Kailo Pain Relief Patch Reviews – Honest Benefits or Cheap Results?

Kailo is advertised as an innovative pain patch that uses non-transdermal technology to alleviate different types of pain, whether associated with the back, menstrual cramps, knees, or even headaches the least. In fact, the creators insist that these patches have been proven to be “very universally capable.” Among several of its features, which we will get into later in this piece, the one that stands out the most is that Kailo is meant to work with the body and does not depend on forced medication of any sort down our bloodstream.

Have you been struggling to keep up with day-to-day tasks due to lower back pain? Is the thought of how excruciating your headaches have become instilling more exhaustion? Pain is such an influential hindrance that even the strong are likely to surrender to it at some point. What’s worse is that many people to this day believe that certain pains will go away by ignoring them, only failing to realize that they might instead accumulate with time. To ensure that everyone is comfortable with themselves and their bodies, Kailo Labs LLC has created a pain patch that aims to revamp the body’s self-healing processes. The purpose of this review is to shed light on a unique approach to alleviating pain called “Kailo.”

How Does Kailo Work?

As stated on the official website, Kailo is made with a patented technology often found in applications such as antennas, signal transmission, bio-identification, and energy storage. To be more precise, embedded within are nano capacitors that allegedly “turn off” pain as if it were as simple as manipulating a light switch. This approach is described as effective because pain itself is deemed a result of electrical signals sent to the brain.

Rather than infusing medications that would reap into the body, this system is meant to work alongside it, as the body tends to promote self-healing. To work effectively, individuals need to make sure that Kailo is placed in a location that is somewhat in between the brain and the pain. In so doing, the nano capacitors are trusted to be activated and ready at work, not to forget that the brain will receive signals hinting for alleviation.

What features Does Kailo Have?

Now that the basics of Kailo have been covered, the next course of action entails studying its features. Here are some features worth reflecting upon before making a purchase:

Can be Worn Anywhere on the Body

As per the claims made, Kailo has hundreds of applications. To date, customers are believed to have reported that the pain patch successfully turned off different pain switches in the body. Some examples include the head, neck, shoulder, back, knee, hand, and foot.

Relief Can Be Expected Within 60 Seconds

A video includes customer testimonials and random trials. Most if not all individuals reported instant pain relief. In one case, a tingling sensation was reported, which led their pain to reduce from a 7.5 (on a scale of 10) to a measly 4. Hence, placement of Kailo is a significant factor that determines the extent of relief one is likely to attain. On that note, Kailo can be placed either on bare skin and/or on top of clothing.

100% Drug-free & No Side Effects Reported

As mentioned above, Kailo is a non-transdermal patch, which means that it does not contain any chemicals or medicine that typically would enter the body. It is made with 100% naturally occurring elements. All things considered, the team claims that no side effects have been reported at the time of writing.

Long-lasting Patches and Reusable Adhesives

Kailo patches can supposedly be “worn over and over, day after day, without losing functionality.” That said, with such uses, the adhesives may need replacing, namely after three to seven days of continuous use.

Waterproof and Durable

Without loss of generality, we can say that the patch is durable. Fortunately, it has been designed to handle any physical activity or weather condition, no problem. Its waterproof nature allows individuals to wear Kailo while taking a shower, swimming, or even working out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Wear Kailo?

As a general rule, individuals are asked to place Kailo near (but right above) the pain source. Then, the patch should be moved in the pain area but closest to the brain (i.e., following the nervous system’s pathway). Once the right place has been located, individuals should apply the adhesive strip and wait to feel a warm or tingling sensation. The latter two are signs that indicate that the nano capacitors are beginning to work. For more details on placement by pain source, go to https://gokailo.com/pages/learn.

Do The Kailo Patches Run on a Battery?

No, Kailo does not run on batteries, nor does it need to be plugged in anywhere. Instead, it contains billions of tiny capacitors that react to the body’s natural sources of electrical charges. Interestingly, these tiny capacitors go as far as propagating the body’s natural communication signals to promote healing.

What are the Wear and Tear like with Kailo?

Kailo is durable; as long as individuals treat it properly, it can last for years before needing a replacement.

Will Kailo Support all health conditions?

While Kailo is deemed universally capable, individuals must contact customer service regarding any specific conditions before placing an order. They are likely to have a better idea of what is realistic with Kailo and what is not. Regarding pregnant and/or nursing mothers, a physician should be contacted before usage.

Is there a proper way to clean Kailo?

For enhanced maintenance, Kailo should be cleaned with warm water and soap. With that in mind, the use of caustic, cleaners, or rubbing alcohol has been advised against seeing that they are likely to risk Kailo’s overall durability feature.

How Long can Kailo Be Worn?

There’s no limit on how long or how often one can wear Kailo, as it comes down to whether pain relief has been attained or not.

Is it Safe to Wear More Than One Kailo?

Yes, it is safe to wear more than one Kailo at a time. However, wearing more than two might minimize its overall effect on pain.

Are There Kailo Samples That Can Be Tested Before Purchase?

Since Kailo is based in Utah, individuals are encouraged to do a drop-in visit at any of the Utah offices between 9 am and 5 pm to give Kailo a test.

Is Kailo Protected by a Money-Back Guarantee?

Given that not all consumers live in Utah, Kailo has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. That is, if the patch does not promote any means of healing whatsoever, customer service can be contacted for a full refund (less shipping and handling, of course). To collect more information regarding refunds, consider the following:

  • Email: support@gokailo.com.
  • Mailing Address: 8184 S Highland Dr, Suite C6B, Sandy, UT 84093, USA
  • Website: www.gokailo.com.

How Much Does Kailo Cost?

Bundle purchases of Kailo are currently being offered at discounted rates. Listed below are some price points to consider, less shipping and other possible fees:

Having said that, one Kailo set includes one reusable Kailo, three free adhesives, and one soft carrying case.

Final Verdict

Kailo is a pain patch that neither includes drugs nor medications. Instead, it appears to carry nano capacitors that enhance communication within the brain’s network of electrical signals. The idea behind this approach is interesting, seeing that the average pain patch is transdermal. Since research on this area, specifically regarding human subjects, is minimal, we decided to explore reviews on Kailo.

As this is being written, it seems like a majority of customers were dissatisfied with Kailo, most of whom (on Amazon) referred to the patch as a “total scam product” or that the “video reviews have to be fake.” One person even wrote that they tried the patch on different locations patiently, only to find that it did not work for them. This is sure to confuse consumers, as the prices aren’t as low as transdermal patches.

To see what the Kailo team has suggested, we decided to head back to the official website. On it, the team insisted that individuals should not “settle with the first point of relief” and that “several areas on [the] body” should be tested to “find the location that maximizes pain relief or eliminates the pain.”

The team also wrote that it might take a couple of minutes before feeling relief in some cases, as each individual is unique in their body and experience pain differently. If individuals feel no relief, it is highly recommended to seek customer service’s help, as they might help identify the right location. If even after their assistance, Kailo does not deliver, at least it has been backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, implying practically no risk. To find out more about Kailo and the possible relief it might offer, click here!


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