Nerve Control 911 Reviews: Is It Legit?

Nerve Control 911 is a nutritional supplement marketed to people with nerve pain, neuropathy, and anxiety.

By taking two capsules of Nerve Control 911 daily, you can purportedly repair damaged nerves, reduce inflammation, lower anxiety, and enjoy other benefits.

Does Nerve Control 911 really work? How does Nerve Control 911 work? Find out everything you need to know about this supplement today in our review.

What is Nerve Control 911?

Nerve Control 911 is a supplement containing herbal and plant extracts to soothe nerve pain.

The supplement contains corydalis powder, prickly pear extract, California poppy seed, marshmallow root, and other ingredients.


Nerve Control 911 is made by a PhytAge Laboratories company, which claims the supplement can provide a range of powerful benefits. PhytAge Labs claims Nerve Control 911 can improve your muscles, reduce inflammation, curb insomnia, lower anxiety, lower blood pressure, and provide other benefits.

Typically, supplements cannot claim to lower blood pressure or reduce inflammation. They can claim to support healthy blood pressure and inflammation. However, PhytAge Labs is clearly confident about the effectiveness of its supplement. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does Nerve Control 911 Work?

Nerve Control 911 contains a blend of herbs and plant extracts. These ingredients purportedly target your body’s central nervous system, supporting nerve health throughout your body.

By taking Nerve Control 911 daily, people with diabetes can purportedly get better control over their nerve pain.

Nerve pain is a common side effect of diabetes—many diabetics experiencing tingling in their extremities. When left untreated, this nerve pain can lead to more serious issues – like an amputation. Nerve pain is a symptom of poor circulation.


To solve these problems, Nerve Control 911 uses ingredients like marshmallow root and passionflower. PhytAge Labs claims these two herbal extracts are “the secret ingredients that your body’s central nervous system so direly needs.” Better yet, PhytAge Labs claims to have added these ingredients in a form that will deliver maximum body absorption, allowing you to “fully support your nerve health.”

What to Expect After Taking Nerve Control 911

The Nerve Control 911 sales page is filled with stories of people who eliminated all symptoms of diabetic nerve pain after taking Nerve Control 911.

Based on the testimonials featured by PhytAge Labs, it’s natural to assume that Nerve Control 911 is a miracle solution to neuropathy.

One woman claims she is “completely free” of the pain “that haunted her for years” after taking Nerve Control 911, for example. That woman took the drugs prescribed by her doctor but found they were ineffective.


One man claims Nerve Control 911 eliminated his “involuntary muscle movements” and that he “began to notice the inflammation going down in just days” after taking Nerve Control 911 for the first time. After a few weeks of taking Nerve Control 911, his involuntary muscle movements “had almost completely stopped.”

Another woman, a medical professional from Texas, claims she eliminated her anxiety and nerve pain within weeks of taking Nerve Control 911. That woman claims she took her “regular medications” for pain relief, but they weren’t doing the job. She started taking Nerve Control 911, and her anxiety “completely stopped.”

Nerve Control 911 Features & Benefits

PhytAge Labs claims anyone can experience powerful benefits by taking Nerve Control 911 daily. Here are some of the benefits you could experience by taking two capsules of Nerve Control 911 every day, according to the official website:

  • Improve the body’s muscles
  • Control voluntary movements and reflexes
  • Transmit information to and from the central nervous system to the rest of your body
  • Send nerve signals to the organs and muscles
  • Help with visual perception
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Curb insomnia
  • Lower anxiety and blood pressure

As mentioned above, it’s unusual for a supplement to claim to lower anxiety and blood pressure, among other benefits advertised on the Nerve Control 911 sales page. Typically, only drugs can advertise themselves as a way to lower blood pressure. However, PhytAge Labs is confident Nerve Control 911 can help diabetics and others enjoy all of the benefits listed above.


Nerve Control 911 Ingredients

It would be best if you were skeptical when a supplement claims to impact nerve health significantly. If you have nerve pain, you should talk to your doctor to find a solution – not trust a random supplement online.

Nevertheless, PhytAge Labs claims their formula uses plant and herbal extracts to lower anxiety and blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and send nerve signals between your body and brain, among other effects.

