Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychic Reading Sites via Phone or Chat in 2021

Once upon a time, people had to drag themselves out to psychics, a process that was long, tedious, and often ridiculously expensive. With the wonders of technology, people are now able to call psychics from their own homes, allowing more and more to have fast reliable insights into their fortunes and future. It’s easy to feel more than a little stuck when facing big life decisions. Maybe you need some answers or perhaps you just need a nudge in the right direction. Regardless of the exact situation, you may find yourself in a place where you just wish you could phone it in and, with the miracles of online psychic reading services, you just might be able to.

As with any list, we needed to carefully consider a handful of factors in order to make the best decision. Here, we focused on the safety of each site as well as their cost and reliability. Based on these factors we were able to determine that these 4 were truly leagues ahead of their competition and were all solid options for anyone looking to have their fortune’s read. Although they are ranked, each website has their own pros and cons to offer, and readers are encouraged to pick a site based on their needs rather than the rank of the sites.

Our Top 4 Picks for Best Psychic Reading Sites in 2021

  1. Kasamba – Editor’s Choice
  2. Keen – Best Options for Psychics and Categories
  3. MysticSense – Best Prices
  4. AskNow – Best Deals for New Users

Psychic websites possess the unique ability to put you in touch with individuals who can give you a leg up in life and help give a snapshot of the future. If you’re ever stuck in an odd place, you can always give a psychic a ring to try and get a better idea of what to do to move forward.

1. Kasamba – Editor’s Choice

  • First 3 Minutes Free Plus 50% Off with Each New Psychic Advisor
  • Psychics Have All Been Screened
  • 20 Years of Service
  • Protects Customer’s Privacy


  • Not Many Search Options

Kasamba is one of the oldest most established psychic reading websites, having been around for the past 20 years. This site hosts hundreds of thoughtfully screened psychics that all offer services via phone call. If you’re ever in need of quick and easy psychic advice, they are probably your best bet.

One thing that you’ll notice quickly about Kasamba is that they have a truly impressive catalog of available psychic advisors. These psychics specialize in a large number of issues and often also perform their readings using multiple styles and techniques. This provides users with a diverse pool of talent to choose from, allowing users to choose freely based on their personal needs.

The psychics from Kasamba are also quite diverse, so customers could potentially contact psychics from around the world. This also helps with the psychics’ accessibility, as many of the psychics are bilingual. It can be confusing talking to someone in your second language, especially over the phone. Bilingual psychic readers give customers more options and, in some cases, individuals can hold sessions in their first language.

Each psychic provides detailed descriptions of their skill sets, services, and their rate for phone calls by the minute. The rate is extremely important to pay attention to and will be a key factor to consider when picking an advisor. You may find a psychic that sounds perfect, but if you have a relatively low budget and they charge $15 a minute, you may want to consider someone else more affordable instead. If you wanted to just try a more pricey psychic, however, that is a much more doable feat.

Kasamba is highly praised for their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, promising their customers a generous 3 free minutes with every new psychic they try out. This offer extends further, even granting them a 15% discount on the rest of the call. This is an exceptionally generous offer, and it gives many users the opportunity to try out more than one psychic before finally choosing the one that fits best. Psychics need to be talented and a good match for their clients, which is why this feature is so cool and alluring.

Learn more at Kasamba.com

2. Keen – Best Options for Psychics and Categories



  • First 3 Minutes Free
  • Large Array of Categories to Choose From
  • Excellent Sort and Filter Options


  • Phone Rates Are on the Pricier Side

Usually, people seek psychic help or advice because they are having difficulties dealing with problems ranging from financial to familial to anything in between. Keen’s psychics can tackle it all, and, while multiple psychics specialize in every category, most psychics are perfectly equipped to aid in multiple types of issues. The psychics at Keen have all also been tested and screened ahead of time and many of these psychics are seasoned veterans who have been in the business for many years.

When looking for a psychic, one typically searches for a style or method as well as their issue topic. For example, someone dealing with family issues that prefer tarot card reads may add “Friends/Family” and “Tarot” as filters to their search to find psychics who do both. Since Keen hosts so many talented psychics, this usually yields good results.

Keen also presents their information in a way that is clear and easy to understand. This may not sound like the biggest perk for a psychic reading site, but this is actually a key part of their success. As stated before, there are a lot of psychic advisors to choose from on sites like these, and making the right choice can feel a bit overwhelming. Pair that with a difficult-to-read interface and users just might feel too discouraged to keep searching. By making their site easy to digest, potential customers can quickly browse through the hundreds of options easily and quickly.

