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Immune 11X Reviews (UpWellness) Boost Immunity Naturally?

Immune 11X is an immune support supplement created by Dr. Joshua Levitt and UpWellness.

UpWellness markets the supplement as “The #1 Way to Support the Immune System.” By taking Immune 11X daily, you can purportedly enhance innate immunity, stimulate white blood cells, and support other immune health benefits.

Does Immune 11X work? Should you take this supplement daily for immunity? Find out everything you need to know about Immune 11X and how it works today in our review.

What is Immune 11X?

Immune 11X is a nutritional supplement sold online through

The supplement claims to support your immune system using natural ingredients. By taking two capsules of Immune 11X daily, you can purportedly enhance your body’s natural defenses, supporting your ability to respond to infections, disease, and illness.

Immune 11X was formulated by Dr. Joshua Levitt, a board-certified naturopathic doctor who runs a holistic medicine practice in New England. Dr. Levitt launched UpWellness to combine modern medicine with naturopathy. Immune 11X is a combination of tried-and-true natural medicine with modern science.

As part of a 2021 promotion, UpWellness gives away a “free” bottle of Immune 11X (pay $12.95 shipping). Alternatively, you can buy three bottles of the formula for just $27.

How Does Immune 11X Work?

Immune 11X claims to support immune health using 11 ingredients. By taking two capsules of Immune 11X daily, you can maximize the power of these immune-supporting ingredients. The ingredients complement one another, with the effects building to support immunity in multiple ways.

Immune 11X contains an ix of vitamins, minerals, herbal and plant extracts, antioxidants, and other compounds to achieve these benefits.


Here are some of the effects you can expect after taking Immune 11X, according to the official website:

Enhance Innate Immunity: Immune 11X claims to reinforce the mucosal surfaces of your nose, mouth, throat, and lungs, enhancing your innate immunity. Your body uses mucus and other systems to defend itself. Immune 11X claims to support your body’s ability to protect itself against toxins, pathogens, germs, and other invaders by supporting these natural defenses.

Stimulate White Blood Cells: White blood cells play a crucial role in your immune system. Your immune system sends white blood cells to attack foreign invaders. The ingredients in Immune 11X purportedly give your white blood cells “the fuel they need” to maintain an optimal immune defense system.

Peace of Mind: Immune 11X claims to help you rest easy by giving you peace of mind. You’re taking a substance that boosts your immunity so that you can enjoy better peace of mind. When you’re less stressed, your immune system functions more efficiently.

Cellular Repair: Immune 11X claims to enhance cellular repair and tissue recovery. Your immune system depends on fast-acting cellular and tissue repair. The ingredients in Immune 11X can purportedly support these processes, making it easier for your cells and tissues to repair themselves.

A Strong Offense: An immune system isn’t just about defending your body. A good immune system relies on a strong offense to complement its strong defense. Immune 11X contains ingredients with antimicrobial properties, helping your body attack foreign invaders before they impact your body.

Control Inflammatory Chemicals: Immune 11X claims to support inflammation by controlling inflammatory chemicals. To do that, Immune 11X uses a “Goldilocks” approach to invasion: the formula is not too hard and not too soft, but it’s just right. UpWellness claims the ingredients in Immune 11X help balance immune reactivity.

Polyphenols, Bioflavonoids, and Antioxidants: Many immune support supplements contain bioflavonoids and polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants found in plants, herbal compounds, and other ingredients. Antioxidants support healthy inflammation throughout your body by neutralizing free radicals. Inflammation and oxidation are linked to disease. People with high levels of inflammation and oxidation have a higher risk of disease. To control this risk, Immune 11X uses antioxidants like polyphenols and bioflavonoids. UpWellness claims Immune 11X is “loaded with natural phytochemicals [plant-based chemicals] with powerful antioxidant action,” stopping free radical damage at the source.


Who Should Use Immune 11X?

Some people take Immune 11X to support their immune system against any threats. Others take it because they’ve noticed symptoms of immune dysfunction, including fatigue, digestive issues, and other problems.

Dr. Levitt claims many of his patients come to him because they “just don’t feel well.” In many cases, these issues are traced to immune system problems.

Dr. Levitt claims some of the most common symptoms of immune system dysfunction include:

Many of these effects create a negative feedback loop. When you have trouble sleeping, you may have difficulty concentrating, leading to more stress during the day. When your body is more stressed, it has poorer immune system health than it usually would.

How Immune 11X Impacts your Innate Immune System

Dr. Levitt has designed Immune 11X to target your innate immune system specifically. Here’s how the Immune 11X sales page explains your innate immune system:

“The innate immune system is the part of your immune system that is “built-in” and has been with you since birth. It’s your true first line of defense against invasion.”

The innate immune system is different from your adaptive immune system. Your adaptive immune system learns from experience. Your adaptive immune system responds to threats over the years, remembering how to defend your body against these threats.

Your innate immune system, meanwhile, is your primal defense system. It forms a protective shield around the cells of your body. You have this innate immune system from an early age.

