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Online Psychic Reading: Best Live Psychics Free Readings in 2021

A guide for the best sites for free online psychic readings. Learn more about how online psychic readings can help solve problems in life and how to make the most of online psychic readings. is one of the leading websites for providing accurate and unbiased reviews of the multitude of online psychic reading sites. It thoroughly peruses each site to inform users about the key features, pros and cons of each site and their areas of expertise.

One suffers from several times in their life when they are filled with questions but very few answers. This could be related to their careers, jobs, education, love life, relationships, family ties, and even discovering themselves. Instead of dwelling on their millions of questions, the best solution would be to reach out to psychic readers who can provide exact answers to their most burning questions and steer them towards the right path.

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There are various types of psychic readings available across the internet, and this could be either an online platform or an offline one. However, with the recent developments across the world, any online service is gaining immense popularity because of the convenience and comfort it brings with it.

With online psychic readings, users can find answers and solutions without travelling long distances or leaving the comfort and safety of their homes. Of course, all the sites ensure no compromise in the quality of the readings or their precision.

Most Popular Sites For Online Psychic Readings In 2021:

Kasamba – Best for readings about love and relationships, the site offers the first 3 minutes of the reading for free and subsequently provides a 50% discount to the new users and clients.

California Psychics – Known for its tarot card readings, the site is popular for its introductory offers and promotions available for new users.

Keen Psychic – Head on to this website to receive guidance on major life decisions, with a 10-minute session costing only $1.99.

Psychic Source – To receive answers for burning questions about career and finance, enjoy a 75% discount on the first session and the first 3 minutes of the session for free, only at Psychic Source.

Detailed Reviews About The Best Online Psychic Reading Sites Of 2021

Since there are so many websites for users to choose from, has made life easier by providing a detailed, unbiased review of each of the leading sites for online psychic readings.



Every individual is worried about their future. From the kind of job they will get to the kind of person they will marry, no person does not sit and wonder about these questions once in a while. Additionally, if their family is pressuring them to settle down or get married, these questions take a front-row seat in their minds.

The future is a big mystery for everyone, and not knowing what it holds is quite scary for some people. Moreover, if one adds love and relationships to this mix, the anxiety they face can skyrocket. Sometimes, couples may be facing problems in their love life. They may want different things or be on different pages in their lives. One may be worried if their partner is faithful or wants to take the next step in their relationship or not.

Sometimes, couples may not be very compatible with each other, resulting in millions of petty fights and breakups. This makes them question their relationships and whether they are fit for each other or not. This is where Kasamba comes in. The psychic readers of this site are popular for their guidance on love and relationships, and future telling, making them a sought after site for old and new users alike.

Key features

  1. The site offers online psychic readings available via phone call, email and live chat. Video calling service is not available. Users can choose their mode of reading and their reader accordingly.
  2. The site has launched its app, which is available for Android and iOS, making it easier for users to avail of psychic readings.
  3. Customer service is available round the clock on the site, and users can reach out with any queries they may have.
  4. The site offers free access to its subscribed users to daily horoscopes and astrology articles at no extra payment.


  1. The site provides excellent introductory offers to new users. The first 3 minutes of the session are free for such users, and they are also eligible for a 70% discount on their first reading.
  2. Kasamba provides users with the option to receive a complete refund if they are not satisfied with their reading.
  3. With its large number of psychic readers, the site ensures that the users are spoilt for choice regarding psychic readers.


  1. While the site has excellent and attractive introductory offers, it gets quite expensive later on. The readings can get as expensive as $14.99 per minute, depending upon the reader’s rating that the user chooses.
  2. Since the readings are only available via phone call, email and live chat, users cannot read face-to-face. This may interfere with the accuracy of the reading since psychic readers have to form a deep and emotional connection with the user before they can predict any part of their life or give guidance for the same.

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California Psychics


When people are stuck at crossroads in their life, they often rely on help from any source they can find. This includes tarot card readings. Not only do these card readings help users find answers, but it also allows them to probe deep into their conscience and reconnect with thoughts that they were not aware of.