To achieve these benefits, Nerve Control 911 contains all of the following ingredients:

Marshmallow Root: Marshmallow root is a type of plant extract used for centuries in traditional medicine and herbology. Nerve Control 911 does not contain a significant dose of marshmallow root extract (around 110mg), although PhytAge Labs claims this dose will help fight swelling while hydrating your body. Marshmallow extract is rich in anti-inflammatory mucilage that supports your stomach lining, digestive tract, respiratory system, skin health, and other health and wellness aspects.

Passion Flower: Nerve Control 911 contains a small dose (145mg) of passionflower extract. Passionflower extract is another plant extract used for centuries in traditional medicine. Modern research suggests passionflower could impact GABA receptors, and GABA receptors are linked to relaxation. PhytAge Labs claims the passionflower in Nerve Control 911 could even have “antidepressant and sedative properties,” helping you relax while optimizing your body’s nervous system.

Prickly Pear Extract: Prickly pear extract is a type of plant extract found in diet pills, antioxidant supplements, and general health and wellness supplements. Although its mechanisms are not fully understood, prickly pear extract could support oxidative stress throughout your body, helping your body defend itself against inflammation.

Corydalis: Nerve Control 911 contains corydalis, another common ingredient in multiple types of health supplements. The corydalis in Nerve Control 911 can “work similar to prescription pain medications,” according to PhytAge Labs. The company also claims corydalis can “reduce both inflammatory and neuropathic pain,” which is why they added corydalis to Nerve Control 911.

California Poppy: The fifth and final active ingredient in Nerve Control 911 is the California poppy. There’s just 45mg of California poppy in each serving of Nerve Control 911. However, PhytAge Labs claims this dose can target pain and inflammation in multiple ways. The company claims the California poppy specifically attacks pain in your feet, hands, toes, and fingers, relieving muscle pain and soothing nerve pain in your extremities, among other significant benefits.

PhytAge Laboratories claims they use “only the very best ingredients,” manufacturing the ingredients in state-of-the-art facilities in the United States. Although the company claims to make Nerve Control 911 in the United States, it does not claim that all ingredients are sourced from the United States.


How Does Nerve Control 911 Repair Damaged Nerves?

Many people feel nerve pain because they have damaged nerves. Due to imbalanced blood sugar, high blood pressure, and other issues, your nerves have become damaged.

Nerve Control 911 specifically claims to “penetrate damaged nerves and repair them at the core” – something few other supplements claim to do.

We know which ingredients are in Nerve Control 911. But how does Nerve Control 911 actually repair your damaged nerves?

PhytAge Laboratories does not explain how Nerve Control 911 repairs damaged nerves, nor do they cite any evidence proving their formula repairs damaged nerves.

It’s possible the ingredients in Nerve Control 911 support healthy inflammation, which could support nerve health throughout your body. However, supporting healthy inflammation is much different than repairing damaged nerves.

Scientific Evidence for Nerve Control 911

While some may argue that PhytAge Laboratories has a reputation for selling overpriced supplements online backed by dubious scientific evidence, their long-standing track record and industry popularity seems to say otherwise. Nerve Control 911 seems no different from other formulas in the “911” brand: there’s no evidence Nerve Control 911 repairs damaged nerves, reduces nerve pain, lowers inflammation, or lowers blood pressure as advertised. In fact, it’s unusual for PhytAge Labs to advertise any of these benefits.

PhytAge Laboratories does not report any clinical trials on Nerve Control 911, nor have they published their research in a peer-reviewed journal. They do not claim to have tested their formula on humans with diabetes – or even animals with diabetes – to verify its safety or efficacy.

However, PhytAge Labs cites some small studies to justify its ingredients.

PhytAge Labs cites this 2017 study where researchers discovered that reactive oxygen species (ROS) in certain animals could fight back against diabetes. In that study, researchers analyzed ROS in zebrafish and mice, concluding that ROS could inhibit MMP-13 and reduce symptoms of diabetes. PhytAge Labs describes this study as a “neuropathy breakthrough,” although it was not performed on humans.