If your innate immune system is working correctly, then Dr. Levitt claims it will:

  • Reinforce physical barriers (like the membranes and mucus in your nose, throat, and lungs)
  • Recruit white blood cells by sending chemical signals
  • Activate proteins that attack pathogens and clear dead cells
  • Seek, destroy, and dispose of toxic substances
  • Stimulate the adaptive immune system to prevent future attacks

A sound innate immune system does all of these things. Dr. Levitt recommends taking Immune 11X to support your natural immune system.


Immune 11X Ingredients

The supplement is called “Immune 11X” because it contains 11 ingredients linked to immunity and innate immune function.

Dr. Levitt claims he has used “the strongest potency” of each ingredient, choosing clinically effective dosages to maximize the effects of the formula. He describes these doses as “therapeutic levels,” claiming they can deliver powerful immune-supporting benefits.

Here are the 11 ingredients in Immune 11X and how they work, according to Dr. Levitt and UpWellness:

Vitamins A, C, and D3: Immune 11X contains three vitamins: vitamins A, C, and D3. These three vitamins support immune function in different ways. Vitamin A is crucial for developing critical immune cells, and it acts as an antioxidant to support immunity. Vitamin C also functions as an antioxidant, and it can also speed up your recovery from illness. That’s why vitamin C is one of the most common ingredients in immune-supporting supplements and natural remedies. Vitamin D3, meanwhile, is crucial for immune function. People who don’t get enough vitamin D (say, if they don’t get daily exposure to sunlight) tend to have weaker immune systems than people with normal levels of vitamin D. UpWellness also claims the vitamin D3 in Immune 11X may reduce the risk of certain bacterial and viral infections.

Zinc: Immune 11X contains one mineral – zinc. Zinc is crucial for immunity. Like vitamin D3, zinc deficiency is associated with poor immune function. Studies show that people who don’t get their recommended daily dosage of zinc tend to have weaker immune systems than people who get enough zinc per day.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine: Also known as NAC, this compound is crucial for helping your body develop antibody responses before they develop symptoms. NAC can be found in many immune support supplements and general health and wellness formulas.

Cordyceps: Immune 11X contains cordyceps, a traditional mushroom extract used for millennia in traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine. Today, science tells us that cordyceps have adaptogenic properties, helping your body respond to physical and mental stressors. It’s also used as a general health tonic and immune booster.

Skullcap: Skullcap is an herbal extract that, like other ingredients in Immune 11X, has been used for centuries to support health and wellness. UpWellness claims the skullcap in Immune 11X can help with cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions while calming the mind and relaxing the body.

Andrographis: Andrographis is another ancient herb used for immunity. Today, studies show that Andrographis enhances immune function in various ways.

Astragalus: Astragalus was traditionally used to treat infections, increase stamina, and boost overall vitality. Modern research shows that astragalus is particularly effective for immune deficiency and related issues.

Green Tea Extract: Green tea is rich in antioxidants that can help your immune system do its job. Antioxidants like EGCG in green tea can support the immune system by supporting healthy inflammation, making it easier for your immune system to function.

Quercetin: Quercetin is a natural antioxidant found in certain fruits. The quercetin in Immune 11X can purportedly decrease histamine load, enhancing the balance between immunoregulatory cells. Quercetin is found in many antioxidant supplements sold online today, including immune boosters.

Together, these 11 ingredients provide the active benefits in Immune 11X, supporting immunity in various ways.

Immune 11X Ingredients Label

UpWellness discloses the complete list of ingredients and dosages upfront, making it easy to compare Immune 11X to other immune support supplements and scientific studies.

Overall, Immune 11X has modest dosages of most listed ingredients, including potent doses of astragalus, skullcap, cordyceps, and NAC.

Here’s the complete list of ingredients in Immune 11X:

  • 750mcg of vitamin A (83.3% DV)
  • 230mg of vitamin C (256% DV)
  • 25mcg of vitamin D3 (125% DV)
  • 12mg of zinc (109% DV)
  • 300mg of N-Acetyl-Cysteine
  • 250mg of cordyceps (also known as dong chong xia cao or cordyceps sinensis)
  • 240mg of skullcap root extract
  • 200mg of astragalus membranaceous root
  • 100mg of Andrographis paniculata leaf extract with 10% andrographolide
  • 100mg of green tea leaf extract with 98% polyphenols, 80% catechins, and 50% EGCG
  • 100mg of quercetin dihydrate

Other ingredients including gelatin (to create the capsule), silica, and magnesium stearate (as fillers, binders, and preservatives to hold the formula together and keep it stable).

Dr. Levitt claims to get ingredients from reputable sources while also using the clinical strengths of each ingredient, delivering maximum immune-supporting benefits in every two capsules serving of Immune 11X.


Scientific Evidence for Immune 11X

UpWellness cites 19 studies to validate the claims made on its Immune 11X sales page. The supplement itself has not been studied, nor has UpWellness published its research in a peer-reviewed journal. However, certain ingredients in Immune 11X have been proven to work as advertised when taken at the proper doses.

