Psychics Near Me: Best Free Psychic Reading Online Services

When driving to a new town, you’d never start driving without looking at a map first. It wouldn’t make sense and it can set one up for a long and stressful trip. Why go through life so blindly too? Psychics help make tough questions simple; they make the impossible seem and feel possible again. If you need a glance at the future, an opinion on what’s going on in the present, or a snapshot of the past, then an online psychic reading session sounds like the perfect solution for you.

Don’t navigate your life alone when psychics are easy, accessible, and, most importantly, free options. Once upon a time, psychics were bound to sketchy carnival tents and huts filled with dusty old tapestries, withered places that held negative connotations like a used shag carpet held onto smells. Now, with the help of the internet, conversing with psychics is as chic as it is easy. With just a few clicks, you can seek advice from a spiritual advisor regardless of who you are and where you are in the world.

We made a list of our favorite free online psychic reading services so you can get readings without having to worry about who to trust with your future and your wallet alike.

Top 3 Best Free Psychic Reading Online Services

  1. Keen – Editor’s Choice
  2. Kasamba – Most Diverse Pool of Psychics
  3. Asknow – Best Deals for New Members

Every site on our list has its own unique set of pros and cons, but they all have one thing in common: they all screen their psychics before listing them. The positive customer reviews left in the thousands across all three sites only work to show just how effective this screening process is.

1. Keen – Editor’s Choice



  • The first 3 minutes are free
  • Many services and psychics to choose from
  • Psychics have been carefully screened for quality
  • Customer reviews are generally quite positive


  • No options to have a session over email or video chat

Most people who have researched online psychic reading resources are no strangers to Keen, as these juggernauts have been around for the past 20 years. Keen is well known for its carefully screened extensive numbers of psychics and is a trusted and coveted reading site with thousands of loyal satisfied customers. Users of Keen are given many different psychic advisors and options for services.

Regardless of their hourly rate, Keen allows their users 3 free minutes with any of their psychic advisors. The hardest thing about using websites to connect with psychics is it can be hard to gauge how your connection will be with them. These free minutes give users the chance to see if they enjoy the experience in general, but, more importantly, the actual psychic. Psychic readings often touch on personal or vulnerable subjects. Finding a psychic that you are comfortable with is extremely vital.

Keen also uses a very clean layout for their website, making it easy to follow and intuitive to use. The information shared with users is also highly extensive, a helpful treatment for even the most casual of customers. Each featured psychic shares everything from their background to their psychic skill sets to even their daily hours. Customers can browse easily knowing that all the information they need to make a decision can be found quickly and efficiently.

Lastly, Keen offers a huge array of specialties for users to choose from. “Specialties” refer to an advisor’s area of specialty, and refer to topics like love, finances, and family. Rather than just keeping it at those larger, more vague categories, Keen divides their specialties into more specific topics. For example, if a user seeks psychic guidance for an issue involving a dog, they can toggle on the “Pets/Animals” filter to make sure they arrange a session with an advisor that is more passionate about and familiar with the subject matter.

Learn more at Keen.com

2. Kasamba – Most Diverse Pool of Psychics



  • The First 3 minutes are free for every new psychic you try
  • All psychics are screened for quality
  • You can see whether or not a psychic is currently online or not
  • Gives cheaper rates for all emailed inquiries


  • Psychics’ weekly hours are not listed

Over 20 years of successfully maintaining a presence in the online psychic reading world have gained Kasamba an astronomical network of skilled and talented psychics from around the world. Kasamba’s psychics are also screened for quality, and, with hundreds of psychic advisors to choose from, users have a large pool of amazing talent to choose from.

The first three minutes which each new psychic you try on Kasamba are completely free of charge, giving customers the ability to try as many psychics as they need to before finding their perfect match. This also gives newcomers to the practice the chance to get familiar with what types of advisors they enjoy. Some people may like a more gentle and nurturing psychic presence while others may be drawn to advisors that are dry and blunt with their news. It’s all a matter of preference and you never know for sure until you try it.

Kasamba psychics gives in-depth summaries of the services they provide. While psychics provide similar services, the way they conduct themselves, the gifts they possess, and the way they conduct themselves vary from person to person. These service biographies are crucial for learning more about the advisors before the initial call or email.

Everyone can benefit from a psychic reading so, for international customers who are not as comfortable with English a lack of language options can be a real deal-breaker. Luckily for them, Kasamba has one of the most diverse collections of psychics. Each advisor shares their languages on their profile and it’s fairly common for psychics on this site to be bilingual. This makes these readings far more accessible and allows for these services to be enjoyed by a larger array of people.

