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Lure Essentials Glam Facial Cupping System Review – Is It Legit?

Are you struggling to come to terms with visible signs of aging? No, we aren’t referring to reduced range of motion or bodily aches, but more so, aging skin. While it is important to celebrate this stage of life, the likes of fine lines and wrinkles are sure to lower one’s confidence level.

So far, the market carries dietary pills and topical solutions, most of which carry helpful ingredients. But why not travel back in time for a second? Has it ever occurred to you that facial cupping can be beneficial? Well, Lure Essentials strongly stands by this ancient technique and has since launched a product called “Glam Facial Cupping System.”

What is Glam Facial Cupping System?

As insinuated in the name of this kit, the Glam Facial Cupping System is an anti-aging skincare regime founded on the ancient principle of cupping. With just a handful of sessions, one’s skin is trusted to become far healthier. Explicitly, the creators, Lure Essentials avow that the Glam Facial Cupping System can help to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness, stimulate collagen production, or suchlike.

What piqued our curiosity is its convenience. Based on the claims made, all it takes is five minutes per day to see a desirable outcome. Before investigating its contents, it is crucial that everyone has a basic understanding of the ancient technique at hand.

How does Glam Facial Cupping System work?

Earlier we highlighted the role that cupping plays in this system. Interestingly, it is a common practice in Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. The goal is to use the cups to draw fluids into a particular area. The discoloration left behind reflects broken blood vessels underneath the skin. Nonetheless, this form of healing is believed to increase blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and may promote cellular reparation [1,2]. Regarding its effectiveness, tradition is 100% for it, while some support has been expressed throughout the scientific community.

According to one source, facial cupping remains a popular choice because it might promote sterile inflammation, a form of trauma that might trigger an inflammatory response. This in turn will fuel the encapsulated area with blood cells, platelets, and other healing aids. What does this all mean? Well, as explained by Lure Essentials, a product like the Glam Facial Cupping System can increase blood circulation, strengthen skin and connective tissues, and relax muscle tension. The latter factors allegedly suffice to brighten the skin, reduce visible scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, tone certain parts of the face, decrease puffiness and regulate the skin’s natural oil production [3].


Glam Facial Cupping System FAQS

Q: How does the Glam Facial Cupping System compare to its competitors?

A: Lure Essentials’ cups are made using premium food-grade silicone. Consequently, the entire system is deemed safe, transparent, ergonomically shaped, flexible, and easy to use. Furthermore, natural ingredients were used as alternatives to BPS, PVC, and plastic.

Q: What’s included in each Glam Facial Cupping System?

A: Each Glam Facial Cupping System includes two face cups, two eyecups, a free exfoliating brush, and the Glam Boost oil.

Q: How to use the Glam Facial Cupping System?

A: The Glam Facial Cupping System is for people who want to perform dynamic or flash cupping only. That said, for optimal uses, individuals are asked to follow the provided:

  • The cups should never be left in one place only
  • it is crucial for individuals to be as liberal with the oil as possible for a desirable glide
  • The skin should not be pulled onto, instead, it should be anchored with the freehand

In addition to the above, each treatment should be performed for five minutes per area, two to three times a week for the first four to six weeks. Afterward, individuals should follow up with a weekly maintenance phase.

Q: Does cupping hurt? Will it bruise the face?

A: Lure Essentials insists that the Glam Facial Cupping System isn’t intense enough to cause pain. That said, some people have previously reported temporary redness, but this signifies healthy blood flow to the cupped area.

Q: Is the Glam Facial Cupping System safe for everyone to use?

A: Generally speaking, the Glam Facial Cupping System is deemed safe for the face. However, pregnant women and people who are either on blood thinners or have varicose veins will need to consult a health practitioner beforehand.

Q: What results can be anticipated from using the Glam Facial Cupping System?

A: Lure Essentials conducted a study through an independent third party, where real consumers were subjected to the Glam Facial Cupping System. In the end, the following results were observed:

  • Significant improvement in the neck area
  • Increased cheek, jawline, and jowl definition
  • Significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles under and around the eye area
  • Significant reduction in under-eye bags
  • Significant improvement in crow’s feet and furrow
  • Diminished dark under eye circles
  • Firmer, smoother, and slimmer definition in cheeks and skin

Q: Is it appropriate to use the Glam Facial Cupping System on the lips?

A: Yes, as described, the Glam Facial Cupping System can be used on the lips to temporarily enhance and volumize them.

Q: Can any oil be used for cupping purposes?

A: While there aren’t many restrictions regarding oil type, Lure Essentials highly recommends one with omega-9 fatty acids and antioxidants.

Q: Won’t cupping make the skin looser?

A: No, it turns out that the suction cups are very soft and therefore, are highly unlikely to damage the skin’s elasticity or firmness. Matter-of-factly, it has the potential to give the skin a healthy lift.


How much does the Glam Facial Cupping System cost?

The Glam Facial Cupping System is available on the official website. The prices are based on the number of units ordered. At the time of writing, individuals can access the Glam Facial Cupping System at the following rates (before shipping and applicable taxes):

  • 1 Glam® Facial Cupping System: $35.99 each
  • 2 Glam® Facial Cupping Systems: $26.99 each
  • 3 Glam® Facial Cupping Systems: $23.99 each
  • 6 Glam® Facial Cupping Systems: $17.99 each

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. For further information, customer service can be reached via:

  • Email:
  • Address: 703 Mohican Ct Morganville, 07751 NJ


Meet Lure Essentials

The husband-and-wife duo, Igor and Stella remain at the core of Lure Essentials, as the two started this company to help consumers achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. Growing up, Igor and Stella claim to have watched their grandparents practice the Ukrainian take on cupping called “banki”, which was a sought-after solution to relieve congestion and colds. Seeing first-hand the immense joy that stemmed from the release of health implications, Lure Essentials was founded. Today, the company continues to embody holistic approaches and pays its respect to ancient practices. Here are a couple of words from the entire Lure Essentials team:

“Lure Essentials is a true industry leader and innovator with first to market easy to use DIY cupping therapy sets for self-care application […] We work hard to develop the most advanced and effective solutions for natural health and beauty on the market […] Now we invite YOU to join our #GetCupped Movement and find out why 98% of customers recommend our products.”

Glam Facial Cupping System Concluding Thoughts

The cupping technique has been around since the beginning of time and has quickly adapted to different cultural needs. In recent times, health practitioners, trainers, spas, and athletes have been including cupping in their practices for pain relief purposes. This has society wondering how much of an effect facial cupping can truly have. Based on the analysis above, the benefits are endless, as the technique aims to promote healing from within as opposed to proving temporary relief.

To see such a delicate process encapsulated in a do-it-yourself system is uplifting. With the Glam Facial Cupping System, individuals can potentially watch their aging signs fade, and the fact that Lure Essentials got their product tested is what makes this entire system appealing. Of course, this doesn’t mean that everything will be sunshine and rainbows, especially because there will be a learning curve at the beginning. But, ultimately, the thought process that went into the cups, oil, and prices make the Glam Facial Cupping System an investment worth testing. To find out more about Lure Essentials’ Glam Facial Cupping System, click here>>>.

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