One of the main reasons people take vitamin C supplements is to boost immunity. Vitamin C is an antioxidant. It’s also involved in many parts of the immune system. Vitamin C helps your body produce white blood cells (including lymphocytes and phagocytes). Your body uses white blood cells to defend itself against infections. As this 2017 study explains, vitamin C contributes to overall immune defense in multiple ways. People with vitamin C deficiency also tend to have weaker immune systems than people who get enough vitamin C.

Immune 11X also contains zinc, another proven immune booster. Like vitamin C, zinc deficiency is associated with poor immune function. Studies show that your body needs zinc for overall human health – and specifically for immune cell health. In one recent study, researchers analyzed years of health data and found that zinc deficiency was linked with poor immune function, weak hormone balance, brain dysfunction, and other issues.

N-Acetyl-l-cysteine has surged in popularity in recent years. It became trendy in 2020 as a natural remedy for COVID-19. In 2020, researchers analyzed evidence on N-acetyl-l-cysteine (NAC). They found that it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-modulating characteristics “that may prove beneficial in the treatment and prevention of SARS-Cov-2.” NAC has been used in clinical practice to treat critically ill septic patients – and even COVID-19 patients – because of these effects.

Immune 11X also contains a strong dose of cordyceps, an herbal drug popular in traditional Chinese medicine. In this 2011 study, researchers reviewed the evidence on cordyceps and concluded it had immune-supporting benefits, anti-tumor effects, and other benefits. To help the immune system, cordyceps seems to stimulate white blood cell production and other elements of the immune system. Researchers found that cordyceps impacted both “innate and adaptive immunity.” Studies on cordyceps use anywhere from 5mg per kg to 50mg per kg per day. That’s higher than the dose used in Immune 11X.

Overall, studies support many of the claims made on the Immune 11X sales page. It’s possible the ingredients in Immune 11X support innate and adaptive immunity in various ways.

Claim a Free Bottle of Immune 11X

As part of a 2021 promotion, UpWellness gives away “free” bottles of Immune 11X to anyone who visits

If you order a bottle through the promotion page, you pay a one-time shipping and handling fee of $12.95. There’s no “catch.” You can legitimately buy a full bottle of Immune 11X for $12.95.

Here’s how pricing breaks down when ordered through the promotion page:

1 Free Bottle of Immune 11X (30 Servings / 60 Capsules): $0 + $12.95 Shipping & Handling

Claim a Cheap 3 Bottle Package of Immune 11X

Alternatively, the promotional page also has a cheap three-bottle package of Immune 11X. Instead of paying the regular price of $89.95 for the three-bottle package, you can buy the same three bottles for just $27.


Here’s how pricing breaks down:

3 Bottles of Immune 11X: $27 + Free US Shipping

Immune 11X Pricing

If you want to order Immune 11X normally, you can order the one bottle, three bottle, or six-bottle packages through the main website.

Here’s how pricing breaks down for each of the packages:

  • 1 Bottle: $39.95 + $6.95 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $89.95 + $6.95 Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $119.70 + Free US Shipping


Immune 11X Refund Policy

A 60-day moneyback guarantee backs immune 11X. You can request a complete refund within 60 days with no questions asked.

If you’re unhappy with the effects of Immune 11X for any reason, or if you did not significantly boost your immunity after taking Immune 11X, then you can request a complete refund with no questions asked.

About Dr. Joshua Levitt

Dr. Joshua Levitt is the owner and operator of UpWellness. He also runs a holistic wellness clinic in New England.

Dr. Levitt is a naturopathic doctor. He emphasizes a combination of natural ingredients with modern medicine. By combining tried-and-true natural therapies with current scientific studies, Dr. Levitt believes people can achieve powerful effects. He calls it a “best of both worlds” approach, and Immune 11X is a testament to that approach.


About UpWellness

UpWellness is a supplement company led by Dr. Joshua Levitt and Dr. Amanda Levitt. St. Petersburg, a Florida-registered company, makes a range of supplements targeting different health and wellness goals. The accessories are designed with Dr. Levitt’s approach of combining modern medicine and naturopathic medicine.

Other notable products from UpWellness include Eat Well +, Golden Revive +, Manuka Miracle, and Probiotic +.

You can contact UpWellness via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 800-876-2196
  • Mailing Address: 4301 31st St N Building B, St. Petersburg, FL 33477

Final Word

Immune 11X is an immune support supplement created by Dr. Joshua Levitt and the team at UpWellness. The supplement uses 11 vitamins, minerals, herbs, and plant extracts to support immunity in various ways.

By taking Immune 11X daily, you can purportedly upgrade your body’s natural defenses, supporting your immunity in multiple ways.

As part of a 2021 promotion, you can buy a complimentary bottle of Immune 11X for just a $12.95 shipping fee. UpWellness also sells a three-bottle package at a discounted rate of just $27.

To learn more about Immune 11X or to buy the supplement today, visit

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