To reduce diabetic nerve pain, most doctors recommend a combination of diet and exercise. If that doesn’t work, doctors may prescribe medication. However, PhytAge Labs claims modern neuropathy drugs are dangerous, and they seem to advise against taking the neuropathy drugs prescribed by your doctor. To scare you away from those drugs, PhytAge Labs cites one study showing that 500,000 Americans will die from opioids by the year 2027. This study proves the deadliness of opioids, which are unrelated to neuropathy drugs. Your doctor will not prescribe opioids to treat neuropathy, although some prescribe opioids for pain relief.

To scare you away from your doctor’s prescribed medication even further, PhytAge Labs cites this study showing that two of the most popular pain treatment medications, gabapentin, and pregabalin, are ineffective for neuropathic pain. The FDA has approved both compounds for overall pain treatment.

PhytAge Labs cites little evidence proving any of the ingredients in their formula reduce neuropathy, heal damaged nerves, reduce inflammation, or provide other advertised benefits. So we did our own research.

Some studies show that passionflower extract can reduce anxiety. This 2016 study showed that passionflower had anxiolytic effects, which means it reduces anxiety. Researchers believe passionflower extract affects GABA neurotransmitters. Researchers found that passionflower extract can soothe GABA receptors to reduce muscle spasms, leading to significant relation in studies on rats.

Nerve Control 911 also contains a small dose of marshmallow extract. Some studies show that marshmallow root acts as an analgesic, which means it temporarily relieves pain. Traditional medicine practitioners have used marshmallow extract for centuries to soothe pain and inflammation.

Research has verified some of the pain-relieving benefits of marshmallow extract. One 2014 study found that certain marshmallow extract species could have mild analgesic effects, and there’s evidence they soothe digestive discomfort. However, no studies show marshmallow extract relieves pain more effectively than prescription medication.

Again, marshmallow extract in Nerve Control 911 is much lower than the dose used in most studies. Most marshmallow extract supplements and studies use a much higher dose than what we see in Nerve Control 911.

Overall, PhytAge Laboratories makes big claims about its ingredients’ effectiveness yet provides little evidence supporting these claims. It’s possible Nerve Control 911 lowers anxiety and blood pressure, heals damaged nerves, and provides other benefits in people with diabetes – but there’s little scientific evidence supporting any of these benefits.

Nerve Control 911 Pricing

Nerve Control 911 is priced at $49.95 to $69.95 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you order.


You can only order Nerve Control 911 from the official websites (NerveControl911.com or PhytAgeLaboratories.com), where pricing breaks down like this:

You can also sign up for the auto-ship program for $62.96 per month. You receive a new bottle of Nerve Control 911 every month, and your credit card is charged $62.96 every month.

Nerve Control 911 Refund Policy

A 90-day refund policy backs nerve Control 911.

You can request a complete refund within 90 days if you’re unsatisfied with the results of Nerve Control 911 for any reason. If you don’t lower blood pressure, soothe anxiety, or solve your diabetic nerve pain within 3 months of taking Nerve Control 911, then you’re entitled to a complete refund.

About PhytAge Laboratories

PhytAge Laboratories is a Texas-based nutritional supplement company that sells a range of natural supplements online.

Other popular supplements sold by the company include Tinnitus 911 (which claims to eliminate tinnitus using natural ingredients), Blood Pressure 911 (which claims to support healthy blood pressure), and Prostate 911 (which claims to support prostate health). Most of the supplements are priced at $70 per bottle, making PhytAge Laboratories one of the costliest nutritional supplement companies online.

PhytAge Laboratories does not claim to have a medical advisory board, nor does it claim to test its supplements with third-party labs to verify their safety or efficacy. However, the company claims to make its supplements in the United States at an FDA-registered, GMP-certified factory.


You can contact PhytAge Laboratories through the methods below:

  • Email: wecare@phytagesupport.com
  • Phone: 1-800-822-5753
  • Mailing Address: 12600 Hill Country Boulevard Suite R-275, Bee Cave, Texas 78738

Final Word

Nerve Control 911 is a diabetic nerve pain supplement that claims to reduce inflammation and repair damaged nerves.

If you like the marketing for Nerve Control 911 and trust PhytAge Labs to solve your serious health problems, then you can order Nerve Control 911 online today, where a 90-day money-back guarantee backs it.

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