KetoGo Review Hidden Dangers Keto GO Nature Slim Controversy

Subheading: KetoGO is a fat burning weight loss keto diet pill with BHB-rich ingredients to help boost ketosis results, but are there real hidden dangers and legitimate customer scam complaints about negative side effects or is it all fake controversy? Review the truth about Keto GO Nature Slim pills before ordering today.

The ketogenic diet has allowed society to see weight loss through unique lenses. Sure, the idea of cutting back on carbohydrates has always been there, but the idea of increasing fat intake is to a certain level, eye opening. In fact, studies have proven that this approach can be helpful. Unfortunately, the ketogenic diet is no easy task to keep up with and getting the body into a specific metabolic rate can be difficult. This hiccup has been dealt with thanks to one particular supplement that yields similar results to that of the diet. Without further ado, here’s a complete breakdown on the one and only, KetoGo Nature Slim.

As most probably know all to well by now, fad diets have dominated the health and wellness market for years, advertising better health, weight loss, and improved quality of life. The problem that many people face is that diets are hard to follow. Either they don’t work and force you to starve yourself in an unhealthy way, or they are so extreme that you quit before you even reach a week on the diet. KetoGo is a new product that claims to harness the power of the Ketogenic diet without having to sacrifice your daily lifestyle. They do this through a revolutionary pill designed to place your body in a state of “ketosis” which increases your ability to burn fat for energy instead of carbs. But can the KetoGo supplement actually do this? What does ketosis even mean? And how is this different from other supplements that promise weight loss without having to diet or exercise? We have done the research into this and can offer our insight into this new product that you’ve probably heard about to help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

What is KetoGo Nature Slim?

KetoGo Natural Slim is a ketosis weight loss support that has been formulated to mimic the effects of the keto diet without having to be so strict. With time, this supplement is believed to trigger fat burning, release stored fats, increase energy levels and ensure that one’s confidence levels are heightened. Founded on the idea of pushing the body into ketosis, KetoGo Nature Slim is unlike most weight loss supplements. Now that we have some idea as to what the intentions are, let’s turn to the mechanisms holding this supplement together.


If you’ve been anywhere on the internet in the past five years you’ve no doubt heard of the “keto diet” as a great way to lose weight. The goal of a keto (or ketogenic) diet is to place your body in a state of ketosis, a state where your metabolism shifts away from burning carbs for fuel and instead uses the excess fat stored in your body. This is achieved by placing a heavy limit on the number of carbs that you consume in a day, usually no more than 50 grams. To give you an idea of how small this is, 50 grams of carbs can be consumed in a small bowl of rice, three peeled potatoes, or three slices of bread. That means that many of the foods you enjoy on a daily basis are out of the picture. While you are reducing carbs you instead load up on fats and some protein for your body to quickly enter ketosis. The benefits of the keto diet have been and continue to be researched extensively and include: increased weight loss while not feeling hungry, improved cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and better blood sugar levels. It’s no surprise that with such a powerful diet many have come to try the keto diet to help them lose weight.

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Unfortunately, the keto diet comes with a few side effects that make it hard to continue for long periods of time. Not only are you forced to cut out carbs and sugar pretty much entirely, but you could also suffer from a host of side effects. These include poor energy, difficulty sleeping, nausea, limited mental function, and digestive issues. But with such tremendous benefits, the power of keto is being explored in many areas of the health and wellness industry. This is where KetoGo and their new supplement come into play.

How does KetoGo Nature Slim work?

Seeing that KetoGo Nature Slim is founded on the guidelines of the ketogenic diet, as mentioned in the Globe Newswire, this supplement works to drive the body into a metabolic state called ketosis. In other words, bodily cells are forced to rely on fat burning as a means of producing sugar (i.e., ketone bodies) for energy purposes rather than burning carbohydrates.

This approach is a great way to produce energy, especially when individuals prefer to cut back on their carbohydrates’ intake. In addition, when the latter is taken in excess, it only ends up stored in the liver as glycogen, which plays the reverse role of the insulin hormone. All the body really needs to produce ketones are fat cells and the liver. Is it really that simple? Yes, the body transfers fat cells over to the liver, which is where the ketosis process commences.

Once fat is broken down, ketones get released by the liver and into the bloodstream. The one downside to this take on weight loss is that people who are diabetic will end up with extremely concentrated ketone levels within the blood. This in turn will cause an array of symptoms ranging from extreme thirst and the constant need to urinate to heightened blood sugar levels and bad breath.

The key question that one is likely to ask themselves is “why not just follow the keto diet if KetoGo Nature Slim mimics it?” Well, there are a number of factors to consider. In general, when individuals are on the diet, it can take anywhere between 2 and 4 days to enter ketosis. This depends on one’s strictness in following the diet, the breakdown of macro and micronutrients, medication intake, age, one’s metabolic rate and physical activity.