Learn more at Kasamba.com

3. AskNow – Best Deals for New Members



  • 5 free minutes on select psychic advisors
  • Superb scheduling possibilities
  • All psychics are tested and screened
  • Ranks psychics based on accuracy and abilities


  • Only allow for sessions held through phone call

AskNow provides a whopping 5 free minutes on select psychics for new users. With their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, AskNow gives users the ability to call customer support if they don’t like their first psychic. In cases like this, customers will be credited the equivalent of up to 5 minutes to their accounts.

AskNow also provides fantastic packages for all new customers. Their introductory package gives new customers the option to pay for either 20 minutes at $20 or 30 minutes at $30, two amazing deals at a dollar a minute each. Many of their psychics get paid in the range of $4.99 a minute, making this deal an absolute steal!

The site’s scheduling system is also a unique feature that amplifies the customer experience tremendously. Rather than waiting for your psychic to be online and free, you can take control of your future and pick a day and time to meet with the psychics of your choice. Want something a bit more impromptu? That is not a problem either, as AskNow also provides users with an option to call their psychics now.

The psychics on AskNow are very transparent with their areas of specialty, and will often write about using their abilities primarily for topics like love or family. This can be useful for users looking for more specialized guidance. If a psychic’s concentration matches your own needs this is an awesome thing. It means that they have dealt with people who have probably been in your situation, meaning they’ll be calling upon their powers and their knowledge to properly and accurately guide you to the truth.

Learn more at Asknow.com

How did we make our list?

People are often discouraged from going to physical psychics because they’re so heavily associated with dramatic displays and inflated prices: they’re scams. Online psychic reading sites can be the same way. There are many websites out there that aren’t as choosy with their psychics, or may even exist for the sole purpose of profiting off good people just looking for advice. When making this list, we knew it was paramount to find the most reliable, accessible, and affordable psychic websites out there.

Accessibility was also a huge factor when deciding our top three. Within this context, accessibility means two things: the accessibility of the website and the psychics. If a website has a poor and impossible to navigate interface then it doesn’t matter how good their psychics are. Customers won’t be able to consistently book them. The sites listed here have well-thought-out functional sites that are a total breeze to use and navigate. The psychics are also pretty easy to get in touch with across all three websites whether it’s through calls, messages, or emails.

Lastly, all three of these websites have excellent policies and standards when it comes to protecting their customer’s privacy. Since most psychic sessions involve phone calls, it’s important to use a website that keeps your phone number private or your phone could be shared with an alarming number of people. Keen, Kasamba, and AskNow all hide their users’ phone numbers even from the psychics they call.

What to ask in your psychic reading?

Psychic readings can give you insights into your future, but that doesn’t mean you should go asking your psychic advisor about the questions on your next big math exam. These sessions are meant to give guidance, especially when it comes to tough big decisions in life. The best psychic reading questions strike a balance between vague and detailed; they’re just open enough to not pidgin hole yourself, but they’re specific enough that you’ll get the right type of advice.

If you’re unhappy with your love life because you’re single or in a toxic relationship, an appropriate and effective question may sound something like “Where is my relationship status headed?” This type of open question gives the psychic your desired topic, but it doesn’t get as specific as questions like “When will I find my soulmate?” or “Should I break up with my significant other?” A question like this leaves more room for interpretation whereas the other two questions reduce the session into trivial singular word responses (and in many cases, psychics will not answer questions like those).

You might also want to ask a psychic about your current state of being. This is an especially great thing to do for people feeling generally alright or for people new to the world of psychic reads. Questions like “What energies surround me?” give terrific insight into the world that surrounds you, and may help explain certain funks or particular good vibes. A question like “What is my aura?” may help give a person a better understanding of their identity, how they function, and how to go about life in a more proactive and healthy way too. The possibilities are near endless and these personal sort of “check-in questions” may even open the conversation to deeper and richer inquiries.

If you’re ever unsure about what type of questions to ask during a psychic reading, then don’t be afraid to take a week to prep and think about it. What’s bothering you? Has something been making you feel happier than usual? Are you doing alright with money, friends, family, and your love life? You can write down what’s bothering you, really think about it, and make a shortlist of a few questions to at least get started in your session. If you’re really stumped, then a quick web search may even help the creative juices start flowing.

