Isavera Reviews – At-Home Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing System?

Isavera is advertised as a patent-pending, at-home Fat Freezing System that has been backed by clinical studies. Its role as stated by the official website is intended to reduce the appearance of stubborn fat that would otherwise go untouched by eating healthy or following an extreme exercise routine. The creators of Isavera insist that individuals are likely to experience a noticeable reduction, namely in the waistline, belly, love-handles, bra-rolls, and lower back.

Isn’t it frustrating to watch all your efforts lose to something so aggravating as stubborn fat? If so, many people have struggled to overcome it. Though exercise and eating healthy are possible solutions, to what extent do they really help? Having pondered upon this question comes a team who believe they’ve found a solution that has been proven to date. The so-called solution is none other than Isavera. It neither requires healthy eating nor supplementations. Similarly, it neither requires treatments nor money. Stimulating, isn’t it? The purpose of this review is to shed light on Isavera and what this means for fat cells.

As shared by the team, the average rating for this product is 4.2 stars, which reflects the combined ratings of factors such as quality of material (4.6 stars), durability (4.5 stars), value for money (4.4 stars), comfort (4.4 stars), and pain relief (4.1 stars). These numbers are definitely on the upper end. To see what it is about Isavera that allows individuals to see desirable results, let’s turn our attention to how it is meant to work.

How does Isavera work?

In general, fat cells either shrink or expand. More specifically, the team explained that when individuals exercise, fat cells reduce in size, and when individuals eat, fat cells increase in size. Did you notice that they don’t disappear at any point? Well, that’s the problem with stubborn fat, they are always there! Hence, the reason for a product like Isavera.

The Isavera gel packs are said to contain a special formula that cools fat cells until they reach optimal temperatures. As a consequence, the fat cells will naturally dissolve or as required, disappear. This entire process has been coined cryolipolysis, a technique that has become so prevalent at high-end clinics. All-in-all, individuals can think of Isavera as a safe, and inexpensive means of getting similar results to that of expensive surgeries, but without the need to set aside time for recovery.

What features does Isavera carry?

Now that it has become clear that Isavera is founded on cryolipolysis, the next step is to assess its features. This will not only help consumers understand why this product has garnered a lot of attention, but also whether it aligns with one’s respective goals:

Triggers and Eliminates Stubborn Areas

As described on the sales page, using a similar technique to that of cryolipolysis, is likely to lead to the minimized appearance of unwanted bulges and stretch marks, whether it be on the belly, back, or love handles to name a few.

Anti-Slip Lining

For those of you who are wondering whether you’ll end up fidgeting around because of slippage, the insides of Isavera are made using anti-slip lining, which means the selected region will be targeted throughout the entirety of wearing Isavera.


To use Isavera, individuals simply have to place the gel packs into their respective pockets situated on the Velcro strap and wrap the strap around the waist. The entire process is quite convenient and time-efficient. The only time an issue may arise is if the gel packs are not frozen as required. As long as such minor details are taken care of in advance, this is an easy system to use.

All-natural, Safe and Effective

The main benefit of Isavera is that it neither requires surgeries, injections nor supplements. No damage is done to the body from the inside out, which is reassuring to see. For these reasons, the creators insist that Isavera is all-natural, safe, and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is Isavera safe?

The creators of Isavera insist that it is safe to use, as similar products exist in the market. To maximize safety, they made sure that the included gel packs are formulated to reach a temperature of 11℉ above when frostbite may occur. To avoid any injuries, individuals are also asked to only use Isavera 2 to 3 times per week.

Does Isavera work on all body types?

Given the fat freezing nature of Isavera and the included adjustable Velcro strap, it should work on almost all body types. This obviously is not something for pregnant and/or nursing mothers. A physician’s opinion should be gathered in terms of the latter.

Is Isavera only meant to support the abs?

It turns out that Isavera can support just about any part of the body, not just the abs.

How intense is the pain with Isavera?

While Isavera is worn, individuals may experience some minor tenderness, tingling, redness, and slight numbing due to the coldness, however, these symptoms are deemed barely intense. In fact, the creators shared that the sensations are more on the relaxation and refreshing side rather than that of pain.

What are the measurements of the Isavera Velcro strap?

The exact measurements of the Isavera Velcro strap have not been shared, however, it carries three pockets to place the gel packs, which total 30 inches. By observation, one might argue that the Velcro strap is a little over 50 inches long and 6.25 inches wide. This is something to clarify with customer service.