From the browsing page, users can see how many reads each psychic has given. While it is fairly common for a site to list the number of years a psychic has worked as an advisor, this is an entirely unique feature that is not seen very often. It gives customers a more realistic idea of how prolific each psychic truly is.

The number of reads can also be more assuring when booking with a psychic that has fewer years under their belt. Maybe they have been practicing for 2 years, but have performed the same amount of sessions as a psychic who has been around for 5 years. This means that, although newer to the practice, this psychic still has the same amount of real-world practice as their 5-year counterpart. They may even be more skilled due to how frequently they practice their craft.

Learn more at Keen.com

3. MysticSense – Best Prices



  • Great Low Prices
  • Clean Interface
  • Psychics Deal with Highly Specialized Issues
  • Shows Advisor’s Availability


  • Does Not Offer Free Minutes or Discounts

Out of all the psychic reading sites on this list, MysticSense’s advisors work for some of the best prices, with some offering rates as low as a dollar! Even with their low price tag, MysticSense psychics have all been screened for quality so you know you’re still getting a top-notch experience. With a clean and easy-to-use interface, MysticSense presents itself at face value.

With MysticSense you can also sort psychics by their online status, being able to choose from Online, Offline, and Busy. For users who are in a rush or may want to start a session fast so as to not overthink it, this is a wonderful function as it allows them to get things started more quickly. Rather than needing to plan ahead, customers can practice a bit more spontaneity.

As mentioned before, being able to quickly browse is largely helpful when looking for a good psychic. Most websites give ample information about a psychic’s methods and specialties, but it can be difficult to gauge personality just based on these things. MysticSense allows their psychics to write a little blurb on their search profile that acts as a sort of tagline or theme. These give a better idea of personality and can also allow consumers to understand each psychic better.

Learn more at MysticSense.com

4. AskNow – Best Deals for New Users



  • Great Value Package Deal for New Users
  • Easy to Browse
  • Psychics Are Tested and Organized By Rank


  • Psychics tend to be less experienced

For the best discounts and package deals on online psychic readings, look no further than AskNow. It’s very clear that the people at AskNow designed their website with their customers’ wellbeing in mind, and they provide large bodies of information across the site as a whole. Transparent and affordable, AksNow is an absolute powerhouse that always seems to be offering something new.

One of AskNow’s best features is their introductory offer: a deal that allows new customers to choose either a 20 minute long $20 call or a 30 minute long $30 call with any of their qualifying psychics. This package even gives customers 5 free minutes with some of their higher-ranking psychics. Good prices are one thing, but this deal is an absolute steal. It really takes a lot of the financial burden out of online psychic reading sessions and makes these services far more accessible to more people.

To save users time and help them make decisions faster, AskNow displays as much useful information as possible for psychics on their browse page. Customers can quickly read and digest information, getting to know each psychic’s methods and even languages with just a glance.

AskNow also divides their psychics into three categories: Top Rated, Elite, and Master. These classifications determine a psychics price and are chosen based on psychic skill and ability. A Top Rated psychic will have the lowest prices and will provide great insight to help guide customers. Elite psychics are better able to specialize, having expert knowledge on a wider range of topics and psychic techniques. Master psychics are the most gifted of the three and are described as being those who use their unique abilities for the sole purpose of helping their customers.

Learn more at AskNow.com

What factors did we consider for our top ranking list?

Safety was a huge consideration while formulating this list as users need to be safe and secure when using a website of any nature. Since these psychic readings take place over the phone, it’s crucial to use a website that protects your information as these four do. A phone number is extremely important so you never want to use a website that could share it publicly or even with a psychic. These sessions are meant to help, and so personal data like phone numbers are hidden from the psychics at all times.

The cost was another huge thing to factor in during the making of this list. Not everyone can justify dropping $100 on a psychic reading session, that’s just a fact. Also, no one should ever feel like they need to put themselves into a difficult spot with money just over a psychic. These websites are all affordable or offer options to somewhat offset the total price, making them great options without breaking the bank.

We also thought about each site’s reliability in order to properly pick our top 4. Online, it can be difficult to determine the authenticity of a psychic without a meeting and, even then, it can still be quite hard to know if an advisor is legit. Since these sites screen all of their advisors to determine psychic ability, they remove a lot of this uncertainty for the customers. In fact, many applicants are rejected for not being up to their high standards of quality. Now that’s reliable!

How does a psychic reading work?

Psychic readings differ based on a psychic’s method or style, but generally, most sessions revolve around a topic and feel like a very personal conversation. Psychics are gifted with the powers to sense things in the present or predict the future; they are not mind readers. Clients must open up about themselves and ask questions to get the ball rolling.

