Fit After 50 Reviews (Scam or Not?) Urgent Report to Read!

Being obese can have far-reaching consequences; it isn’t only detrimental to your physical health, it can be harmful to your mental health as well. Men tend to struggle a lot with being overweight, especially older men. As you grow older, your body starts reacting to stuff differently; your metabolism slows down, hormonal changes occur that make belly fat and obesity inevitable.

With age, men suffer a decline in their body’s testosterone level, which can spell a whole world of trouble for them; from a slower metabolism to a lower sex drive to weight gain, a lot of things can happen. It also puts you at risk of various diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and many more. With old age, taking care of your body and your overall health becomes imperative.

Fit After 50 is a program designed solely for this purpose. Mark Mcilyar, the man behind this program, is also known as the ‘ripped-grandpa’; he is a 57-year old man with the body of a 30-year old. The program is a set of home workouts designed specifically for men; the workouts are very simple to undertake and are designed to boost your testosterone levels.

If you want to shed that unwanted belly fat, become active, and tone your saggy muscles, then Fit After 50 is what you need in your life. It is divided into three phases that will take you on a journey that will transform you into a completely new person.

Below we have assessed everything about the program; from its work to results, we went through everything to provide you with a comprehensive review.

What is Fit After 50?

Fit After 50 is a 3-month long fitness program that will boost your testosterone levels, increase fat loss, make you stronger, boost your energy levels, and alleviate all joint discomfort. The program contains various do-at-home exercises that are different from your everyday gym workouts.

This program saves you from supplements that claim to work but never do. It will save you from all the chemicals they make you inject into your body to stay healthy. It is a set of simple exercises that are directed towards the improvement of your hormonal health.

The exercises that the program is made up of are designed specially to boost weight loss in old men and burn all the excess, unwanted fat. Unlike the exercises you do at the gym, these exercises pose no harm to your body and won’t have any long-term consequences either. These exercises are much more than just workouts; they are your path to a healthier life.

Fit After 50 is easy to understand and to the point. It keeps you engaged and involved in it; you won’t feel like you’re wasting your time. And the gains? The gains will appear within weeks, just a couple of weeks.

About Mark Mcilyar

Mark Mcilyar is the man behind Fit After 50. He is a 57-year old with the body of a 30-year old. Mark has been featured on various websites dedicated to men’s health and has also been on national television.

With the onset of old age, Mark began to see what it was like getting old; his weight skyrocketed, his muscles lost their shape, his belly came plunging out, and his self-esteem and confidence dropped.

This was when Mark came across the secret that he has shared with everyone through Fit After 50. Fit After 50 contains all of Mark’s secrets and is a guiding light for those who want to transform their bodies, and ultimately, their lives.

How is going to the gym harming your body?

The latest research; which has been shared by Mark in Fit After 50, has shown that spending hours at the gym can cause considerable harm to your body without you even realizing it.


Increased Estrogen Levels

Research has found that devoting numerous hours to the gym can cause your cortisol levels to skyrocket, which causes a decrease in testosterone levels and an increase in estrogen levels. High estrogen forces your body to store even more fat, which eventually results in weight gain as soon as you stop going to the gym.

The solution for this, as explained in Fit After 50 is Metabolic Strength Training, which boosts your testosterone levels and keeps your estrogen and cortisol on the low.

Poor Recovery

After you turn 40, too much time at the gym only harms your body. It becomes hard to recover from your workouts, and your cardiovascular system gets all messed up. It can harm your joints and ligaments while also causing hormone imbalance.

Fit After 50 focuses on Recovery Based Workouts that make you work out just enough and not too much. They boost blood flow to all your muscles and make your body feel fresher than ever.

Pain and Inflammation

Doing the same workouts over and over again can cause severe damage to your bones and ligaments. Running and jogging on a daily basis can damage your joints and lead to pain and inflammation that makes working out even harder for you as you grow older.

Fit After 50 makes you do Functional Cardio and Abs workouts specifically designed to tone your muscles and get your body into shape without putting too much stress on your joints and ligaments.

How will Fit After 50 affect your body?

The Fit After 50 program is designed to increase fat loss, tone your muscles and make you healthier than ever. It does just the thing as explained below.

Boost Your Testosterone Levels

By focusing on metabolic strength training, Fit After 50 makes your Testosterone levels stay up. High testosterone levels lead to fat loss, muscle toning, and increased sex drive. It will make you young again.

Increased Fat Loss

Research has shown that metabolic strength training is the best workout if you want to burn fat. This is because of the fact that metabolic strength training causes your body to keep burning fat for the next 72 hours after you’re done exercising. The stubborn belly fat that was too hard to get rid of will go away within weeks.

Reduces the Effects of Aging

Various studies have attested the fact that metabolic strength training and functional cardio and abs have a significant anti-aging effect. They slow down the production of aging hormones inside the body. You’ll start looking young again; Fit After 50 is your own personal fountain of youth.

Makes You Stronger

Metabolic Strength Training will make you stronger than ever; you’ll be able to undertake all the daily tasks that you couldn’t prior to Fit After 50. It will allow you to lift those heavy boxes and all those tools; in simple words, it will give you your lost strength back.

Higher Energy Levels

The combo of metabolic strength training and functional abs and cardio has been proven to boost energy levels and decrease fatigue by 65%. These energy levels will lead to better overall health, and you’ll be able to perform tasks that you were always too tired to perform.

Lubrication of Joints

The type of training prescribed in Fit After 50 will alleviate all the joint pain that comes with old age. The exercise that you’ll be subjected to has been declared by Harvard Medical school as a fix for joint pain.

Fit After 50: Phases

The Fit After 50 is divided into three phases, all these phases have been designed to prep you for the next phase.

Phase 1: Burn

The Burn phase is directed towards the stimulation of your cells and muscles; it prepares your body for the workouts that will come later on. This phase is the least intense and is focused on fat burning.

Phase 2: Build

The Build phase is focused on strength training; it will build your muscles and boost the testosterone levels that will make you feel like your 17-again.

Phase 3: Sculpt

The Sculpt Phase is focused on getting your body into that perfect shape and toning your muscles. The exercises in this phase will make you lean, and you’ll be able to sculpt those six-packs out of your belly.

Benefits of Fit After 50

The Fit After 50 program is nothing more than a blessing for middle-aged men, the benefits that it brings with itself are countless in number:

  • Boosts fat loss
  • Tones your muscles
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Corrects hormonal imbalance
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Increases strength
  • Increases sex drive
  • Relieves joint pain

Fit After 50: Bonuses and Price

If you order the Fit After 50 program now, you’ll get some exciting bonuses with it as well.

The 12-week Fit After 50 nutrition plan ($97): It contains a set of recipes that will complement your workouts and will help you lose weight rapidly. It consists of a set of recipes and ingredients that are beneficial for your overall health and will help combat diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Fit After 50 Exercise Illustrations and Execution Guide ($81): It is an execution guide that is there to make sure you perform all the exercises correctly and don’t end up harming yourself.

Know My T-Levels ($27): Think of it as a tracker for your testosterone levels.

All these bonuses, worth over $200, can be availed for free if you order right now.

On top of this, the Fit After 50 program can be availed for only $37 instead of its original price of $97. Imagine getting a new life for just $37.

You also get a 365-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see the results you desire.


Is Fit After 50 worth it?

Fit After 50 is based on scientific studies, everything mentioned in the program has scientific backing. The program saves you from all those hormonal injections and chemicals that people resort to in old age. It provides you a pathway to a better life through a healthy lifestyle. It has no side effects; thousands of people have used and approved it. It is what you need in old age.