose Ask Build is free to sign up. Just enter your name and email address into the online form. During the five day challenge, you’ll progress through a basic training program to help grow your business.

The goal of the Choose Ask Build challenge is to help you:

  1. Choose the right market and business for you
  2. Find out exactly what your market wants
  3. Gain immense traction in your business right now

In other words, Choose Ask Build challenge walks you through the three phases of launching a successful business. Ryan and his team help you choose a good area of business, maximize the value of that business, and grow that business over time.


Some of the topics covered during the Choose Ask Build challenge include:

  • How to choose who you service, including the ideal customers to target even if you don’t already have a business
  • A 5-second test to measure demand for your business idea
  • Where your ideal customers are spending their time online right now
  • Free go-to tools Ryan recommends for eye-opening market research, delivering further insight into your customers and how they operate
  • How to identify the biggest pain points and problems of your customers
  • The most important “buckets” representing the hungriest segments of your market, including the best segments of customers you should target today
  • How to put everything together to create a marketing machine that will generate new leads and sales for you every single day on autopilot

Students also get access to live question and answer sessions and mentoring. You can participate in Q&A sessions and access mentoring as you proceed through the above steps.

The challenge is free for anyone to attend. Just enter your name and email address into the online form. The sessions are interactive, and you can interact with other customers via Zoom Q&A calls and other sessions.

About Ryan Levesque

Ryan Levesque is the CEO of the Ask Method Company. He has written books like ‘Choose’ and ‘Ask’, both of which have been rated highly by multiple entrepreneur magazines.

Ryan is also known for creating one of the internet’s leading quiz funnel platforms, Bucket.io, which has more than 30 million users. Ryan’s work has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, and other major media.

Ryan claims his quiz funnel strategy has generated $32 million in revenue across 23 markets along with 4.1 million email subscribers. Through his new Quiz Funnel Masterclass program, Ryan wants to share his success with the world, explaining how anyone can take advantage of this system to start earning huge returns.

Quiz Funnel Masterclass Features & Benefits

Ryan Levesque and his team emphasize all of the following features and benefits associated with Quiz Funnel Masterclass:

Increase Conversion Rates: Quizzes are ideal sales funnels. They’re interactive and easy to follow. People like to complete online quizzes. With a few simple steps, you can learn more about a lead while also pushing them further along the sales funnel. Quiz Funnel Masterclass can help you increase conversion rates through the quiz funnel system.

Generate Cheap Leads: Quiz Funnel Masterclass creates affordable leads. You can throw traffic at a funnel, let traffic flow through the funnel, and get qualified leads – all at a cheap price. Through the Quiz Funnel Masterclass system, you can generate high-quality leads at low prices, making it an affordable traffic and lead generation strategy.

Know More About Leads: When leads complete a quiz, they share basic information about themselves. Without sharing personal data, leads can discuss their business goals, current strategies, and what they hope to get out of your product or service. Ryan teaches you how to implement the Quiz Funnel Masterclass system to learn more about leads, making it easy to target them in the future.

High Volumes: The quiz funnel strategy increases the volume of leads. More users are willing to provide personalized data, contact information, and responses than they would with other traffic generation strategies.

Serve Customers Better: When you understand customers (via their quiz responses), you get a better understanding of their needs and how they work. You can serve customers better by creating the products they need.

Who is Quiz Funnel Masterclass For?

Quiz Funnel Masterclass is marketed towards anyone who wants to build or grow an online business.

The course is designed for users with all levels of business and internet experience. Some people have zero experience but want to build an online business. Others have built websites or created online businesses in the past but want to take their business to the next level.

Some of the people who could benefit from Quiz Funnel Masterclass include:

  • Affiliate or network marketers
  • Anyone wanting to create an online business or make money online
  • Bloggers
  • Online or offline entrepreneurs
  • Authors and influencers
  • Agencies, consultants, coaches, and other client service providers

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass program is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to build or grow an online business. Whether you’re advanced or new to the field, you can get the information you need through Ryan Levesque’s Quiz Funnel Masterclass.

