Joint Genesis Review – Negative Side Effects or Legit Benefits?

Joint ache is one of the most rampant aging symptoms that not many individuals have been able to cure. Different researchers have also emerged with conflicting conclusions about the root cause of joint pain, but few have scientific evidence supporting their observations. But, the most repeated observation is wear and tear due to the rubbing of bones against each other as you move. Joint Genesis uses a similar approach, but is inspired by more than just restoring easy movement around the joints.

What is Joint Genesis?

As the name suggests, Joint Genesis is a joint health supplement formulated with a variety of joint-lubricating ingredients. It was inspired by a traditional remedy that has been used in a Japanese village where the majority of the old people don’t experience joint pain. The formula comprises ingredients such as Satsumaimo, French Maritime Pine Tree Bark, Bioperine, and Ginger root.

Who created Joint Genesis

Joint Genesis was formulated by Dr Mark Weis, who reportedly, is a former Physician of the U.S army, based at the Wounded Warrior Clinic at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He is also a medical consultant, author, and former student of the University of Kansas School of Medicine. Mark is also the medical research director at BioDynamix.

How does Cartilage Lubrication Work?

The Synovial Fluid

According to the formulators, their research revealed that joint health complications result from reduced lubrication. Reduced lubrication can be traced back to less synovial fluid. Synovial fluid is responsible for coating and lubricating your cartilage tissue enabling different pieces of the joint to slide over each other smoothly.

The Synovial fluid is thick enough to absorb shock from impacts and to cushion spaces within the joints. It also nourishes the joints with oxygen and nutrients on behalf of the blood as the latter does not reach the cartilage. It also protects your cartilage from cytokines, a special type of proteins that fuel inflammation, protecting cartilage tissues and bone.

The Hyaluronan Molecule

The hyaluronan molecule is an essential cartilage component that starts to diminish once you hit 30 years of age. The Hyaluronan molecule absorbs water to moisten your synovial fluid for a thick and slippery consistency. According to studies, the molecule has the ability to draw water up to 1000 times its weight.

But old age causes the breaking down of hyaluronan molecules due to an enzymic attack. The rate of losing the molecule has been estimated at 1% yearly, past your 30. Environmental hazards may also accelerate the rate at which your molecules break down.

The deterioration of the hyaluronan molecules causes the thinning and reduction of the synovial fluid, causing rubbing between two joint bones. This causes joint pain, and makes you less willing to engage in physical activities.

The thinning out of the synovial fluid also cuts oxygen and vital nutrients supply to the joints, causing cartilage breakdown due to cell degeneration. It also exposes you to cytokines which worsen the effects.

How does Joint Genesis solve joint pain?

Satsumaimo, a purple sweet potato, is the secret ingredient that the Japanese have been consuming for years to prevent joint complications. It has been found to increase the production of hyaluronan.

The formula also carries Mobilee, an advanced and patented ingredient that promotes the production of hyaluronan. According to the formulators, 80g of Mobilee can increase hyaluronan production by over 10 times. Although the ingredient performs just fine individually, the results of combining it with the French Maritime Pine Tree Bark are exemplary. The combination inhibits inflammation, stiffness, and physical inability.

Mobilee is also a rich antioxidant that reduces damage by oxidative stress. The formula also combines Boswellia Serrata and Ginger Root, and BioPerine intended for stimulating the absorption rate of the supplement and its ingredients.

Is Joint Genesis safe for me?

Joint Genesis is designed for individuals who are in their 30s, or approaching 30. It makes a great remedy for age-related joint problems that has been manufactured under the best production standards in a GMPC compliant and FDA approved facility managed by strict guidelines. According to the company, the formula is vegetarian friendly, contains no GMOs or gluten. It is also free from nuts, gluten, eggs, soy, and dairy products.

How much is Joint Genesis?

1 bottle of the formula costs $59, but you can enjoy a bigger discount by purchasing in larger packages such as the 3-bottle package that costs $49 per bottle. There is also a 6-bottle package that goes for $39. The company also awards a 100-day money back guarantee to protect customers from financial losses.


Final Word

Joint Genesis works gradually, increasing its effects over time. It is worth a trial if you have tried multiple joint treatments without success. We recommend that you purchase a multi packaged order to enjoy longer lasting effects and realize the full potential of the product. Nonetheless, Joint Genesis remains the ultimate joint health solution until another scientific breakthrough happens.