Moreover, tarot cards help users understand exactly which direction their emotions and thoughts are headed in, how it influences their future and what it holds for them. California Psychics provide some of the best tarot card reading services among online readers. With more than 25 years of experience in psychic readers, they are a pioneer in the industry.

Key features

  1. The site offers readings via phone call, live chat and email. This allows users to freely pick their mode of psychic reading depending on their comfort and convenience. If they are not very comfortable sharing personal information via a call, they can always pick live chat and email options.
  2. The site has a detailed section for user testimonials where new and old users can leave behind their experience with the site and whether they would recommend it to other users or not. This allows users to decide about the services California Psychics offers and select their readers accordingly.
  3. The psychic readers on this site are thoroughly checked for authenticity. The site values the privacy of its users and the genuinely of its reading very highly. As a result, every psychic reader must undergo a rigorous and in-depth check to see if they are experienced, authentic and truly good at their services.

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  1. The site offers excellent discounts and introductory offers in the form of only $1 per minute for the session. Additionally, new users can use the promo code “ADD5” to enjoy an additional 5 minutes of the session for free.
  2. Several kinds of psychic readers are available at different price rates, allowing users to pick and choose the service they want with the reader, depending upon their budget. The service quality is never compromised, even if the service available is not very expensive.
  3. The site has a very wide variety of readers to choose from. Each reader comes with expertise in their areas of psychic readings. Moreover, if users are not happy with their experience with one reader, they can always opt for another one.


  1. The readings are not available on a video call. This could reduce the accuracy of the reading. This is especially true for tarot card readings since the reader has to gauge the user’s body language and exact thought process to make their predictions and arrive at a conclusion.
  2. There is inconsistency in the guide styling. In other words, different guides or readers use different methods for their readings. This means that if the user presents the same problem to two different readers, they will receive different results. This can make the user doubt the readers’ expertise and confuse them about which result they should trust and rely on.

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Keen Psychics


There are various moments in life where one has to make big decisions. These decisions could change their lives for better or for worse. It could be about their careers, their education choices or even their love life and relationships. Any wrong turn at this point could result in a disaster.

Therefore, to make lives easier, psychic readers are available online to guide users about the choices they should make and the path they should embark on. With this guidance, users can make decisions about themselves to guarantee their happiness and success in the future.

The psychic readers at Keen Psychics are some of the best in providing this guidance on making big life decisions. They understand the problems and questions in the user’s mind and try to connect with the character and personality of the user so that they can understand the underlying conscience of the user.

With their excellent abilities, they can inform the user about thoughts in their mind that even they were not aware of.

Key features

  1. With over 20 years of experience in psychic readings, this site has a very simple layout. The user interface is easy to navigate, and new users can set up their accounts instantly!
  2. The customer service team is available round the clock to answer any queries. Moreover, the team also helps the new user understand how the readings work and how the users can enjoy the maximum benefit of the readings.
  3. In addition to psychic readings, the psychic readers also offer dream analysis and interpretation, aura cleansing and other world connections.
  4. The site has an excellent filter which makes searching for an advisor a worthy experience. Once the user puts in the type of psychic reading and the reader they wish to choose, the sensitive filter automatically goes through the hundreds of services available to provide the most suitable one to the user.


  1. Keen Psychics offers the first 3 minutes of the session for free, followed by a payment of only $1.99 for the next 10 minutes. This introductory offer for new users makes it a popular choice as it is adorable and cheap without any depreciation in quality.
  2. The psychic reading services are available throughout the day, 24/7. This means that people from across the globe can enjoy these readings without worrying about time zones. The site also offers services in multiple languages, thus breaking down the barriers of language and time.
  3. The website functions even on holidays, and the users do not have to wait long hours or days to receive their answers.


  1. The site does not keep a record of the reading once the session is over. If the user wishes to go back to the reading and peruse the results again, they, unfortunately, cannot do so.
  2. The site does not provide video calling options for readings, which could reduce the precision of the results to some extent.

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Psychic Source


There are very few times in a person’s life when questions about their career and finances do not plague them. This could be about accepting a new job, leaving their old job, taking up certain projects at their workplace that would guarantee their growth and many more. The worries could also be about where they should make investments and how they should take care of their finances.