While it is hard to get the body into ketosis, kicking it out of such a state is fairly simple. Make one wrong move and the process will need to start from the beginning. Who can forget the short-lived symptoms of energy drainage, exhaustion and ultimately, the keto flu? With all of these uncertainties, succeeding on the diet is difficult compared to including a ketosis weight loss support.

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For years it was thought that the only way to reach ketosis and unlock its many health benefits was to use a strict low-carb, high-fat diet. The creators of KetoGo, however, claim that they’ve figured out a way to reach this metabolic state without having to use any diet and even advertise that it will still help its users lose weight without having to exercise too. But how can they do this? The answer lies in a chemical called Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) which is the chemical that is made when the body reaches ketosis.

As referred to above, KetoGo is made of 100% pure BHB, as advertised on their product’s website. This chemical is said to shift the body’s energy production from carbs and sugars to fats giving you the benefits of ketosis. By placing this chemical directly into the body’s digestive system, KetoGo claims that you can gain the rewards of reaching ketosis without having to go on the strenuous ketogenic diet. That means that you can eat the food you love and live your life without the side effects of a long-term low-carb, high-fat diet. The benefits of KetoGo include increased weight loss, better athletic performance, and mental clarity, making it a valuable supplement to add to your medicine cabinet. That is of course if it works like they claim it does.

What ingredients are inside KetoGo Nature Slim?

The main ingredient in KetoGo Nature Slim is goBHB®. This proprietary blend comprises of 800mg of calcium beta hydroxybutyrate, sodium beta hydroxybutyrate and magnesium beta hydroxybutyrate. Beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is a type of ketone that is naturally produced in the body, accounting for roughly 78% of all ketone bodies. This supplement contains exogenous BHB that acts the same way as the former.

Distributed by Compound Solutions, Inc., goBHB® has not only been clinically shown to promote ketosis faster but can also boost metabolic processes and increase BHB levels within the blood in a matter of 2 hours. This is said to be suitable for anyone in need of an endurance and performance boost, increased energy, suppressed appetite and enhanced cognitive function [1].

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How should KetoGo Nature Slim be taken?

As a dietary supplement, 2 capsules once daily have been recommended. For optimal results, each serving should be taken 20 to 30 minutes prior to a meal or as directed by a health professional. While KetoGo Nature Slim has been formulated to push the body into ketosis at a faster rate, it by no means implies that the keto diet should be taken lightly. In fact, pairing this supplement with the keto diet and some form of physical activity can go long ways.

What features does KetoGo Nature Slim carry in comparison to competitors?

In regard to features that make KetoGo Nature Slim beneficial and possibly more potent, they go as follows:

  • It was made in a U.S.-based, FDA approved facility that follows good manufacturing processes (GMP) guidelines
  • It is deemed potent in burning fat for energy
  • It only contains quality, all-natural ingredients
  • Results can be attained in less than a week
  • It is deemed safe from allergens

Is KetoGo Nature Slim safe?

KetoGo Nature Slim is deemed generally safe to take because it includes goBHB®. This blend has been tested for purity, safety and effectiveness. That said, pregnant and/or nursing mothers and children under the age of 18 should first get a physician’s opinion before taking this supplement. Bear in mind that with such supplements, shying away from healthy lifestyle habits is highly frowned upon.

What results can by anticipated from taking KetoGo Nature Slim?

Within the first week, individuals might be able to lose up to 5lbs. Within the first month, accelerated fat burning can be expected as well as a noticeable difference in one’s weight (i.e., up to 20lbs drop). However, full effect of KetoGo Nature Slim will only take shape within three to five months of use. By this point, individuals may notice sustained energy levels, boost to fat burning, suppressed appetite and a transformation like no other.

Is KetoGo Nature Slim protected by a refund policy?

Yes, upon checkout, the team mentions that KetoGo Nature Slim has been protected by a 90-day money-back guarantee. If no changes to weight or physique, or even energy levels are felt within this period, customer service can be contacted for a full refund. One thing that remains unclear is whether this refund applies to unopened or opened bottles. Hence, we encourage everyone to seek clarification prior to placing an order.

What is the best way to get in touch with the KetoGo Nature Slim support team?

At the time of writing, the only way to get in touch with the team behind KetoGo Nature Slim is by calling toll-free at 1 (855) 664-0768. For more information, consider visiting the official website and reading over the Terms and Conditions here.

How much does KetoGo Nature Slim cost?

Every KetoGo Nature Slim should come with 60 capsules enough to sustain one month (i.e., 2 capsules per serving). As stated on the official website, the retail price for one bottle is usually $125, but as a limited time offer, the following discounted rates for Nature Slim KetoGO pills can be taken advantage of:

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free: $62.50 per bottle
  • Buy 2 Get 2 Free: $46.25 per bottle
  • Buy 3 Get 3 Free: $39.97 per bottle

Interestingly, individuals wanting to lose approximately 7lbs will benefit from the first listed package deal, while anyone wanting to lose approximately 15lbs and 25lbs will benefit from the second and third deals respectively.