How are Isavera gel packs different than conventional freezer packs?

Yes, Isavera gel packs are different than conventional freezer packs. This is because the gel packs have been designed to reach ideal skin temperature to stimulate subcutaneous fat, distribute body heat and remain flexible when frozen. These packs have also gone extreme testing to ensure that they reach optimal fat freezing temperatures while avoiding frostbites.

What is the ideal time to freeze the Isavera gel packs?

The Isavera gel packs can be stored in a standard freezer. That said, a period of 24 to 48 hours at a temperature of 0°F has been recommended. Due to the variations in freezers, individuals have been asked to observe signs of readiness as well, namely, anything that appears blueish, whitish with slight flexibility.

Is it okay to wear Isavera alongside other products?

Yes, Isavera can be worn alongside other products as well. However, the best thing to do is to check in with a physician before making such decisions.

Is it okay to wear Isavera while working out?

Ideally, individuals wearing Isavera should minimize their movement. The whole point is to create a freezing sensation, and this means keeping the temperature as low as possible. This is not to say that the creators are against exercising, but that they would rather not see the two be paired.

How long will it take to receive Isavera?

For U.S. orders, the average wait time is roughly 4 business days (or within 3 to 5 business days), while the average wait time for international orders is roughly 10 business days (or within 7 to 12 business days). To this end, individuals should consider factors including country of residence, customs clearance (if applicable), and shipping delays due to COVID-19.

What if Isavera does not produce desirable results as suggested?

On average, a noticeable difference can be witnessed within the first 3 to 12 weeks. The reason for such an extended range is because every individual is unique when it comes to their body and fat accumulation. On that note, the “Return Policy” section indicates that Isavera has been backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee, however, the official sales page indicates a 30-day money-back guarantee. Due to the clear conflict here, individuals are asked to clarify this doubt by reaching out to the team at isavera@giddyup-support.com.

What does each purchase of Isavera come with?

Each Isavera bundle comes with:

  • 1 Isavera strap
  • 3 Isavera gel packs
  • 1 fat measurement tape
  • 1 fat measurement caliper
  • 1 free body fat massager

Regarding the body fat massager, it has been included to help further results, i.e., to break down damaged fat cells some more. This should be used right after using Isavera. To use, individuals are simply encouraged to massage the targeted area in a circular motion using body lotion for at most two minutes. This experience should be relaxing (like that of the spa) therefore, being slow and steady should be the goal here.

How much does Isavera cost?

Since Isavera can be used in more than one region, consumers on average prefer to place bulk orders. Due to this increasing trend, the creators have decided to bring down the price as quantities increase. Below is a quick price rundown:

1 Isavera System Bundle $99

2 Isavera System Bundles $163.35 (or roughly $81.68 each)

3 Isavera System Bundles $217.80 (or roughly $72.60 each)

Bear in mind that the above prices do not take into account any applicable taxes, shipping and handling fees (i.e., free on U.S. orders), and others depending on the country.

Final Verdict

Overall, Isavera has been founded on a technique called cryolipolysis; one that destroys stubborn fat in just about any region in the body. In further investigating cryolipolysis, we came across a piece by Harvard Health Publishing’s Medical School that shared that the technique “appears to be safe and effective for treatment for fat loss without the downtime of liposuction or surgery.”

As disclosed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) on cryolipolysis, “injured fat cells are gradually eliminated by the body over 4 to 6 months […] with an average fat reduction of about 20 percent.” This to some extent shows that the idea behind Isavera is sound, which is uplifting to see.

The claims made by the team that Isavera is inexpensive is definitely true that the average cost of a cryolipolysis can range anywhere between $2000 and $4000. It is important to mention that fat loss and weight loss are two different things. So, just because this system triggers fat loss, it doesn’t mean that it will be noticed in weight too.

All things considered, not knowing who created Isavera is somewhat concerning, as it reflects poor transparency. Also, there appears to be conflicting information on the sales page in comparison to the different policies available. Finally, it is interesting to see that the team insists initial results can be witnessed within three weeks, whereas ASPS suggests a minimum of four months. This is sure to raise eyebrows. For all of these reasons, consumers are strongly urged to contact customer service before moving forward with the Isavera purchase. To learn more about what Isavera can offer to you, here.




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