All of these answers can be solved with the help of psychic readers at Psychic Source. Known for its accurate solutions for career and money-related questions, this site is popular among new users thanks to its expert psychic readers and attractive introductory offers.

Moreover, this site comes with over 30 years of experience in psychic readings, making it one of the oldest online reading sites. This gives it an exceptional edge over the other sites available for the same services.

Key features

  1. The platform offers a wide variety of psychic readings, from angel card readings, cartomancy, astrology, tarot card readings, dream analysis and interpretation, numerology and many more. This allows users to find multiple services for all their problems and questions in one site itself.
  2. This psychic reading site provides its new users with wonderful introductory offers. The first 3 minutes of the reading are free, and users can avail of a whopping 75% discount for the rest of the reading. This offer is available only for the first session.
  3. Readings are conducted via online live chat, phone call, email and video call, which sets this psychic reading site apart from the other site, as it is the only one to offer video calling for the reading services.


  1. The psychic readers conduct the reading via video call, which guarantees an extremely accurate and precise reading. Moreover, video call readings allow the users to connect better with the readers and receive more personalized answers.
  2. The cost of the sessions is very cheap and affordable. After the first 3 minutes of the session, which are free, the readers charge only $1 per minute for the remaining session. If the user is an older one, they can also avail of various coupons and offers, allowing them to enjoy further promotions and discounts.
  3. With the ample experience of the readers on this site, they can better understand their users. Their experience allows them to alter and tailor their readings to be left satisfied with the results.


  1. While users can select and choose their psychic readers, not all readers are priced in the same range. Some of the highly-rated readers are more expensive, even though the quality of their services is much better. This means that if a user wants a more accurate reading, they will have to spend more money.
  2. The site offers varied options among the readers and services, which can confuse the users even more. This is particularly true if the user is new and does not have initial guidance for psychic reading services.

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How do psychic readings work, and how do they help users?

Psychic readings probe deep into the user’s conscience and help them understand their mind better. They rely on the perceptive abilities of the psychic reader and certain accessories or tools that aid in this perception.

There are four types of information gathered during a psychic reading: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience. These readings tap into a different sensation of the reader, from vision to hearing and from feeling to having pre-informed knowledge.

There are also different types of psychic readings, and each reading focuses on one aspect of the user. For example, palmistry reads the lines present on the user’s hand to make deductions about the career, education, life expectancy, health, marriage and other areas about the user’s life.

Similarly, aura readings associate a particular color with the energy that the user emits. This could be negative or positive energy or even neutral energy. This is linked to the levels of creativity the user possesses and the amount of stress they take about various aspects of their life.

Numerology relies on numbers to understand the user. These numbers are associated with the user’s problems in their life, and the psychic reader then interprets each number picked by the user. This form of numerology is different from Chinese numerology, a more Oriental form of psychic reading.

To put it simply, psychic readings work as a bridge for the user to connect more deeply with themselves. Sometimes, certain thoughts are already present in the users’ minds, but they cannot focus on them because of several external stressors. Psychic readings help the users get rid of the useless and pointless thoughts from their mind and enable them to view their goals and aim in life more clearly.

These questions could be about their career, which stream they wish to choose, which job is more suited for them, and what type of work they should do. This could also be associated with their finances, where they should save their money, where they should invest, and where it would be wiser to spend.

Curiosities can also arise about love life and relationships, whether their current relationship will last long, whether they are dating the right people, what they should do for their crush to notice them, whether a couple is likely to get married soon, they will have kids and many more.

Answers to all these curiosities and questions can be found at online psychic readings. Not only do they provide clarity, but they also predict the future of the user and what they are likely to achieve shortly. If users are looking for peace of mind, they should definitely consider opting for a psychic reading.

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What are the available modes of online psychic readings?

The biggest advantage of online psychic readingsis that the user can avail of these services when they want, and from any part of the world, at any time of the day. Online psychic readings allow users to move past the boundaries of countries, time and language and understand themselves better.