Is KetoGO Nature Slim Diet Pills a Controversial Fraud?

The benefits that KetoGo claims are plentiful and that’s without having to diet, exercise, or suffer any nasty side effects. But does it really work, or is it another “magic pill” trying to make a quick buck. There are many reasons that we believe KetoGo could work, they include scientific backing, customer reviews, and their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The science behind KetoGo and ketosis is constantly growing as more and more scientists and nutritionists investigate it. KetoGo has recently been studied by Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism Journal which found that KetoGo promoted burning fat instead of carbs for energy. It has also been featured on outlets like CBS News, NBC, CNN, and Women’s Health according to their website. They also report that a TV doctor recently called KetoGo the weight loss “holy grail.” The science behind BHB, the main ingredient in KetoGo has long shown that weight loss is possible through ketosis regardless of the diet you’re on.

KetoGo is available without a prescription and guarantees that it’s safe and made with 100% natural ingredients on their website. They are not, however, verified by the FDA, so exercise caution in adding KetoGo to your diet.

KetoGo is also backed by a multitude of customer reviews and testimonials advertising large amounts of weight loss in mere months. One satisfied customer even claims that KetoGo got his body fat from 26% down to 16% in only 4 months! Another says that after she started taking KetoGo regularly she lost 20 pounds in 30 days. Reviews online are plentiful and state that KetoGo is a great way to lose weight and induce ketosis. We suggest that you take a look at them before buying KetoGo to get an even better idea of the product’s efficacy.

If you go on KetoGo’s website, you’ll also see that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the front of their product page. The creators of KetoGo seem genuinely invested in your success and are willing to place this guarantee on any order of KetoGo and advertise it right when you click on their product. If you aren’t satisfied with KetoGo you can ask for a refund in the 90 days after you buy the product with no questions asked and for your entire order.

While we cannot say whether or not KetoGo will work for you, based on the research and testimonials behind KetoGo it seems likely that this product is more effective than other supplements with less authority behind them.

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Final Verdict

Ultimately, KetoGo Nature Slim is a ketosis support that ensures fat burning is triggered for energy purposes, fat loss and to some extent, weight loss. Forget following the ketogenic diet to the smallest of details, as much of the work is taken care of by KetoGo Nature Slim. Specifically, exogenous BHB is delivered to the bloodstream rather than having to get the liver to exhaust itself to produce ketones. Also, the fact that this formula contains a patented ingredient that has been tested makes KetoGo Nature Slim all the more desirable.

Placing an order for KetoGo is easy, it’s actually getting the pill in your hands that’s difficult. Right on their front page is a warning that KetoGo’s demand is so high that they’re struggling to meet demand. While we were able to place an order at the time of writing (April 2021), it’s unclear how low their supply is and whether or not there will be shortages in the future.

If you are interested in buying KetoGo it can be done in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: On KetoGo’s website you will find a sidebar that will allow for you to “rush your order” and reserve KetoGo. It requires your name and shipping information so they know where to send it.

Step 2: Select which product you’d like to order. Right now they offer three options for purchasing KetoGo.

The first option is to buy one bottle of KetoGo for $62.50 a bottle and get a second bottle free.

Another option is to buy two bottles for $46.25 a bottle and get another two free for a total of four bottles.

The option they advertise as their best value is to buy three bottles at $39.97 a bottle and get three extra bottles for free making it a grand total of six bottles of KetoGo.

Step 3: confirm your billing information and wait for KetoGo to arrive in the mail. From there you are free to get the benefits of supplement-induced ketosis and get the body you want in no time.

Each order comes with free shipping and a full 90-day money-back guarantee meaning if you aren’t satisfied you can get your full amount of money back easily.

Buying on the KetoGo website is secured by three levels of security. ScanAlert, McAfee, and Norton all ensure that your information including your credit card and email is not going to be placed in an unsecured place where hackers can reach them with ease.

If you’re interested in purchasing KetoGo it’s a relatively low-risk investment that can bring many benefits. Their refund guarantee makes it possible to get your money back if you aren’t satisfied and all of the scientific information behind KetoGo can be easily found on their website allowing you to judge whether you want to buy it or not.

As for price as a factor, bulk purchases might be the way to go, as individual purchases seem somewhat overpriced. The key takeaway here is that healthy lifestyle choices should not be avoided just because there’s a solution out there that might trigger results. Moreover, it is important to note that the results in the advertisement have been over exaggerated, therefore, individuals will need to set realistic goals for their weight loss journey. To learn more about KetoGo Nature Slim, visit here>>>

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