The Different Methods or Types of Psychic Sessions

Before there were websites for psychic readings, there was only one type of psychic session: an in-person live read. With these new advances come new and exciting options. This has been touched upon slightly above, but different sites give users different types of reading sessions from phone calls to even messaging. This flexibility is wonderful as it helps more individuals get the help and advice they need, but there are some distinct advantages to each of the different types of sessions.

Phone sessions are by far the most common and popular, and they provide users optional anonymity while still allowing for a more intimate and intense connection. Phone calls allow for information to be clearly and quickly expressed and are a solid option for anyone looking into psychic readings.

Most sites also offer options for typed interactions with psychics through messages or through email. Although this may not be as quick as a phone call, this makes the readings more permanent. This can be great for people who may be unable to call or who want to keep a detailed account of the things said during the reading session. In many cases, the email option is far cheaper than a phone call as well, making this a more cost-effective alternate.

Although none of the sites listed above have this feature, some psychic reading sites even offer video chat services. This shatters the anonymity aspect but instead provides customers with more vulnerable and personalized psychic reading sessions. This can be an especially great option for customers looking into tarot card reading and crystal services.


How do psychics read your future?

A psychic uses their gifts to look into or get an idea of one’s future through visions or by harnessing information through various spiritual tools like tarot cards. Some may even communicate with the dead in order to get answers from the great beyond.

Clairvoyant psychics may only need to speak with their client for a few minutes to accurately get a vision of their future. The detail of their vision will vary from person to person, but, generally speaking, this group of psychics needs the least few tools in order to finalize their readings.

Diviners channel their abilities through different physical tools. Psychics who perform rune castings, tarot card readings, and crystal readings all count as diviners since they divine their readings using their chosen medium. These individuals must harness their spiritual powers and pair them with extensive knowledge of their chosen tool in order to get proper reads.

Spiritual mediums have the ability to communicate with the dead. These psychics often don’t really tell the future, but instead act as a bridge between our world and the spirit world, allowing living individuals to speak with deceased relatives. Mediums are also great for individuals who may be struggling with an attached spirit, and they can be great for casting these bad spirits out.

Some psychics even use astrology or numbers for their reads. Like diviners, these individuals learn the meaning of different planet positions or different numbers relative to each other and are able to make predictions and pull guidance from their results. These are some of the most well-known forms of psychic readings.

Psychic readings can vary from play-by-play visions of the future or predictions based on how current events are going. Most often, however, psychic readings end with the customer leaving with a better understanding of themselves and an idea of where their life is headed.

Are these readings 100% accurate?

No! These websites utilize the talents of some of the most skilled remote operating psychics, but this does not mean that their reads are 100% accurate in any way. No psychic read will be completely true due to the finicky nature of both life and humans. There will always be a slight margin of error, but there will also be a chance for the future to be changed and altered.

Warped or misguided reads may also play into having a lower accuracy when going in for a read. Psychic reading sites will often stress the importance of finding a psychic that meshes with you and your needs. Not only is this great from a comfort and an enjoyment standpoint, but it also helps with communication and clarity when conversing during a read. If a psychic misunderstands or misinterprets your answer or explanation, it can potentially drastically impact the outcome of the read, causing massively altered predictions.

Some psychics are also just not as skilled as others when it comes to giving reads (especially when the topic involves predicting the future). While the psychics on these sites are better than most run-of-the-mill psychics, some may just be newer or less gifted when it comes to working within the practice. While probably still fine for giving vague guidance on current events or issues, they may feel less comfortable with all things pertaining to the future.


Regardless of your age and background, chances are you got a present and a future. Wouldn’t you like some insight on how that will or is going? Psychic reading sessions may seem “gimmicky” to some, but they are a helpful tool that should be tried by everyone at least once in their lives. In the past, it may have been difficult to actually get a session due to factors like travel or expenses, but with the introduction of psychic reading websites, these issues are alleviated or, in some cases, totally nullified.

Even though psychic reading websites are a great resource, it’s important to remember to still proceed with caution to make sure you’re using a site that is safe and a site that will give you your money’s worth. A quality experience is everything, and a poorly done session by an amateur or a fraud is worse than doing nothing. There’s no value in it. As wonderful and luxurious as this sounds, it can be a bit of an intimidating world to delve into, as the internet is flooded with a plethora of fakes and scams. Going through life can be scary, but finding the right psychic for you shouldn’t be!

No one ever wants to be caught in the rain without an umbrella, but it can sometimes feel equally overwhelming to receive some unexpected good news. It’s comforting to be able to brace yourself. A surprise from time to time is alright, but no one likes to feel blindsided by life.

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