From there a psychic will either start drawing their answers; this can be done in many ways. Clairvoyant psychics are some of the most well-known and possess the ability to see into the future with the right stimulus. Sometimes they will need to talk to their clients until they can get a clear read, but, from there, they can share and teach their customers.

Diviners will use a tool like a pendulum or a crystal ball to obtain their answers. It is often thought that the items the diviners use are imbued with mystic power, but they are usually just normal old items. Diviner psychics are able to use their gifts in tandem with the tools to get real results. They may require more input from their client, but they will let them know if that is the case.

Some psychics use astrology or numbers to get their answers based on signs and meanings. These methods typically involve the psychic sharing a load of information about what the signs mean which will then launch the two into a larger deeper discussion.

There are more types of psychics, but these are some of the most common ones people will find online. All of these psychics can effectively do their work over the phone which is what makes them so great for this type of work. As long as their clients are true and honest, they will most definitely be able to get a clear read which can provide some insightful information and guidance.

How can you start a psychic reading online?

Online psychic readings all start with the same thing: making a profile. This ensures that each person who calls will be able to properly pay their psychic and abide by the terms and rules set by each website. Basically, this helps harbor an air of respect and reliability with the customers as well.

After this, users can browse a website until they find a psychic that seems like a perfect match. Since finding a quality psychic that meshes well is important, it is encouraged that individuals spend a lot of time on this step. Once one has settled on the best match, they can go about either calling them immediately or can set up an appointment.

This process seems easy, and it totally is! Getting a psychic is not only helpful, but the process of setting up a session is extremely straightforward. This is a great resource so no one should feel intimidated by just getting started.

What do I do during a session with a psychic?

When meeting with a psychic it’s important, to be honest, and ask open-ended questions!

The first part may seem obvious, but real honesty can make all the difference during a psychic reading. Sometimes a psychic may ask a question back to you to clarify something. If the answer is embarrassing, you may feel tempted to tell a little white lie or tweak the truth a bit. This is extremely discouraged, as it can drastically warp the outcome of the read and may even give you a false fortune.

While a clairvoyant psychic can work with or sometimes even see through a lie, psychics like diviners rely on their client’s responses to determine the meaning of their reads. For example, if a diviner is performing a tarot card reading, they will need to ask their client about their life to see what specifically the cards are referring to. A lie here could completely alter the intended meaning of the cards.

The formulation of the actual questions is also a large chunk of this process. Open-ended questions lead to more conversations and allow for the psychic to get better reads. Think about yes or no questions. They take sometimes less than a second to answer because after the “yes” or “no,” the conversation is over. More thought-provoking questions allow for you and your psychic to interact more and will often lead to richer sessions or more reads.

If you set up a session to discuss financial issues you could ask a question like “Will I go bankrupt?” In most cases, a psychic will flat out refuse to answer this type of question, but on the off chance that they answer it, they’ll respond and then there’s little to go off of from there. A question like “With how my financial standings are now, what path am I on?” gives a psychic far more to work with. In their read, they’ll be able to give you better insight into how you’re doing in the present and will be able to share your projected future if you keep doing the same things.

Some people don’t ask enough questions either. Psychics may present a read, but you may not understand bits of it for whatever reason. Maybe it’s too vague or maybe it doesn’t make sense within the context of your exact situation. Don’t be afraid to stop and ask what they’re talking about. Clarifying like this with a psychic will help make sure that you both are on the same page.

If you start a psychic session with a few issues in mind or an extremely complex problem, it’s pretty easy to get confused during a read. You may be thinking about one issue, but your psychic may be presenting a read about a completely different problem altogether. The psychic also may get confused if the story is really elaborate so you must also make sure that they are clear in understanding you as well. Short check-ins and quick questions help ensure this mutual understanding.


Life has many complicated and confusing ups or downs. It is easy to feel lost, confused, or even flat-out stuck and it is common for people to find themselves in situations where they just don’t know what to do. Psychics are a unique and helpful solution to help people discover solutions that they may not have thought of on their own or to get assuring check-ins that will fill them with the confidence and verve to move forward.

Not all psychic websites are made equally, and not all provide premium phone call options like the ones discussed above. We chose these 4 websites because of the quality they exude and the excellence of their psychics. Even when just casually browsing the customer reviews, it’s no secret that these sites are loved by many, and satisfied customer reviews continue to pour in by the thousands.

Psychics give their clients the knowledge and insight they need to take charge of their own lives, and customers will often leave sessions with a newfound peace of mind. The point of having a psychic reading done is to calm down, feel in control, and help prepare for whatever is coming next. Although getting started may seem like a daunting process to some, it is an extremely straightforward process that is affordable and incredibly rewarding. With a quality online psychic reading, your future could just be a mere phone call away.

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