Topics Covered in Quiz Funnel Masterclass

Ryan Levesque’s Quiz Funnel Masterclass covers all of the following topics across six modules:

Module 1: Your Quiz Hook: In this module, Ryan explains how to create something called a quiz hook. A quiz hook is a question that introduces users to a sales funnel. It hooks users to complete the quiz. You entice users with a tempting question, then push them further down the sales funnel. In this module, Ryan explains how to create a quiz hook, test your quiz, generate ideas for new quizzes, create catchy names and titles, and test your quiz before introducing it to real customers, among other topics.

Module 2: Creating Quiz Questions: After creating the right hook to your quiz, it’s time to build the rest of the quiz. In this module, Ryan explains how to develop the remaining questions in the quiz, including the questions that can turn general traffic into qualified buyers. Good quiz questions help you maximize the value of your traffic while also demonstrating the value you offer. Ryan specifically discusses 9 secret elements of creating irresistible quiz questions for your post-quiz offer.

Module 3: Maximizing the Post-Quiz Offer: Once you’ve run traffic through a quiz, it’s time to reveal the post-quiz offer. If you designed your quiz right, then you’ll turn the maximum number of users into post-quiz buyers. In this module, Ryan discusses how to create demand for your product or service. Ryan discusses the 5 questions to ask in a quiz to maximize post-quiz buying, the 3 questions to never ask in a quiz, and how to produce good quiz outcomes during critical scenarios.

Module 4: Creating Quiz Pages: Good quiz pages are the secret to a high-converting quiz funnel. You can discover how to structure and setup a pre-quiz landing page for optimum conversion, design the quiz lead capture page, build the post-quiz outcome page, and more.

Module 5: Your Traffic Strategy: This module discusses the methods you can use to push traffic towards your quiz. By targeting the right types of traffic, you can push the ideal users through your quiz, creating customers for your post-quiz product offer. In this module, Ryan discusses post quiz email segmentation, email customization, formatting and structure, and creating quiz reports that act as sales tools, among other topics.

Module 6: Optimization & Beyond: In this module, Ryan discusses the final steps to launching an online quiz, including how to profitably launch and scale a quiz. Ryan has taught you how to create a quiz for the first time. Now, it’s time to optimize that quiz to maximize sales.

What is The Quiz Funnel Workshop?

Ryan has created something called The Quiz Funnel Workshop to drive traffic to his Quiz Funnel Masterclass.

Found online at QuizFunnelWorkshop.com, The Quiz Funnel Workshop provides free information about building an online quiz funnel.

You can get quiz funnel templates for free just for entering your name and email address. You can also attend a live Quiz Funnel Workshop immediately to learn more about Ryan’s system.

Even if you don’t attend the live workshop through QuizFunnelWorkshop.com, you get access to 14 quiz funnel diagrams and 15 real-life case studies, including case studies on how consultants, e-commerce companies, local businesses, and online marketers have used the quiz funnels to generate huge returns.

What is the Quiz Funnel Client Calculator?

Ryan and his team have also launched something called the Quiz Funnel Client Calculator. The calculator tells you how much you could earn during quiz funnels for clients.


Found online at QuizFunnel.com/client-calculator, the Client Calculator covers topics like:

  • How much you can earn upfront per client
  • What happens when you add a monthly retainer
  • The multiplying effect of a royalty agreement
  • How much a single client quiz funnel can earn you per day, per month, and per year
  • And more

You can get instant access to all of this information, including the complete Quiz Funnel Client Calculator, in exchange for entering your name and email address into the online form.

Quiz Funnel Masterclass Pricing

Quiz Funnel Masterclass is priced at $1,999 or 3 payments of $799.

