ProDentim Reviews – Legit Ingredients or Worthless Product?

An unpleasant odor from the mouth can cause a person to be uncomfortable while speaking to others. Experts reveal that unhealthy microbes in the mouth cause nasty odors, some dental issues, teeth staining, and other oral issues. Most people depend on oral mouthwash and fresheners to tone down the odor.

Dental probiotic supplements can aid in improving the population of microbiota in the gut and mouth. ProDentim is an oral probiotic for fighting bad breath, improving gum health, and amplifying dental immunity. Is the dental probiotic supplement effective? What bacterial strains are inside the ProDentim formula?

What is the ProDentim Supplement?

ProDentim is a natural dental probiotic comprising effective ingredients to improve dental health. It is marketed for those with poor oral microbiome and dental issues. ProDentim promises to augment the population of healthy bacteria while reducing bad bacteria colonies.

How Does ProDentim Work?

ProDentim dental probiotic formula works by fighting unhealthy inflammation that causes issues with the gums and teeth. Additionally, it improves the levels of the good microbiome in the mouth. ProDentim is rich in bacterial strains and other ingredients that fight dental issues from the inside out. Consequently, it can hinder the development of dental cavities.

ProDentim can also improve the health of the respiratory system. It consists of bacterial; strains that keep the sinuses open and free. ProDentim also fights off bacteria that cause plaque. It lowers the levels of Streptococcus mutans that change sugar into lactic acid. The S. mutans microbes trigger an acidic environment that is a perfect breeding ground for dental plaque.

The dental probiotic formula also fights bad breath by balancing the oral microbiota. It has spearmint and peppermint extracts to improve breath freshness. ProDentim makers claim it can lower the chances of getting oral cancer. The probiotics also reduce teeth sensitivity and can fight gingivitis.

ProDentim can also retain teeth whiteness and prevent unhealthy staining. The active bacterial strains in the probiotic lower harmful microbes that eat away the enamel. Instead, the supplement aids in balancing the mouth’s pH.

ProDentim Ingredients

ProDentim is a chewable oral health supplement that offers individuals 3.5 Billion in nutrients and probiotics for improved oral health. It has no stimulants or harmful chemicals. In addition, all ProDentim ingredients are in a proprietary blend of clinical dosages to repair oral and respiratory health and more.


ProDentim formulator claims that poor dietary health and other issues can hinder the natural production of BLIS M-18. The bacteria strain is active in healthy adults and children and protects the mouth against multiple issues.

The mouth combats millions of unhealthy microbes even after brushing the teeth properly. The BLIS M-18 bacterial strain works by colonizing the mouth with beneficial microbes that attach themselves to mouth cells and lowering the unhealthy bacteria population. BLIS M-18 also aids in maintaining teeth whiteness and improves overall mouth health.


BLIS K-12 is clinically proven to support natural defenses by combating oral cavity infections. ProDentim creators claim it targets the unhealthy microbiota that causes nose, ear, and throat infections.

BLIS-K-12 fights harmful bacteria that cause bad breath and strep throat. Besides, it boosts immunity by restoring oral microflora, particularly after certain medications.

B.lactis BL-04

Multiple studies indicate that B.lactis BL-04 can balance the mouth bacteria, preventing multiple oral issues. It also aids in reducing unhealthy inflammations that may alter the mouth’s pH.

ProDentim makers claim it can augment the respiratory tract and prevent conditions such as tonsillitis and strep throat. B.lactis BL-04 boosts the population of beneficial microflora in the mouth, thus preventing bad breath and dental cavities. It may also maintain a healthy immune response and prevent the risk of recurring dental problems.

Lactobacillus Reuteri

Lactobacillus Reuteri is a bacterial strain that aids in lowering unhealthy inflammation. It supports blood movement around tissues in the mouth and prevents chronic disease attacks.

ProDentim makers claim that Lactobacillus Reuteri can support a healthy mouth environment by maintaining optimal pH. It also protects the moth from various issues, including dental caries, gum disease, and gingivitis.