Psychic readings are available in various modes online so that each user can comfortably opt for these readings based on their convenience. The modes for online psychic readings are as follows –

  • Email

    This is the most common mode for psychic readings and is offered by practically all psychic readers. It allows users to maintain a higher level of discretion and privacy than any other mode. Users can answer some questions that the reader asks for and receive their results soon after via email.

    The drawback of this method is that it is not very reliable and accurate. Simply writing down answers does not allow readers to understand the nature and personality of their user adequately and hence reduces the quality of the readings.

  • Phone call

    Another common method of psychic readings is by phone psychics . Here, the readers speak to the users via a phone call to provide reading results. A registered company number is generally used to maintain privacy and confidentiality for the safety of the users.

    This method, once again, does not provide precise results, although it is slightly more personalized than emails. Those users who are not comfortable with video calls can opt for this option to receive comparatively more accurate readings than emails.

  • Live chat

    Live chat works almost as well as phone calls. Live psychics are available round the clock on the official website of the psychic reading site. They are also quick in their responses and perfect for shy or uncomfortable conversing with strangers on the phone.

    However, the personal touch goes missing in the live chats. Readers are not able to perceive the personality, vibe and aura of the user precisely. Moreover, there is an increased chance of chat bots being used instead of actual psychic readers to provide the readings. While the top-rated sites hardly have such cases, the less popular ones may scam their users.

  • Video call

    This top service is available across very few psychic reading platforms. Video calling is the best method to approach online psychic reading. It allows the reader to assess the user, their questions and their doubts carefully. It helps them form a deeper and stronger connection with the users, which also improves the quality and accuracy of the readings.

    Video calling is expensive, particularly for psychic readings. Those readers who are available on the video call charge much higher prices than those who are not. There is also a long waiting time for such readings, and sometimes, users may not even find appointments or slots with those readers. Therefore, if users want to avail themselves of the more precise readings, they have to spend more money.

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Are online psychic readings accurate and trustworthy?

The biggest doubt that arises about online psychic readings is whether they are trustworthy or not. Many people assume incorrectly that online readings are not accurate because the authenticity of an offline setting is absent. On the contrary, online readings are much more safe, secure and genuine than offline readings.

Online psychic readersare thoroughly background checked, authenticated, and undergo random tests before providing readings. Every claim made by the site is also scrutinized. Moreover, customer service is better in online settings than offline ones. If users are not satisfied with the readings, they can easily ask for refunds, which is almost impossible in offline readings.

If there is an issue with the reading quality, or if the reader is deliberately taking longer to increase the reading price, the issue can easily be reported to the customer support team. The whole concept of customer service does not exist in an offline reading. In offline readings, users cannot ask for a refund if they are unhappy with the reading, nor can they report an issue or scam done by the website or a specific reader.

Online sites also offer user testimonials where users can leave behind their reviews, ratings and experience. It helps the newer users to understand the readings better and make more informed choices. The privacy and personal information of the users are also more protected at an online reading than offline ones.

Another big advantage of online sites is the guidance that they provide for the new users. As a new user, logging into a psychic reading site and going through the hundreds of options can be overwhelming and put the user off the whole idea of psychic reading. However, many sites offer in-depth videos which explain exactly how a new user should approach these readings and how they can avail of the offers and promotions available for the first readings and sessions.

Online sites also ensure that only those who have a few years of experience are allowed to provide readings to the clients. With their expertise and experience, the readers know exactly what each user is looking for when they turn to psychic readings for solutions.

Online readings come with much more security and safety and are also more accurate. Since the readers are highly trained before the sites hire them, users can rest assured that there is no scam or fraud in online psychics. With the digital revolution, the world has turned to the internet for almost all services and products. Then why not trust online psychic readings as well?

About is one of the leading sites that provides top-notch, well-researched and genuine reviews about various online psychic reading websites and platforms. Users can easily type ‘psychics near me’ or ‘free psychic readings to find the best results for readings close to them. Users can enjoy the massive collection of psychic readers, psychic mediums and online readings that the site has to offer. Users interested in finding answers to their problems, questions and difficulties in life can head to for one of the best and most reasonable solutions.

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