To continue accessing the Bucket 2.0 Enterprise Software, you’ll need to pay a subscription fee of $99 per month. You can cancel this subscription at any time.

Quiz Funnel Masterclass Refund Policy

Quiz Funnel Masterclass is backed by a 14 day 100% moneyback guarantee.

You can request a complete refund within 14 days of your purchase. You must have watched all of the videos and completed all coursework from Module 1, Lesson 1 to qualify for this refund.

If you were unsatisfied with the information provided in Quiz Funnel Masterclass, or if you disliked the course for any reason, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

Quiz Funnel Masterclass Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Quiz Funnel Masterclass is backed by strong reviews online, including reviews from other entrepreneurs and online personalities.


Here are some of the positive things customers have to say about Ryan Levesque, Bucket.io, and Quiz Funnel Masterclass:

Jeff Walker, who created the Product Launch Formula, praised Ryan’s program for giving customers something they had never seen before, including detailed processes for analyzing any business model and market to maximize its value

Sally Hogshead, a branding specialist, appreciated how Ryan used his experience to identify the decisions that matter when launching a new business, including how new customers can identify those same decisions to grow their business

Michael Hyatt, a business leadership expert, appreciated the way Ryan cut the risk of launching a business by helping entrepreneurs make smarter choices during the early phases of launch

Rachel Miller, an organic traffic strategist, liked the way Ryan’s teachings could instantly be implemented into her own work; she used Ryan’s lessons to help understand and empathize with customers

Overall, customers appreciated Ryan’s advice and the Quiz Funnel Masterclass program.

Bonuses Included with Quiz Funnel Masterclass

As part of a 2021 promotion, Ryan bundles several bonus tools with all Quiz Funnel Masterclass purchases, including:

Bonus #1: Bucket 2.0 Enterprise Software: This quiz software automates the quiz design process. You can easily build a quiz, choose from Ryan’s favorite templates, and optimize that quiz with testing. The enterprise software is priced at a $99 per month subscription fee. The software was previously priced at $1,000 to $2,000 plus a subscription fee. As part of your purchase of Quiz Funnel Masterclass, however, you get the software for free, then just pay the subscription fee.

Bonus #2: Quiz Traffic Secrets: Discover the tips, tricks, and strategies Ryan uses to optimize his quiz building process and drive the best traffic to his quizzes. By identifying the areas of the internet where your customers are spending the most time, and targeting campaigns to those areas, you can maximize the value of your quizzes.

Bonus #3: Business in a Box Training: Discover how to build a business even if you have limited experience. Ryan shares his experience building and growing online businesses. You can discover how to find your calling, identify your niche, and build a thriving business within that niche.

Bonus #4: Build My Quiz Funnel: As part of a special Super Bonus promotion, Ryan bundles a fourth and final bonus called the Build My Quiz Funnel with all purchases. You can discover additional tips, tricks, and strategies for optimizing your quiz funnel.

Bonus #5: Choose Ask Build Training: Users also get access to the Choose Ask Build training program, which includes introductory information about creating your first online business, identifying your niche, and maximizing customer outreach, among other areas.

Other Bonuses: All purchases also come with live Q&A calls, live funnel reviews, step-by-step checklists and templates, real-life examples, support via the private Facebook group, and lifetime access to the training.

Final Word

Quiz Funnel Masterclass is an online training system taking place between June 5 and June 27, 2021. Launched by Ryan Levesque and the Bucket.io team, Quiz Funnel Masterclass teaches you how to use quizzes effectively to drive traffic to your offers.

Quiz-based sales funnels can be extremely effective for creating leads – and Ryan is one of the best in the industry at creating those quiz-based sales funnels. With Quiz Funnel Masterclass, you can discover Ryan’s strategies for building sales funnels. You also get access to Ryan’s Bucket 2.0 Enterprise Software, which automates the quiz creation process.

To learn more about Quiz Funnel Masterclass and how the program works, visit online today at ChooseAskBuild.com.

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