Lactobacillus Paracasei

Lactobacillus Paracasei aids in improving the population of beneficial microbiota in the mouth. It supports healthy gums and strengthens the enamel. In addition, it combats bacterial strains that cause tooth staining, pain, and bleeding gums.

Lactobacillus Paracasei, like other bacterial strains, can aid in keeping the sinuses free and open. ProDentim manufacturer states that it also improves overall oral health and may prevent chronic dental issues.


Inulin is essential in the probiotic formula because it supports good bacteria. It helps in reducing the risk of developing periodontal issues and can improve the overall respiratory tract health.

Malic Acid

ProDentim claims they source the malic acid from organic strawberries. It aids in preserving teeth whiteness and optimal mouth pH.

Dicalcium Phosphate

Dicalcium phosphate supports tooth health by improving blood movement and reducing inflammation. It may also prevent teeth staining and assist in fighting dental cavities.


ProDentim makers add spearmint to enhance overall breath freshness. The spearmint fights bad breath and helps users retain breath freshness for extended periods.


Peppermint is a natural anti-inflammatory that may support health. Furthermore, it supercharges the immune health and aids in maintaining breath freshness.

The creators of ProDentim claim that the probiotic formula is all-natural. It has no GMOs, fillers, stimulants, and artificial additives. In addition, ProDentim is safe for adults and will not react with other medications. However, ProDentim makers recommend seeking advice from your doctor if you are concerned or have chronic health issues before using the formula.


Features and Benefits of ProDentim Supplement

ProDentim is a natural formula that offers multiple health benefits without any side effects.

  • It can balance the mouth pH, preventing the risk of various issues with teeth.
  • ProDentim may combat oral issues like gingivitis.
  • It may improve respiratory tract health and prevent issues such as tonsillitis and strep throat.
  • ProDentim is available online without a prescription
  • All ProDentim ingredients are supposedly scientifically proven and in the approved clinical dosages
  • It has zero stimulants or gluten

ProDentim Dosage

ProDentim is an adult-only supplement, and users should seek medical guidance from their doctor if they are on prescription medications or have a chronic disease before using it. Each ProDentim bottle has 30 soft chewable tablets. The formulator recommends chewing one of the tablets each morning after brushing the teeth.

ProDentim Pricing

ProDentim is only available via the official page. The maker is currently offering discounts and free US shipping on all orders. However, when you purchase more than three ProDentim bottles, the manufacturer offers two free bonuses that can help further augment your oral health.

  • Buy one bottle for $69
  • Buy two bottles for $59 per bottle plus two free bonuses
  • Buy two bottles for $49 per bottle plus two free bonuses.


ProDentim provides customers who purchase the three or six-bottle packages with two free bonuses.

Bad Breath Gone: One Day Detox is a digital book comprising seven spices and herbs that can improve breath freshness. ProDentim provides information on using these plant spices and herbs to develop oral health and protect it from numerous issues.

Hollywood White Teeth – ProDentim bonus ebook reveals celebrities’ secrets that enable them to maintain their teeth whiteness.

Money-back Guarantee

A 60-day satisfaction guarantee protects each ProDentim purchase. The maker is confident that customers will find the probiotic formula effective. Still, if ProDentim does not offer the advertised benefits, the creator recommends contacting the support team via email within 60 days, and they offer a full refund without any hassles at:

For questions or to inquire about a refund, contact customer service at:

  • contact@prodentim-product.com.

Final Word

ProDentim delivers five strains of healthy CFUs plus other beneficial ingredients directly to the mouth. The formulator claims it can prevent and manage various oral issues without side effects. It has a fruity flavor and is easy to chew. ProDentim works by creating biofilms to replace those created by unhealthy microbes. The biofilm prevents unhealthy bacteria from reaching the gum tissues. You can purchase the ProDentim supplement only through the official website.